Will I Be Saved?

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  1. Hello,
    I am a new member here. I'm fourteen years old. I am a very loyal Christian. I try my very hardest to walk in God's path for me. But I always find myself worrying about the end-times and the Rapture. I keep thinking...what if I'm left behind? How can I be certain that I will be saved? It worries me almost daily. There's always that little thought in the back of my head that I'm doing something wrong or that I'm going to be left behind. The thought of my Lord and Saviour abandoning me chills me to the bone. It depresses me. It breaks my heart.
    I've tried to shake this feeling, but to no avail.

    Is there anyone out there who has ever felt the same way as me? Am I doing something wrong? I feel guilty all the time. Could that mean something?

    I need to be as close to God as I can. I truly do love him. I love that he sent his one and only son for us. I love that he loves us. But I cannot get over that shocking image in my head of being left behind. It almost brings me to tears. Can I get rid of this horror? Is there a way I can gain true reassurance in my life?

    God bless,

  2. Call upon the name of the LORD and be saved.

    Doubt and fear come from our enemy. Our enemy is always attempting to snuff out the light. Paul told us to put our armour-daily.

    Salvation from hell does not guarantee you won't have trials, persecution and tribulation in this present life on this earth.

    I am not a subscriber to the 'pre-trib' "rapture" as discussed many a time on this forum. Christians will suffer-are suffering.
  3. If we are His wether the rapture happes or it doesn't we still can go to Him and as believers we should go to Him. It is not about what we do but what He did and does thru us His church.
  4. I am in the Rapture camp (Pre-Trib) I believe there is still many years before the Lord returns to take his anointed Church. Anything fear related is not God, is never God, and not God trying to tell you something. Fear is faith for something bad to happen in the future.
    (Like getting left behind)

    I would focus on scripture and not be concerned about Jesus coming, or the end times. It's a trust issue that somehow God just may forget to grab you with the rest of us in case of Rapture.

    When I blew it, I always had this scripture to help me out.

    Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:
    (Php 1:6)

    So if you were perfected, then no work would need to be done, but despite our shortcomings we belong to the Lord and He continues to work in us until the day of the Lord Jesus.

    So no worries.

  5. Thank you, everyone. I feel much better about this now. :)
  6. Whether you're doing something wrong or right is irrelevant. Doing everything right will not get you to heaven. You cannot earn your way to heaven by good works. If you put your faith in Christ, that is the only thing that will determine your salvation.

    The fact that you are concerned about your salvation is GOOD because it is evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in you. The unregenerate sinner would not have this concern. The Bible tells us to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." (Philippians 2:12) This is a call for self evaluation to assess if we have true repentant faith.

    I personally do not hold to Rapture doctrine, but even so, there is no guarantee that you will live long enough to see it. There is nothing that prevents God from stopping your heart at any moment. I would be much more concerned about the state of my salvation RIGHT NOW than what it might be when Christ returns at some point in the unknown future.

    My sense is that the source of your fear is rooted in your lack of a thorough understanding of the doctrine of salvation. As you study the World and continue your walk, the nuances of Bible doctrines will become more clear and you'll see your fears relieved and your confidence grow.
  7. What god would this be that would even consider such a thing?
  8. The same God that is sovereign over everything that happens in the universe. Every breath I take is a result of God's active sustainment of my life and I am not entitled to one more breath.

    My point was that we can die at a ripe old age, or we can die in the next moment for any unforeseen reason. What's important is to sort out your salvation right now rather than worrying about "the Rapture."
  9. 1) you are entitled to breath, you are a heir to the throne and a child of the most high. Remember the Elder son, He though He had no rights.
    2) God is faithful to warn us of any danger, we are suppose to be led by the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit does not take naps. So everything can be foreseen, and nothing happens without a reason.
    3) God is not thinking about stopping the hearts of a 14 year old girls asking for help. That would be the devil that thinks that.
    4) Agreed, get your salvation sorted and sown in, don't worry about some rapture. Knowing the Lord takes care of everything.

