Will God accept a wager?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, Mar 14, 2017.

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  1. My anxiety is the worst its been in a long while.. I'm one,step away from a panic attack and feel I'm gonna throw up and I feel depersonalized.. Even though my life is okay..

    I have my friends, a job I start tommorow and I'm in school...
    My anxiety couldn't have chose a worse time to come back.

    It really just came out of the blue yesterday...

    I don't have the strength to keep going with anxiety...of much rather be in a wheel chair if it meant being anxiety free. Id give up my art talent and wear a prosthetic leg or arm if it meant a piece of mind. Sometimes if actually rather be dead then fight anxiety and lose

    I don't want to do meds bc medication is 50/50..they may work and may not. I've seen people close to me t3'll me their experinece, one said they couldn't think, another couldn't feel emotions, and a friend of mind was lucky as it gave him suicidal thoughts. ....I just feel so unlucky.

    Why now?

    I hate I have this anxiety... I want to give up its too hard.
  2. Time to rejoice that your name is written in the lambs book of life. And refuse the anxiety to manifest in your emotions. It's just like refusing to take a bite of cake or candy or saying no to a stranger who is trying to get you in the car with them.

    You are strong and can do this for I know that you have been through worse, and the only way to get rid of it is to refuse to allow it. The Bible says resist the devil and he has to flee. Well this is an attack of fear from the enemy and it has to flee if you choose to not accept it.

    Pray and sing in the natural and in the spirit. Get happy and pull on the fruit of the spirit named joy. And get your praise and thanksgiving on :). Its time to fight the good fight of faith, or you will be trapped in this for the rest of your life. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of peace love and a sound mind.

    God is not the cause of this, so no wager will be accepted.... and if He didn't take it away from the apostle Paul, but told him he had the power (in Jesus name) to defeat it, then it is the same with you and I.

    Praying for your strength
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  3. Hi Autumn. I know how you feel. It's like - I've got enough to deal with as is and the last thing I need right now is the feeling of fear/desperation/panic.

    Whenever I had an anxiety attack all these thoughts would start running through my head about how pathetic my life is; how little I've accomplished; how much of my life I've wasted on the Internet and video games; how I've let my parents down. Because of panic my heart would beat really fast (felt like a heart-attack) and I'd have shortness of breath. It got so bad that I would binge-watch anime/YouTube/pornography just to keep those thoughts away and be able to sleep at night. Then it became a horrible cycle because I hated everything I did but then I'd do it again the next day because I was so desperate to avoid the anxiety. I started to fail in college and I wanted to give up on life.

    But you know what - in all of it God was with me and He is with you too. No matter how bad of a situation you're in Jesus is right there with you. He knows your fears and He knows your worries. If He can do a miracle in my life - as far-gone as I was - then He can surely do a miracle in yours and heal you from it too. Please don’t lose your faith in his healing power. We won't stop praying for you.

    Can I ask u.. Is there something that triggers your anxiety? For me it was video games and excessive internet surfing. I didn’t realize I was in an addiction. Not all anxiety has triggers but if you can identify things in your life that trigger your anxiety (usually things that you’re quite attached to) then you can pray in the name of Jesus to break those habits in your life!

    Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)
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  4. Thank you for your heart felt share. Truly grateful you are here :)
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  5. I don't know if there's hope for me anymore....I don't know if I can get through mine. I have night mares almost nightly, so I try not to sleep much. O slept just 2 hours and still had one though I was watching makeup videos b4 I slept....

    I constantly feel on edge , I also feel like something is always around me its so unsettling. Either way it all makes me want to just start writing my letter because,.,

    There's no way I can go through this mental bull and still work, and have school.

    Right now I feel like throwing up....as well as giving up because I feel I'm gonna become mentally unhinged soon.

    I wish there was a cure for this.

    I just want to die now I wish god would just take me to heaven already. I'm already dead emotionally.

    I'm almost at a point I *almost* want to cut or do something to take the pain,away.

    My fears started out being me never making anything of my life which triggered the nightmares, now its me becoming mentally ill because I'm sliding down a slippery slope now, I keep having nightmares only sleep very little.

    When I say I can't do this. It would take a miracle and I just don't know if my mind and body can hold up... I don't know if I'm willing to hold up.

    Maybe I need medication I rather be a zombie then have nightmares. And now I have work in an,hour....idk if I should just call it all off or just go...

    I just don't think ill last long
  6. My triggers- I just feel the damage has already been done...when I was in a cramp hotel for 3 years with my family...not the worst thing .....same with going through things with my pastor.... I'm sure ill nev3r forget that, and I've always had anxiety...and fear of mental illness ...it runs on both sides of my family.
  7. I feel as long as I don't sleep... I can keep the anxiety and crazy at a minimum. I'm not sl33ping until my body crashes.
  8. Autumn listen to me friend - You are worth it; you are precious; you are beautiful; you are not a mistake. I am your friend and I am telling you I care about you and if I were near you I would run up to you and give you big hug and say, "You mean more to Jesus than you will ever realize."

