Wintley Phipps .... Amazing Grace.

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  1. Wintley Phipps .... Amazing Grace.

    Just Play the Black notes ..... This is so cool

  2. We are connected by God's Amazing grace. Hallelujah
  3. AMEN...Halellujah!!!!!!

    I absolutely loved it. Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs. I always liked the way Mahalia Jackson sung this song; but after hearing the history and listening to how it may have been sung on the slave ships, I cried praising God listening to this.

    Dusty, thank you so much for posting this.

    God bless you sister,

  4. Your so welcome and it blessed me when I heard it as well. This gentleman has an amazing voice. He used to sing for the Billy Graham crusades .

    Have you ever seen the movie " Amazing Grace" ? It is very moving will bring you to tears.
  5. No, I have no seen that movie. One to start looking for.

    Thanks again

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