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  1. witnesses

    enoch and elijah were taken to God.moses and elijah=spiritual proof of Christ,john the baptist and peter=physical proof of Christ.we as Christians are living proof of Christ,the world wants to get rid of us witnessing.this is a spirit war.keep up the faith.:)
  2. random thought brought on by this post:

    Have you ever thought about trying to witness to a holocaust survivor? Telling them they went through all that because of a faith that would eventually lead nowhere....that would be crazy ridiculous difficult.

    just a thought
  3. Corrie Ten Boom did it and she was in the camps with them for hiding Jews from the Nazis.

    There is no pit so dark and deep that His love is not deeper still"- Corrie Ten Boom
  4. I'm not saying its impossible. Just that it would be hard
  5. When someone realizes that all they have left is God....

    It is often then that they realize that God is all they need. :smile_anim:
  6. Profound and true and when we have an assignment from God , He will equip us to do the job . That is how the leading of the Holy Spirit works . Not all are called to the same task but God chooses those that He knows will be the ones to witness , go to the misssion field or stay home and be a missionary right in your own neibourhood.
  7. I agree but it is (as said above in different words) only when some folks hit bottom that they are willing to look up.

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