    A actually wrote a poem with this type of thinking based on a couple experiences I had.

    (It's Not My Fault)

    Thank you for clearing that up. Blessings........
  10. The only thing you and I are entitled to is Hell and then the Lake of Fire, ...may I suggest a study the meaning of His name, I Am that I Am, that He gave to Moses, hopefully it will clear up the relationship between the Creator and His creation for you.

    What do you do with Luke 13:1, if God warned the Galileans beforehand why didn't they leave?
    Or Luke 13:4, if they were warned beforehand why didn't the stay away from the tower?
    How about Acts 12:2 if James was warned beforehand why did he stick around?
    And Peter Acts 12:3, he wasn't taken by surprise?
    Then there is Paul stoned to death at Lystra Acts 14:19?
    Here is the cherry on top of the cake (as we say in French) 2 Cor 11:23-27

    What about Abel, how about Samson, or Uriah the Hittite, Hosea? I think you can see the list goes on and on, so lets not confuse this precious young soul with unScriptural comments.

    Kayte, dear one, what is happening to you is common to all of God's children, it's the questioning of that old serpent the devil found in Gen 3:1, "did God really say?" casting doubt on the Word of God, ...when he murmurs his questions in my ears I use this Scripture to combat his lie,

    God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? Num 23:19

    My Jesus said if I came to Him He would in no way cast me out John 6:37, I choose to believe Jesus, not a murmuring serpent, may I suggest you do the same, the just live by faith, we live by faith in God's Word and we don't put any trust in our feelings.


  11. I have yet to have any bad thing happen where It was not my fault for ignoring the Holy Spirit.

    Do not take the scriptures out of context................. How the heck the Galileans suppose to be led by the Spirit of God??? I'll pretend you did not even use that as an example.

    Every disciple (Besides Judas) finished their race. Despite the overwhelming odds against them. Paul ended up in prison ignoring what He was suppose to do.

    No scripture promises us we get a smooth and free sailing but we are promised that the Holy Spirit will led us into all truth and Jesus already prayed we not be led into temptation (Same word for being proved or adversity)

    No, here is what you call the Cherry Popper...
    2Ti_4:6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.

    Paul could not be killed until He decided when He was ready.

    We are not responsible for those that have been Killed because they ignored warnings. I said God is faithful to warn and led us out of trouble before we step into trouble. I am talking about dumb things like being taken out by a safe falling out of the sky.

    We deserve:
    You use to be a person that deserved Nothing, but now an heir. Your not that person anymore. Don't be like the Elder son who did not know what belonged to him and could have eaten the fatted calf at any time.


    You talked about Faith and God is faithful to warn and prompt us when we are about to do something costly. If He tells you to go preach in Iran, then with that would come the expectation that things might not always be comfortable, but despite how they treated you, being in the Will of God is the safest place on earth despite the guns pointed at you.

    Thank you for "Finally" responding.

  12. Any smart Christian would feel like this everyday imho.

    There is a very simple acid test!! DO YOU HATE SIN and love righteousness? Rom 12:9. When you sin are you quick to repent or do you try justify it? Do you approve of helping needy orphans and widows? James 1:27.

    If our heart is after God's He will draw near to us and make us His own James 4:8. He will reveal Jesus to us, we will accept Him and put Him first in our lives. God's heart hates sin and loves righteousness. We either hate sin and seek forgiveness or we like it and harden our hearts to God. If we would just judge ourselves truthfully we would know our hearts and what to do about them 1 Cor 11:31 and 2 Cor 13:5.
  13. I don't even know how to respond to that foolishness and you have stated so many unScriptural opinions I don't know where to start, and talk about taking Scripture out of context, I gave you examples of bad things happening to men and you didn't respond to even one of them,

    ...so, what you are saying is the Holy Spirit told Abel his brother was going to murder him and he didn't listen, you're saying the Holy Spirit warned James, but he didn't listen, you're saying the Holy Spirit warned Samson that Delilah was going to cut his hair and he didn't listen, you're saying the Holy Spirit warned Paul he was going to be stoned to death and he didn't listen,

    ...then, following the Holy Spirit inspired writings of Luke and Paul, to search the Scriptures daily to see if what you are saying is true Acts 17:11 and to prove all things 1 Thess 5:21, since you claim to have the ministry of a teacher of the Word then certainly you can provide Scriptural references, not taken or used out of context, to verify what you claim, ...I'm sure I'm not the only one here that is waiting to see your proof texts.

