Will I Lose My Salvation If I Do These Things?

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  1. I keep having fights with my mom because she thinks she is the best and very perfect and she thinks I am very stupid and ignorant and that I don't know things at all, even though I know a lot of things and I am intelligent, but she never believes me and she treats me like I am 5 years old even though I am 18. I can't hold my temper and I get very angry at my mom, and I can't stand her... Then she doesn't even believe in real Christianity, she only has her Lutheran ways, and I believe that not even prayers will make her become a real Christian like me. She refuses to get baptized again and she refuses to pray the same prayer what I prayed to get saved. What can I do?

    I really like to think about sexual things what I really like and I like getting this tingle when I think about those thoughts, and I don't want to be asexual or stop thinking about those things until I get married, but I don't even manifest those thoughts, I just can't make them real. Do I really need to stop thinking about those things even if they are not necessarily lusting? Lusting is also manifesting the sexual thought, not only looking at the person while thinking something sexual... That's just sexual desire, and I don't even idolize sex... But will I really lose my salvation if I think about sexual things and then I get this tingle?

    One day before marriage it can be possible that I and the future man can't even hold our sexual urges, so we just need to do it...

    Will I lose my salvation by doing these things?
  2. Ephesians 6:1–3
    sChildren, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. t“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), 3 “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”

    Obviously, we don't listen if they tell us to do something sinful.
  3. Yeah, she still sins and she tells me that I can sin if I want...
  4. We all sin, but it's not okay. We are supposed to try to NOT sin... God knows our heart and if we are repentant.
  5. I don't speak to my mother at all anymore unless I have to. I don't know if that can be called honoring her or not considering she is the reason we don't talk. I would say that sometimes the best way to honor a parent we can't get alone with is just not to speak to them.

    Your mother has her own beliefs, same as you. I'm a big believer in respecting others beliefs to the best of my ability even if I am trying to witness to that person. Just because someone believes differently doesn't mean we should insult them.

    Since you're saying she refuses to get baptized again, I'm assuming she's already been baptized once. Why does she need to get baptized again?

    Also, you don't have to recite anything word for word to be saved even though we are generally told to say the same prayer by churches. If we did have to recite something exact then none of the early Christians (before the books of the New Testament were available) would have been saved.
  6. Because she only got baptized as a baby and she is not saved and she is a Lutheran...
  7. Why do you believe Lutherans aren't saved? I don't know much about them but they seem to have the same beliefs as most other Christians.
  8. Because they get baptized as a baby only... And my mom keeps being in sin still...
  9. From what I just read they can be baptized as adults as well. You are in sin too, Polly. We all are because we are not perfect. Don't judge your mothers sin just because you choose to practice another and you think hers is worse.
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  10. I meant that she doesn't repent...
  11. Once we have the HS we do not lose it nor is it taken from us, there are such things as Christians who are saved that go on sinning habitually, lose their way and are unrepentant sinners. Hunter is right, don't worry about your mother's sin, concentrate on your own and continue to show your mother your love! Through God's power, love and power along with your love, she may come back around :)

  12. She may. You don't know her heart, Polly. Only God does.
  13. She told me that sin is a lie.
  14. That is definitely not true. Pray for your mom, Polly.

  15. Like Sweet Pea said, all you can do is pray for her. No amount of yelling at your mother is going to change her. We can't change anyone, only God can.
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  16. But I don't think the prayers will work if my mom doesn't help herself...
  17. Your prayers are for God to help soften her heart and come back to Him, she has to make the decision to let it happen or not.
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  18. But she won't decide no matter what...
  19. You don't know that, Polly. God can part the sea, control the winds and flood the earth but He can't change your mothers mind? And if He can't, why will arguing with her help?
  20. I don't know...

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