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  1. who remembers red hat,
    I think it was red hat Linux, I got it free from somewhere years ago
    and while it looked interesting it had nothing on the easy of installation of windows.
    I've had windows 95, 98, ME, vista, Win7, 8.1 and I can honestly say I have never fully used or understood
    the full features of any. They rolled em out and I like a sheep upgraded.
    If I can't use it from the moment I install it then software for me becomes just another
    annoying program. Windows 8 was annoying, I still don't use the start icon screen.
    Linux was nice but so annoying when you needed to understand how to 'mount' drives or whatever,
    I don't have time to read all your cryptic info.
    BUT Linux versions these days are extremely polished and easy and free.
    I virtually do only three things on a computer,
    1 . access the internet, I like to talk, I talk too much.
    2. write. i'm writing a book.
    3. photo edit, cause I take like about a hundred digital pictures to sell an ebay item and reduce that to about six.

    Sometimes I use excel to do a home budget or recently the wife
    wants to compare funeral plans.
  2. Actually I think Linux is nicer where you are not tied to drive names c:, etc. My own /myth for example is just part of my own directory system. It is actually on a server on the living room (a nfs share) but it could just as easily be a different drive on my PC.

    USB things, on my OpenSuse/KDE combination are "just plug in". The "device notifier" pops up asks which application (eg. for me both my Pentax camera and a flash drive will offer a file manager and Digikam as choices) you want use.

    Re your uses, maybe

    1: Firefox and Thunderbird
    2 Try Libre Office
    3. If you are managing them from a camera maybe digikam. Gimp is a good editor editor.

    I'd think all the major distributions will have these in thier repositories.
  3. I don't believe there is a "one size fits all OS" btw. Just that Linux can be a pretty nice choice for a number of users.
  4. All the enterprise databases still run on Linux. We are seeing a different flavor of Linux with OS like Ubuntu becoming popular. Linux and Windows serve different purposes, IMO.
  5. Problem about Linux is that most software that is widely used is not necessarily compatible and it also is a wee bit more complicated.

    Sad that monopolies exist... thought the government was supposed to break up companies if they get too big.

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