    And just for the gee whiz file of those that are following this thread, the signification of the name, "I am who I am" is I exist, ...only God can claim to exist, He is not dependent on anyone or anything, He is totally independent, whereas, the creation is dependent, we are totally dependent on God for even the smallest, most minute details of our lives, Paul spoke of these two principles to the philosophers of Mars Hill when he told them it was Jesus that held their (and our) respiration in His hand. Acts 17:25 So again I reiterate, since we are dependent beings, totally dependent for our life, breath and all things on Jesus, the only thing we merit is Hell and the Lake of Fire, but in His Mercy and Grace He has provided the way of Salvation through the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ on the Cross, ...another example of our dependency on our Lord Jesus.

    I'm certain that there are many of you that have gone through hard times like I have, not knowing where my next meal was coming from, not having a home or even a bed to sleep on, but the Lord is faithful to His children and He always provided for me, even if it was a morsel of bread, or a bench in a lunch room protected from the elements to sleep on, Jesus promised us trials and tribulations and I can assure you that morsel of bread was not a fatted calf that I can conjure up any time I want to, ...so friends, beware of anybody that teaches that we can eat of the fatted calf at any time, that smacks of the false prosperity doctrine, the name it and claim it game, rub the magic bottle and the genie pops out and grants your three wishes, that is circulating in the Apostate church of today, ...my Jesus teaches that I'm to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of my needs (not my wants or carnal desires) will be provided for me, my Jesus teaches that my Heavenly Father knows what I need before I do and will supply me with what is necessary, many times in my walk with the Lord I have held fast to the words of David, "I've never seen the righteous begging bread." Ps 37:25

    He who has ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

  14. Blessings Gene..... You can start by paying attention and learning. We can start there. A am addressing the Holy Spirit led Church.
    Not all those folks you mentioned before, but the covenant we have now in Christ Jesus.

    Luk 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

    Jesus said nothing hurts me, Good as done.

    You come with this attitude which I will overlook and one that seems to think they know everything. My comment was God is faithful and said the Holy Spirit will show us things to come. That means I don't have to fret and if I am listening and doing what the Lord says do, I avoid all the unnecessary heart aches.

    I would also be careful about making fun of some name it and claim it or some prosperity gospel. Everything in God's word was designed to help and prosper us. Jesus said if you believe what you say, you shall have whatsoever you say. Go take it up with him, but you don't grasp what he said from what I take it.

    Then you tell me about how you had no food and not sure where the next meal was coming from. I understand, it seems like a big deal to a new believer, and your right, God is good and faithful to take care of you. Your still alive though and in your right mind, so you put me down when you yourself have scriptures in you and seen God's goodness. I would say your doing pretty well actually.

    So instead of jumping on some religious band wagon, it would do you well to ask question and learn. We are the Anointed church and the gates of hell don't stand a chance.

    It could not possibly be that I have been walking in Faith and teaching it for the last 15 years and might have a bit of insight to it?
    You know Paul said after his many beatings and problems with Religious folk.......

    2Th 3:1
    Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:
    2Th 3:2 And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.
    2Th 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

    The Lord is faithful, He will keep you from all evil................ Not all of us have faith, so we pray for one another.

    Find out what I believe, be focused on your questions before just going on about some blab it and grab it thing.

  15. Again, you have failed to give Scriptural references to what you claim to believe......

    Interesting, I would love to hear what these "works of faith" James 2:17, 18 you speak about are for the last 15 years, ...now remember the Scriptural criteria, faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God Rom 10:17, so please share with us what God has told you to do and then was accomplished through a supernatural way, beyond any human means to accomplish.

