Will God and Jesus ever stop loving me? Can someone lose their salvation while on earth?

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  1. Sometimes I feel unloved and forsaken. I pray everyday to Jesus for protection and for him to forgive me of all my sins. At times I even think that I am hopeless and am condemned already. Does he still love me and want me to go to heaven?
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    That you asked the Lord to forgive you the first time---He did! All your sins were wiped out then. It is truly a sign of unbelief to continue to ask again and again---something I did as a young person.

    We do battle in many ways with feelings such as yours. We all need to be aware that feelings are no barometer of truth. Run to Jesus! Tell Him about it! He will bring assurance to you that you are not hopeless, but you have the Hope of the world living in you! That you have even a hint of the thought that you are condemned is a sign that Satan is trying to play with you. Realize that often the thoughts you are having are not your own, but plants of the enemy. Take the authority given to you by Jesus Himself and tell that devil to back off in Jesus' name!

    James 4:7
    So place yourselves under God’s authority. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you.

    God has had you on His mind since before the beginning of time! He loves you with an everlasting love! He has loved you when you were at your very worst!

    There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more, and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you any less!
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  3. Remember this promise by Jesus

    John 10:10 (ESV) The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

    I think it is the work of devil or simply your flesh bringing this unbelief to you. Put your trust on Jesus and fix your eye on Him
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  4. Hello Timothy,
    In romans 8:38 we find it written that nothing can take the Love of God away from you.
    With this said you need to know that there is a Battle you must face ( it is already won ) however the devil our enmy does not want you to walk out this victory or another words make it the place of victory.

    This battle is the good fight of faith........it is already won - we already have the victory - But you have to fight the good fight of faith to step into it.

    Now then as it was said by brother @Ravindran - the devil comes to steal kill and destroy - trying to stop you from taking hold of any victory in Christ.

    This is called the battle of the mind - your faith depends on your thinking.
    Example.........you are questioning if God loves you and wants you to go to heaven still. Worried about past sins that you already went to the Father over. Scripturte says He will remember them no more. So if the Father does not remember them - like um who does ?
    Yep - it is the devil our enemy - and what he is doing is trying to get you and your mind all fouled up with doubt and worry and as he does this - your faith is not growing or being exercized and therefore doing you No Good !

    Now then - begin to turn the tables - get in Gods word - speak Gods word over all this doubt or worry or questioning........devil you are a liar and the father of lies.......cast him down and remind him that you are the rightousness of God in Christ Jesus - joint heir with Christ to every spiritual blessings in heavenly places..........the victory is yours - but you got to fight the good fight of faith to Possess the victory.

    God Bless You
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  5. The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Its time to find out what you truly believe. Do you fully believe that the Blood of Jesus cleansed you from all of your sins? If not then you have to make the choice to renew your mind with 1 John 1/9 and don't allow your mond to think any different. You have to take those thoughts captive and make them obedient to the Word of God. 2 Corinthians 10:5

    I also suggest you meditate on or read these two verses over and over Romans 8:38-39

    We will be praying for you!
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  6. I understand you're feelings and feel the same..though his word says the opposite..

    The only way you lose Salvation is if you give it up( curse god)... Hang in there
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  7. One can never lose one's salvation...even by cursing God in an extreme moment of weakness and duress. Our sins are ALL forgiven and tossed into the sea of forgetfulness.
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  8. Yes u can, if u renounce god..he will leave you..or blaspheme the holy spirit....he will split like split ends and leave.
  9. Romans 8:31-39

    Pancakes if you were feeding a little kid and they got mad at you and said aunt Pancakes I hate you - would you turn your back on them ? No, knowing you - I believe you would laugh and wipe the food from there face and tell them -it's ok I love you.

    It is the same with God - in our disstress or frustration we spout off something like this - God knows you are just speaking out of pain as humans tend to do. He Loves You !!
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  10. Someone who has walked with God can not abandon God, for God will never abandon His own. His goodness will chase you down until you relent! He says He sticks to us closer than a brother, and that He will never leave us or forsake us. Period.
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  11. I trust the Lord, I know He loves me and I owe everything to him. But when I think how weak and sinful I really am, I sometimes wonder how can He possibly love me.
  12. His goodness will chase us down, what does that mean?
  13. In accordance with the concept of His chasing, in Deuteronomy 28:2
    And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God:

    God's goodness and faithfulness where we are unfaithful will overtake us, as He will relentlessly chase after us to bring us back. We can count on it. The devil never wins. God will never give up on His kids.
  14. Oh okay...

