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  1. What are our real thoughts about God? And how many of those thoughts line up with the Word of God? How much do we think that He loves us? Do we think that our only purpose on this earth is to be God's whipping post or His toy that He just treats any old way....allowing torment or maybe we think we are just His court jester and our lives don't really matter to Him.....He just gets a kick or a laugh out of kicking us around?

    If this is how one thinks you must really have a low opinion of God and His love for you if you think that your only purpose on this earth is to be punished and abandoned, or kicked around or living in poverty or without a purpose in life and die. I mean seriously....take a long look at God's Character. And focus on the new testament. Because this is the covenant that we are under, which is grace. And what does grace really mean? And once you get out of your pity party.....and see God in the whole Bible for who He really is...then you can make a judgement call. So i challenge you to truly study God's Word to find out what His Character really is.

    God never lies, and He is not the author of destruction. I mean look at the very first chapter of the Bible. Can you see what a beautiful garden that He made for Adam to dwell in, and the devil comes in to question what God said (bringing doubt into their minds) and so they choose to listen to the devil. They out and out disobeyed God, in the one and only commandment that He gave them, and yet He still makes sure that they knew no lack. Yes they had to work a little harder and a curse came on them and the earth and the devil...but God did not abandon them. He loved them and took care of them. Even killed an animal to cover them because their original covering was removed.

    All through out the whole old testament the people of God basically spit in God's face a lot, and they abused Him and His people who spoke for Him, and yet when they have had enough of trying to do things on their own and they cry out to God...He rescues them and blesses them and gives them many good things....and all He asks is to be loved and respected, and to obey loving others....and He will continue to love them and bless them.

    Now lets take a look at the devil's character. It is stealing, killing, and destroying. It is deception and lies. It is sickness, disease, poverty and so on and so on. And yet when we don't get everything that we want, when we want it or we have to be a little patient or tell the devil to take his lies somewhere else....we do exactly what the Israelites did and abandon God. Or we turn on Him. Believing that He is the one that is punishing us for something that He says He chooses not to remember, and has forgiven and forgotten. Kind of contradictory huh? So when we say that God is punishing us for something that we did in the past....that is calling God a liar, or someone who is wishy washy. All the while the devil is sitting in the shadows laughing at us because he got away with causing trouble, and blaming it on God, and we are ignorant enough to believe it. He caused some major hurt to God's heart and all we care about is our own feelings. And our own lives. We don't even care about the truth.

    Why does God get accused of being the way that we are in reality? Why can we not be grateful for the things that we have and get into the Word of God, and take authority over the sin and attacks of the enemy? Why do we not take the time to get to know God and who He really is, like we would get to know our best friend? Why is the God who made us and everything on this earth get shoved aside and treated like the outcast? So many people put Him last, or don't have anything to do with Him or desire to have Him in their lives. Yet you can bet your bottom dollar, when that person is in trouble (that they brought on theirselves) He is the first one that they cry out to expecting to rescue them or He is the first one that gets blamed for their own trouble. It is really sad.

    It really is time for you to get to know your Savior, and His love for you. Its time for you to make the comittment to be faithful and obedient in every area of your life. You say you have tried your best...but after what (mo, days, years) of trying to get closer to God you are saying your done? The Bible not once says to try anything...its do. And we have not resisted temptation or stood in faith to the point of sweating blood or shedding blood....so our little momentary aflictions are nothing compared to what Jesus endured. And why did Jesus choose to come to earth just to be slaughtered on the cross? Just because He loved us and desired to see us successful, and free from sin, and blessed and the biggest reason was to see us reconciled with the Father. Another reason is to see us to get back what Adam gave up in the garden and to spend eternity with us. And yet we give up so easily. You and i have not even scratched the surface to who God is and how much He loves you and yet you are already turning on Him. And when i say turning on Him.....when you tell me that He does what He wants and maybe does not even care about your hapiness....yes you have turned on Him. And why? Because your not seeing anything happen yet and so you just give up? Hmmmmm time to settle some things in your life.....i had to.

    We have to remember that we are inside out people. And that God works on our hearts first, and gets our hearts settled in and going in the right direction before He brings us into the promised land.....because He does not want for us to loose what He has so graciously given us. That is what He instructed Moses to do....teach the Israelites God's commands and ways of doing things so that when they got into the land that He promised them...they would not mess it up or loose it. Same is with us as well. GOD teaches us His ways of doing and being right so that when we get to the place that we hve waited so long for, we will not mess it up or loose it, because of our own fleshly desires. Or the words that come out of our mouth.

    I apologize if i sound harsh, but its time you and i and alot of people get serious about getting to know the real God...not what religion or the lies that the devil has sown...says He is. Get in the Word and truly search for Him. The time for Jesus to return is growing closer and its time to not throw God's love away just because we feel like things are not going our way.
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  2. This is really nice, from past experiences.. I felt like just that... God's whipping post lol
  3. Very well said. I love the way that the Lord has spoken to you. I completely agree with your comment of........"And how many of those thoughts line up with the Word of God?"

    The only way we can know about God and the Lord Jesus Christ is through the written Word of God, His Bible.

    Hosea 4:6 says........
    "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me; seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God I will aso forget thy children".

    The problem today is not that we do not have a Word from God. The real probem is that we will not accept that Word from God. YOU just like me have seen on every single Christian web site those who say things like....."I THINK---or----Here is what God ment to say". Then they will completly reject what God did say and expound on what they WANTED Him to say. That to me is the real problem of today's Christianity.

    God said WHAT HE wanted to say and meant what He did say.

    Amos 3:8 says......
    "The Lion hath roared, who will not fear? The LORD HATH SPOKEN who can but prophesy?"

    The background of our sin is a lack of knowledge of the Word of God. We will listen to a MAN say things that sound good but are not found in the Word of God. I must say to everyone that the second we get away from the Word of God, we are doomed!!!

    I do not care what your pastor says or your church teaches. I do not care how popular a preacher is. I do not care how many seminars you have been to or training classes you have attended.

    This Bible makes it crystal clear that we do not live the Christian life by thoughts, gimmicks and methods but instead by a personal knowledge of the written Word of God.

    Keep up the good work and Bible comments!!!!!!
  4. Thanks major. All credit goes to God, for i am just the typist. I really pray that people would begin to see how loving and righteous God really is! And if they won't read their Bible...then they will never know the truth. Sad really

    And as i understand what you are saying...The Bible is our Word from God...Thee Word of God.....and as we meditate on it, the Holy Spirit reveals the truths of His Word. And if we are paying attention these are the Words of our life. :)
  5. Yes mamn. And that is the reason you see some disagree with me. I state what the Scriptures say and sometimes that is not what we want to hear hence then comes the debate.
  6. Exactly. The word is our source of truth. Holy Spirit is the one who elucidates it to us! If we aren't listening to Him, we will get off on the wrong foot.
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