  16. On further reflection I think we have hijacked this thread enough, so if you want me to respond to you then please start another thread detailing your "works of faith".

  17. Ummm. Ask me a question and I'll give you the scripture, I already gave the reference to the Holy Spirit leading us out of trouble and not into trouble which is what started the conversation. If you needed something else then just ask the question.

    Now, I said I have taught faith as in trusting God faith. What is faith without getting to technical? The substance of something not seen and evidence that what you hoped for is there because the Word said it?

    Faith is the ability giving by the author and finisher of our faith to believe what God said despite what our physical senses tell us. The Word plants, but men need to water and God will give the increase. So faith is the revealed knowledge of the power of the Word that is measured back by what measure we give. No measure, then little faith.

    Mustard seeds do nothing, for Jesus said if you have the faith the grain of the Mustard seed............ that is where you start for it has to grow to hide the fowls of the air (Mark 4)

    So then, faith can only come by hearing the Word of God.

    Jesus said all things are possible to them that believe, what happens if you don't believe or put the Word first? Bad things happen, like the man building his house on the sand as the song goes. The flood came for both houses, one stood.

    So then, a man through a trial that believed the Word would get different results than someone who did not believe the Word.

    Now what works of faith are you talking about. Is not every day a work of faith to choose not to sin or choose what God would have based on acting on the Word? Faith without works is dead right?

    James said don't just confess over them some prayer of faith but feed them. So then by faith in itself would be to act on the Word despite the lack of some spectacular Miracle.

    Did you not say you saw the Lord took care of you knowing before what you needed before you asked? Is this not a Miracle? The World says it would have happened anyway despite the many that did not know God and staved to death. All the glory goes to God.

    What is a trial or hardship? It's a perception by someone that see's a hard thing happening to them. It's all perception.
    Snakes may put one in fear and not the other. Perception. So any so called trail would be irrelevant but we give God the glory for bringing us out of all.

    What did Peter do knowing the next morning they were going to chop off his head? The same Peter that denied Jesus 3 times from fear grew to the place that he just went to sleep. Peter did not worry about nothing, and even the angel that came to save him had to remind him to get his cloak.

    That is faith as Peter did nothing but refuse to worry, the same Peter that worried about the wind pushing the waves not making the Lord to happy with him.

    So what type of these "Works of Faith" do you want me to tell about? It's not the Lords best to have to constantly use supernatural power to save us all the time. He rather we come up and be used instead.

    Let me know.

  18. If you weren't so dangerous as a false teacher this would be comical!

    You said you have "works" of faith, but you can't name one, just like all of the other claims you make without being able to prove them Scripturally! Just lots of useless diatribe, ...like Sprugeon named people like you, blind mouths!

    Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone
    . Jas 2:17

    The word works is ergon, used 176 times in the New Testament and it is translated deed, doing, labor, work.
    Matt 5:16, Matt 23:5, Matt 26:10, Mark 13:34, John 3:19, John 9:4, John 10:38, Acts 9:36,

    Using your example of Peter in prison, his sleeping was a work - ergon of faith, why, because Jesus specifically told him he would die of crucifixion, John 21:18 ...not decapitation or hacked in two as James was, as Herod planed, the supernatural act or part of his faith was how he escaped.

    So now do you understand what a work of faith is, if so, start naming 15 years worth of your works, if you don't then we will all see that what James said is true in your case, faith without works is dead.