    I heard some tell me god will never leave me or forsake me....but he never hunted me down lol
  15. Oh yes...ever hear of the term, 'the hound of heaven'?
  16. Lol no...it makes me think of that movie all dogs go to heaven xD
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  17. It would help if we really, truly understood that the ground of our acceptance with God is as in Christ. Perhaps if we were standing before God on our own merit, or because of our own love, or our own faithfulness... then we would have reason to worry about the security of our position. I know I certainly would! But, the wonderful truth of the matter - which we all know, even the newest, simplest believer - is that we could do nothing to help ourselves, and Christ has done it all. All the God requires from man is repentence (Acts 3:19, 17:30), a whole-heartedly recognition that we've sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), and even repentence is brought about by the work of God in the soul. We get to the point where we say, like Paul, "O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me out of this body of death? I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans 7:24-25).

    In coming to God for the first time, our merit is non-existent, "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags" (Isaiah 64:6). Our love doesn't come into it - "We love because he has first loved us." (1 John 4:19). Our faith is not of ourselves: "For ye are saved by grace, through faith; and this not of yourselves; it is God's gift..." (Ephesians 2:8). Thanks be to God, "he has taken us into favour in the Beloved..." (Ephesians 1:6). Taken into favour in the Beloved. That should settle any unease or uncertainty about our standing before God. We're in the Beloved, and He can never fail. The more we come to value the Lord Jesus, to appreciate His wonderful features, the more we'll come to appreciate the sureness and stability of our foundation on Him, the Rock of our salvation.

    That's not to say that we should be casual about failure. We need to be watchful regarding our state, but our standing can never be affected by personal failure. If my state isn't right, I won't enjoy all the privileges or be empowered to take up the responsibilities of Christian life. It should be a very real consideration and exercise for me that I should be in a right state, day by day, so I can go on with these wonderful things and be here as pleasing to God. But I know that I, and every other believer in Him, has an unshakeable salvation, an immovable standing, "the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory" (2 Timothy 2:10).
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    If there was no hope for you, you would be dead and in hell.

    You have to understand that God loves all. Even the devil. There is not a bone of hate in God 1 John 1:5. The only thing we need to daily be certain of is that we love God. It is not belief or unbelief / stating a magical phrase or what not. You / we know we love God by judging ourselves 1 Cor 11:31, Phil 2:12 / obeying His commandments John 14:15, Matt 16:24.

    Now we all sin, but we need to ensure that we repent of it. When we stop repenting we need to be worried. God will never turn a person away who repents sincerely OT and NT Psalm 51:17.

    Get on your knees daily before God and examine your heart. Ensure you hate what is evil and cling to what is good. That is genuine love for God Rom 12:9.

    When we come to God on His terms, He does give us a revelation of Jesus. You need to keep drawing close to God until you get this James 4:8, 1 Cor 12:3, Matt 16:16-17, Rev 3:20. Just like the young rich man was advised by Jesus in Matt 19:16-30.

    There is a strong argument to be made that if we repent truthfully and believe in Jesus we are eternally saved. As God does seal us in Jesus Eph 1:13. But the simple reality is that we are humans and unable to know what God knows. We can only look at our actions Matt 7:16 and judge ourselves 1 Cor 11:31, 1 Cor 6:9-11.

    Please listen to Paul / scripture more then peoples opinions. Many will say you are fine and all is hunky dory...when in fact it could be the complete opposite Prov 27:6, 1 Cor 10:12. Don't take a painkiller / brainwash yourself, deal with the pain!
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    This is brainwashing. Not Christianity. Christianity is about a real experience. About un-fakeable changes in thought. The complete opposite of brainwashing 2 Cor 5:17.

    This is out of context with regards to salvation.
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    1. How do you know this? Wouldn't he feel confident from God's doing if that was the case. You are making him feel confident from your own words of assurance. Ie you are playing God and removing his conscience convicting him.

    2. If we continue in sins or delve into more and more grievous sins .....we were never saved / or are shipwrecking our salvation. There are so many scriptures from Paul to us to constantly examine ourselves. Not even Paul professed to know who is saved vs unsaved. Paul spoke of those who profess to be saved vs those who don't profess to be saved. To know the difference Paul urged us to judge fruits, as did Jesus. Not play God and know that person X is saved because they repeated some magical lines with the words repentence and belief in it. We know person X is saved because they have the fruits of a Christian and hear God's voice. Person X knows Person X is saved.

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