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  1. Small Group Questions: - Luke 1:26-38

    Summary: God's choice of Mary demonstrates that God has made the kingdom
    accessible to anyone with the right heart regardless of social status. Mary's
    heart is an example for us on how to receive the birth of Christ in our own lives.
    Like hers, our hearts should be contemplative, humble and submissive.


    1. What are some characteristics of Mary that stand out to you and why?

    2. How do you think Mary must have felt as Gabriel revealed each fact and
    characteristic of Jesus?

    3. Is there anything different about Mary's question and Zechariah's question
    earlier in the chapter? Why does Gabriel react differently to Mary's questions
    than to Zechariah?

    4. What were some possible issues that might come up in Mary's life when she
    submits to God's plan?

    5. Was Mary's tendency to contemplate and ponder things a strength or a
    weakness? Explain.

    6. What if anything does this have to do with her humility and submissiveness to


    7. What would it take for you to spend more time in reflection and contemplation
    of God and his will in your life?

    8. Reflect on the greatest challenges you are facing in your life right now. What
    can you do that would glorify God in them?

    9. In what way can the group pray for you?

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