    ...Okay, I'll go first to give you an example, in 1990 Father told me to go to Tahiti (Scriptural verification Mark 16:15), He gave me three conditions for me to follow to come here, one was I was to come on a one way ticket which is impossible for a nonFrench citizen, when it was His time for me to depart He gave me Micah 2:10, within two days I met my new neighbor, who had just moved in next door, who was a retired French Airline pilot that had flown to Tahiti all of the time, over diner that night I told him of my plans to go to Tahiti, but God said I was to come on a one way ticket and being an American citizen couldn't buy a one way ticket, he replied that that was not a problem and he would arrange for a one way ticket for me, the next day I went to our tiny local airport and paid for my one way ticket to Tahiti, three days later I was standing at the check in counter in the San Francisco International Airport and was told for me to board the plane I would have to buy a return trip ticket first, my pilot friend said his good friend was the pilot of my flight and he had spoken to him about me and to mention my name to the stewardess and I would be given a tour of the flight deck, as I was standing at the counter, the flight crew arrived and handed their passports to the check in attendant (he already had mine) , the captain turned to me and said hello, I responded and told him of meeting his friend where I used to live, we exchanged pleasantries and the attendant stamped their passports and handed them back to them with their boarding passes, then he handed me my passport with a boarding pass too, ...I was on my way to Tahiti, on arrival here at the FAA'A International Airport I was detained at the Immigration counter because I didn't have a return trip ticket and wouldn't be able to leave the terminal, in fact I would be held in jail until they decided what to do with me, when I told them God told me to come to Tahiti on a one way ticket they became incensed and told me to go stand in the corner, just so happened the corner was right next to baggage claim, so when my suitcase came out I went over, picked it up and placed it on a cart that was left in the corner, it took about 15 minutes for all of my baggage to be retrieved and less than 5 minutes later an Immigration Agent came over to my "corner" and told me to get out of the airport and he didn't ever want to see my face again! I was in Tahiti and in faith had followed the condition Father had given me, I'm certain you can see all of the supernatural interventions in my journey.

    Your turn.

  19. Another thing I do Gene is I come on strong. I am a strong advocate for my Father. If anyone says God does bad to people, I get on my soap box.
    I told you I have been teaching faith for 15 years, I have helped lots of folk through impossible times. I am not of the camp where it's all up to God despite what we believe or say. I am in the camp that if you don't trust God you get the same results as Israel did and the man that built his house on the sand.

    All that being said, putting me down when I have mentioned nothing un-scriptural "Blind Moths" is disrespect. I don't consider faith Comical, I don't consider teaching people what Faith means and trusting God dangerous. Jesus said When He comes back will he find faith on Earth? Without faith you can't even please God. You can be faithful at church, mow their grass, help old ladies across the street but if you fear things then all that is for nothing.

    I love the Baptist Pastor down the street from me. I don't like all that he believes but He is doing good work and helping folks. It would never occur to me to put him down or call him dangerous. I don't care for Catholic Mass, I don't care for the ritual part, but the priest that did it was nice and had a good message about character. I would not put him down either.

    However it seems I must have hit your stand on the soap box button. I guess we all have them and I can show some leniency toward you having this revelation.

    Thank you for sharing Tahiti with me.
    While you mock this blab it a grab it, name it and claim it you do the same exact thing. Troublesome yes, but you operate principles by accident. I can imagine the thought of having to go to any Jail in Tahiti would be bothersome and I believe you stood the whole time knowing what the Lord said to you. I think you were concerned but I don't think you forgot what God said and went into panic in which case things might not have turned out the way they did. That is faith......................

    Blab it and grab it is the same way. Jesus said doubt not but believe in your heart those things you say, you shall have what you say. That is as close to blab it and grab it as it gets.

    Since we don't take one scripture and make a doctrine out of it, using that to get God to give us millions of oil wells, We compare scriptures to get a full picture.

    What is in your heart, comes out of your mouth. Your true belief system rest idle until provoked. The only way to have faith for a million oil wells is that you have to have heard first, and by that faith in you for what God said is the way you would speak. Much like God changing Abraham's name to father of many nations for everywhere Abraham heard his name it was before him and faith comes by hearing.

    Israel had exactly what they said, as God said they would (Num 14) Everything they said happened to them. The Lord said even though you "SAID" your children would be prey, I will still bring them out. God said He was giving them a land of Milk and Honey, they said God brought them out to get them killed. They should have stuck with what God told them.

