Witnessing A Biblical Event In Person

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  1. I can't enjoy the thought of slaughtering children regardless of the circumstances.
  2. I'm not saying I enjoy the thought of slaughtering children, that's weird. I like/find the story interesting. It gives a different perspective on God's people in my opinion. Normally I would assume an act like this is a sin, but instead I read he did it in God's name.

    It seems like Elisha was use to cursing people, because I remember reading he also cursed his servant. I get the impression that Elisha had 0 patience with folks. And every time I read about him cursing someone, I kept thinking, "Okay, the next verse is going to say God punished him or at least was displeased with him." But, I never found it mentioning anything like that.

    The story raises a lot of questions for me. A lot of times the bible will just give a quick glimpse of events. This is one of them, where I'm like, "Wait, what just happened?" That's why I would want to witness it. So I could know things like: How long were the kids harassing him? Did they throw anything at him? How bald was he? Did his head not have any hair at all? Or was he one of those guys with a bald spot somewhere on the top, and hair on the side? How did he summon these bears? Did he pray and then the bears come? Or did he just say something like, "In the name of thee Lord, Yogi, Winnie, get em!" Maybe he had these bears trained like Pit bulls? Or maybe he had some kind of special bear call that he started doing. Was Elisha watching the whole thing as it happened? Did he have an angry face while it was happening? Or was it like an evil grin, or I guess I can't say evil grin since he did it in the name of the lord.. So was it like a holy grin, while he watched the bears destroy the children? And after it was done did he say anything like, "Lord forgive me for having to do this" or "Problem solved" Too many questions for me, I would have to see this to fully understand it.
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  3. Interesting article. If it was 42 20 year olds, I'm going to have to assume that was not a very bright group of young men. How does a couple of bears kill 42 young men? As soon as I see the bears attacking, before he finishes the first guy, I would run so fast, I'd be at home watching it on the news before he got to the next kid..
  4. It is very likely that Elisha was not naturally bold. He was most probably a Nazirite (Numbers 6:1-18). Those kids knew that a Nazirite is a person who has been consecrated to the Lord. Consequently, they were blaspheming by calling him a "ball head". Ridiculing holy things or holy persons is certainly a serious sin before God.
  5. Yeah, and the fact that there was 42 of them doing it.. That's just pure bullying.
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  6. Not so long ago it was common for children to bully outcasts and to throw stones at them. We can see stories like this in "Platero and I", a Spanish novel, and also in "The idiot", a Dostoevsky's novel.
  7. There was a multitude of things that could have been done other than slaughtering children.
    I guess evil things done in the name of the Lord make it good.
  8. -To be fair, it's seems unlikely they were what we would consider small children. You might translate it literally as "young boys" or "small boys," but the same phrase is used for Issac on the alter in his early 20's and Joseph in slavery at 17ish and young men of fighting age in 1st Kings.
    -Torn or mauled doesn't mean killed. 2 bears...42 mauled.. So picture this, you have a pack of people and 2 bears charge into it people scatter. How big would a crowd have to be for only 2 bears to reach 42 people before the rest get away? Did the bears have time slow down and eat 42 people or tear them apart? It seems more likely we're talking about biting and swiping on the run to reach so many individual targets.
    -Possible response to a threat: Back to size of the crowd...it was likely much larger than the 42 injured, but lets say it wasn't. Every one miraculously caught at least one swipe so the total size of the crowd is the same as the number injured. 42 young men of fighting age following and harassing me would be a bit intimidating...
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  9. You may be right. There are a lot of horrific things in the bible that don't make sense to me.
  10. Nothing evil is good.
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  11. this was suppose to say yell not tell
  12. 1. Creation
    2. Raising Lazarus from the dead
    3. Birth of Jesus
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  13. Oh, can you imagine holding THAT Baby in your arms?? Hearing His cries? Watching Him discover his feet? Seeing him do His first few "raspberries"? ("Raspberry" in the U.S. is when they put their tongue between their puckered lips and blow spit!) Tasting His first onion? Saying His first word?

    Just takes my heart away!!!
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  14. I would love to have seen Jesus sidestep the traps the Pharisees
    set for Him~ or the wonder of His compassion for the 5,000 (+)
    He fed from a few fish and bread~ or the authority Jesus had...
    over storms, or satan in the wilderness...
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  15. I would like to go back to see when Jesus said Lazuras, Come Forth!
    And I would want to see pentecost in acts when tounges of fire rested on each believer and they spoke in tounges.
    I would also like to see when solomon was super rich.

    can we only pick three? Because if so I would rather see when Christ paid for my sins. I dont know if I could actually see it because I would have so many tears.
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  16. 1. Parting of the Red Sea
    2. Dry bones miracle of Ezekiel 37
    3. The risen Jesus appearing to His beloved in the locked upper room
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  17. After his baptism, as Jesus came up out of the water, the heavens were opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.” (‭Matthew‬ ‭3‬:‭16-17‬ NLT)

    Is there any other event where Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are present at the same time?
  18. Creation?

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