"Winter's End" - Poem

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  1. "Winter's End" - Poem

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    Winter's End -

    Winter's end comes with a breeze
    Dewy and warm with a coming thaw
    Blowing away the frost and cold
    And the old icicles.

    Winter's end comes with the twinkle
    As dawn yawns away the everlasting darkness
    And the frozen lakes shake away their icy layers.

    A snow leopard creeps along the craggy mountains
    A white owl flies silently back to her den
    But here come the caribou
    And the birds of song
    Washing away the endless white
    For spots of brightness.

    Winter's end comes with soggy streets
    And green saplings
    Of young love and renewed friendships.

    Out of death comes life
    For the baby birds will flap their wings
    And cry to their mothers.
    The wild mare will gallop to her secret place
    And lay in the green fields again to bring a
    new life to her band.

    And with winter's end comes song and color
    Until with icy fingers she comes again
    To claim the land in her white throne.
  2. I find it very nice and also literary very good... a lot of images of sight and other figures. It almost makes me seeing what is written
  3. Thank you! :D It is personally not my favorite poem...:p
  4. Very pretty poem.
  5. Thank you for sharing your poem, I'm looking forward to the end of winter.
  6. Don .... that is an understatement . I think all of us are . This winter has been brutal and it is not over yet ..... Sigh :(:(

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