    What story do you want?
    I'll go back to 1996......................................... My first faith accident as I did not even know what Faith was really. I had been a bad person, broke the law and was charged in Illinois with 3 Class X felony's. That is a mandatory 18-90 years in Illinois most likely get about 50 years once it was all hashed out. I was in great fear to say the least.
    I figured I needed God or something so I went to a Baptist, Nazarene church to get advice. They were not even interested in talking with me since I was a bad guy. That was very discouraging.
    I did not even have enough sense to think about Making Jesus Lord, I knew I needed Jesus but was not sure how to go about all that.
    Grandma always said that it pleases God when we read the bible and she always use to want to put a bible next to me when I slept at night. Seemed dumb to me but I figured she would know and I was in hot water.

    So, I grabbed a NIV my mom gave me and decided to just read. I figured that Jesus was in Matt on so I started in Mathew.

    So every night, I would grab my beer and sit down to read the bible after work. In fact I looked forward to that beer and bible reading time. I stopped going to all the parties as I was out on a 80K bail and worked, drank beer and read the bible.

    All three of my charges were wrong, they were trumped up charges but I refuse to talk to detectives or police. It's a dumb thing to do. They never heard my side of what happened, but I did not care. My appointed Lawyer though could not get them to budge on the charges as they believed they could prove them in court. My lawyer was horrible..............

    Back to the Bible
    So, I just kept reading and drinking beer. It was when I got to Luke I stopped reading further. I don't know why, can't explain it, but something in Luke would not let me to continue to read on. (Not that I did not have a choice, but my interest was in Luke)

    Saying, There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man: And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man; Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?
    (Luk 18:2-8)

    Somehow I got the understanding that God could make the charges right. That I would not be treated unjustly if I just don't move.
    So, 5 months of being out on bail I read Luke every night over and over and over and over. Those passages is all I read, I did not want to read anything else. I did that every night drinking beer before going to bed.

    Trails and Lawyers:

    Well, I had to go to court again and the prosecution offered me charges that would give me less than the original max. My Lawyer thought it was a great deal and I should take it. He said he can make sure the punishment a lot less. (Not sure how he could promise that) After reading the new Charges, none were true to what I did still. I remembered Luke clearly and I turned down the offer. This upset my lawyer in shock, He thought I was nuts. Luke said what it said though, I could not explain it.

    More Offers:
    It was getting close to trail date and I got another offer. 1 charge was right but the other 2 were not. I turned that down. I kept reading Luke over and over every night.

    Day before trail:
    My Lawyer calls me and told me he had some great news.......... He said he got all 3 charges lowered and I would be out in less than 18 years or so. (don't remember the exact number) He sounded really happy, but after he read the charges two were not right. I never talked to the police, never told them a thing and refused the polygraph so they had nothing I said to use against me. It was hard for me, but I told my lawyer I had to refuse. My Lawyer was just shocked, but all my life I never even considered Jesus or the things of God.

    I told the Lord that from this day forward if I read it in your word, I will just believe it and act on that. I said that the first day picking up that NIV. My heart was to please God then and just believe what He said.

    My Lawyer warned me that I would most likely die in prison if I don't accept the offer. I said NO............ The charges are not right I did not do what they are charging me with. He then said that Trial is tomorrow and there will be no other talks or plea deals. Luke said what it said and I was sticking with that.

    Trail day:

    I did not know much about praying, and I don't think I even prayed the whole time during this. I did tell God that I believed Luke and I was set on it and not going to budge. I told God that if they lock me up for life, I still believed Luke and Luke is still true. I had lots of tears that morning getting ready to go to court. It was zero hour and the Jury already picked.

    Before Walking out the door:
    I was about to walk out the door for trail, like the door was open and I heard the phone ring in the kitchen. I went back to answer it and it was my lawyer. He sounded really happy. If I don't remember anything back then, I will always remember his words to me on the phone............... "GUESS WHAT I DID"

    He said he just happened to run into the prosecutor and said that they talked and the prosecutor agreed to another plea. This time it was only two charges that carry 2-4 years. I asked what those charges where and they were exactly what I did. I told him I would take the plea.

