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  1. Going to save the prostitute I met last month. She's feeling suicidal and wants out. I'm going to pick her up in a few hours. Hopefully her pimp doesn't come out to shoot me. She has no one else in this city she can turn too I'm the only one so I have to . if your reading this please pray. Will update when I'm done
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  2. I have prayed for her and for you.
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  3. Will pray. What city are you in?
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  4. Paying too, but be careful of the "thanks".
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  5. "paying" Abdicate. Touch of a funny Freudian slip there.

    The hardest part of all this will most likely being getting her to let go of her emotional dependency on her pimp and the horrendously low self esteem that tends to get women into these situations in the first place.
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  6. I'm horrified!!! It's official, I HATE AutoCorrect on tablets! Where's my computer with keyboard!? I'm so sorry @Alang! Truly I am. I did mean PRAYING!
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  7. Hello Alang, praying for you. Let us know how it goes.
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  8. I'm back guys . So I get to her house and she says the pimp won't be here for a. Hour. She looked so much skinnier due to not eating so I took her out to eat and she ate 20$ worth of food in about 5 minutes crazy right. So she was telling me how miserable she was and how I'm the only good person to her. Anyways we made a plan to get her out if this .

    She has to save up a little bit of money to get a car and than were gonna tell the landlord she can't afford the apartment. She will go into bad credit but that's ok because I have a friend who will rent her a room. Than when the pimp comes on that day I call the police. And hell be out of the picture. She was crying you can tell she's miserable. She told me she has to get high to have sex with these guys some of them Are in there 60s and she's only 24
  9. Wow thats sad she has to have her mind alters to ..do what she did...uhg prostitution and traffice must be stopped I hate it so much..but you did a very good thing , you can tell she's very grateful and I'm sure god is too :)
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    Thank you yeah it was really sad to see . I think I like her .... That's so wrong lol I feel weird right now. Not sure if you guys saw my first post by t originally she had added me on Facebook and we went out on a date than i figured out she was doing this because she didn't have money
  11. I think its sweet and refreshing that you still see beauty I her, despite her being low on cash.... And her profession. Most wouldnt think highly of her, so much pressure to be independent,this,that and the third( not saying those aren't good, they are and should be sought after)

    To me your actions reflect gods unconditional love... And shows how precious we( with or without a job,friends or money) are still valuable.
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  12. I hope she feels the same way ... The first date she initiated a kiss when I had dropped her off this time she just gave me a really long hug. Anyways that's not what matters right now I hope the plans fall through before I left she had to go back to a "customer" she looked so miserable . hopefully in 2 weeks or less everything will be ready
  13. Jim and i will keep you and her lifted up in prayer! I have been praying that God would get her out of that bad situation. And we continue to pray a hedge of protection, and ps 91 around you and her!

    God Bless
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  14. Thank you so much I'm glad I can come on here and talk to you guys I don't have many friends I can talk to about stuff like this. My friends make fun of me and call me captain save a *** .
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  15. Best to give that plan of yours over to God. It looks simple and good on paper (your mind) but things do NOT always work out the way you think they should. Not sure how much the police can really do in that situation and you may just be smashing a bee hive with that one.

    Listen to me............Always Have A back up plan ( maybe like 4 of them ) Keep them in the loop and ready to go into action in a blink of an eye..........REEMEMBER this as well..........he aint alone in this world..........he will know you and knows here........his companions know her and will know you.........you know none of them............

    KEEP GOD FIRST in this...........
    Praying and been there before..........and that is all I am saying
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  16. Amen I've been praying a lot about it. I understand how dangerous it is but she literally has no one if I don't do anything she will be digging the hole deeper . plus she is actually a good person I can tell just got in a bad situation
  17. I do not doubt this bro..............just want to keep pounding things into your head for it can tend to get foggy a bit in this type of situation...........

    If you really are going to go against this pig of a man then............you need back up plans set up and running at all times.........24-7 ....... set up around the area you may be. If you may cover a 5 square mile area............set up your back up through out..... I am not being strange here....... stay prayed up and walk the line bro-------dont be getting off some place questionable...you know what I mean...........DONT TIE Gods Hands from helping you.

    It may be a game or fun for you in a strange way.......but to this guy and his companions......it is real and remember.........the devil is their god or mastor or driving force...........it wont be ah shucks cheese and crackers time again...........Do Not Tie Gods Hands.........
    Blessings and praying Psalm 91 over you in Jesus name
  18. Yeah I understand bro. But she will be moving to my area which is 50 minutes away I doubt he'll find her , her facebook is private as well. I just need to get this landlord to let her off the hook ... and have some $$$ for her
  19. thank you to everyone who replied in this thread sorry i didnt reply for so long my mind is going 100 different places a second
  20. thanks brotha ! Sacramento

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