    That morning I stood up and plead guilty to both charges in court, no trail. I was sentenced to 2 years in prison both running concurrent.

    I stopped drinking long ago by the way, but this changed my life.

  20. Michael, I say this in the love of Christ and I hope you are teachable, also I hope you receive it that way, ...that is one of your problems, Paul teaches. we reap what we sow, Gal 6:7 , that's why I'm responding hard and strong with you, I've been following your posts and I discern you have a zeal for the Lord, but you are beating the sheep with your many verses, you tell them what they need to do, without telling them how to do it, cut and pasting Scripture is simple in this modern age of computers, but that doesn't necessary mean you know the sense of the verse, we find an illustration of the gift of teaching in Neh 8:8, ...a teacher reads distinctly from the Word, gives the sense and helps the people to understand, I hope you can tell the difference from cut and pasting verses and teaching in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    We are predestined to be conformed into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ Rom 8:28, ...we read, a bruised reed He wouldn't break and a smouldering wick He would not extinguish, Jesus never beat the sheep, in fact the only people He was hard with were the people that said they knew it all (which is the inference you are making in your last two posts).

    We also read there was a man named Apollos who was mighty in the Word of God, but only knew the Baptism of John, when Aquila and Priscilla heard him, fresh after hanging with Paul, they expounded to him the things of God more exactly, and God was able to use him and he became a pillar in the Corinthian Church, .....................Apollos was teachable, are you?

    Here is another mistake you are making in you zeal without knowledge, you say you are an advocate for God, God doesn't need an advocate (no place in the Bible can you find God defending Himself), ...but rather, we do, and the author of Hebrews tells us Jesus is our Advocate (by your own words you are assuming the place of Jesus).

    Now, I hope you receive this in the love in which it is written, but again you have not answered any of my questions since we started dialoging and in your example of your work of faith you do not mention one verse where Father spoke to you and told you through Scripture to step out in faith to do it, ...i. e., pick up your bed and walk, extend your hand, go wash in the pool of Siloham, step out of the boat and come to Me, ...can you see the difference from these examples of people obeying what God specifically told them individually to do and you reading the book of Luke? As for you court ordeal, while it is a wonderful example of Father's merciful, gracious providential care for you, it can't be called a work of faith in the sense James was talking about.

    ...For He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. Matt :45

    Here's another tiny part of how the Lord worked in my life, as He was awaking me out of my death sleep Eph 2:1 ...I felt this need inside of me to start attending church, I found a church and became very active, I was given the responsibility of the youth, I taught an adult Bible study, I helped in Sunday School, I organized the Saturday morning men's breakfast and work day and I played in the worship band, all of these works were dead works, why dead works, because even though I had been doing them for months I wasn't born again Mat 7:23, then at a Wednesday Night Bible Study in July of '86, the pastor was teaching in Isiah 40, when we read verses 5-8 I was so convicted in my soul about my sin that I was bowed over in my chair, my head between my knees and I could not raise up, it was like all of my sin was resting on my shoulders. After the study the pastor came to me and asked me what was wrong, I told him and he ask me if I knew the Gospel, I confessed I wasn't really sure what it was, he explained it to me, the Holy Spirit illuminated it for me I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins and received Him into my heart, I was born again. When I asked the pastor how he could let me have all of those ministries, he just replied, it's not up to any human when we will be born again John 1:13

    So in light of Scripture, every born again child of God will know when they were born again (just like we know the day of our physical birth) and what verse the Lord used to call us into the Kingdom 1 Pet 1:23

    I'm taking of the hard robe and humbly asking in and with the love of Christ, can you say in your heart with all certainty what day you were born again and what was the verse the Holy Spirit used to illuminate your spirit of your sinful state destined for Hell and you asked Jesus to forgive you and received the pardon of sins He offers?

    Remember, these people thought they were doing many wonderful works for the Lord, but didn't have a born again experience. Matt 7:21-23

    In His Love,


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