    What good is it to tell someone 'Don't give up' when that's the only thing they feel like doing.. But believe me
    DON'T GIVE UP! You have come too far and you have accomplished too much to give up now. Endure! Please! If there's one thing I know it's that all things will come to pass. Hold on just a little longer I promise you Autumn God's help is on the way. He will never leave you or forsake you.
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  9. Just checking in with you to see how your doing autumn oddity. How was your first day at work?

    Praying for you
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  10. From your profile, it says that you are not originally from USA. I have no clue on the medical opportunities available to you where you are but my suggestion would be to try and find some Christian counseling and/or some medical help..

    Everyone here can give you encouraging words and positive motivational comments but if you are having some "clinical" problems, nothing said is going to be helpful.

    Remember, God has allowed man to invent and produce medications that can be helpful to all of us. Just because someone says that this or that effected them does not mean that it will do that to you and in fact you can not be sure that the person is telling you the truth to begin with.

    Please seek out some professional medical help. That along with the prayers of your friends and the grace of God you will begin to feel better.
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  11. Watch this... then we can chat...

  12. Hi Autumn-

    Hope you are doing better. Sending prayers. God is able to do anything. Hang in there.
    We actually learn valuable things from these experiences. Have you tried turning on the praise music and reading the Word. God loves you to be there at His feet, spending valuable time with Him. I do this, reading His Word outloud which helps a whole lot more for me.
    Praying things improve for you.

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  13. Amen!
    For it is Written. ...The Joy Of Thee Lord Is Our Strength.!!!
    1. Joy of Thee Lord has Nothing to do with Happiness or if we are happy.
    2. Joy of Thee Lord over rides depression or sadness our circumstances and so forth.

    Absence of the Joy of Thee Lord will allow these things to reign in your life.

    Note........Think About This........
    Our enemy the devil is diligently working 24/7/365 trying to Steal, Kill and Destroy your Joy In The Lord. .......

    So ask yourself why?
    Answer........he knows and understands even if you dont, that the Joy Of Thee Lord Really Is Our Strength.
    he knows if you operate in this Strength, then you will have the power to overcome these things and Run him and his strong holds Out Of Your Life.

    You may say, yes well Fish Catcher Jim ...you don't know my life or what I am going through.....

    So then ask your self this....is my life and situation so big that God's Word can not work in it?
    I mean do you suppose God could create a rock so heavy that He, Himself could not lift it?

    No if we feel this way then our focus is devoted to our needs and situations and Not on God and His Ways.

    Another Example...Paul and Silas.
    They were flogged severely or given stripes. These are serious deep fleshly gashes. The floggers were known to rip the flesh to the bone.

    Now they are thrown into the innermost part of the prison in chains and their feet, legs bound in a stock. They ain't going no where.

    So like Paul says to silas, look man, I don't get it. We gave our all to God and did what He said and gave up everything and He allows this. This is the pits and I quit !!

    No! They began to sing Praises unto God!
    They got in the Joy of the Lord. The other prisoners heard them and had to think what's up with this? How can they do this?

    God showed up on the scene and shook the place to where only the things that imprisoned them fell off.

    That's just what these things you autumn oddity are going through are doing. They are imprisoning you so as to Stop You and allow the enemy to Steal, kill and destroy.

    So freedom is as easy as walking in the Joy of the Lord. Again I remind you of this.....your happiness or peace or pain or situation has not one thing to do with you being able to Get in Thee Joy of Thee Lord.

    It's a Choice!
    It's Your Choice to make
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  14. I understand what you are saying and in most ways I agree. However, when and/if there is a "clinical" issue with mental depression, there is simply no choice available to the person who is afflicted.

    The person who is afflicted can go to church every day, pray for hours and read the Scriptures but find no relief from those things. In Bi-polar people, depression is the down side of their disorder and if it is not diagnosed and corrected, it can go from bad to really bad.

    It has been my real life experience that Clinical depression is a physical condition that must be diagnosed by a physician. It may be caused by unfortunate life circumstances, and neither can the symptoms be alleviated by one's own will. Contrary to what some in the Christian community believe, clinical depression is not caused by sin. Clinical Depression is caused by a physical disorder that needs to be treated with medication and/or counseling. It can be a chemical imbalance in the brain and can also come from a lack of hormones.
    Of course, God is able to cure any disease or disorder. However, in some cases, seeing a doctor for depression is no different than seeing a doctor for an injury.
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  15. Can you show me in the Word (with Scripture) where the Word does not work on this issue and something that a man has diagnosed is greater than the Word and not affected by the Word?

    Thanks Brother
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  16. I Totally Disagree with this. You speak as if this label that man made "Clinical" is bigger then God and His Ways.
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  17. The original question was about depressed people and I said that sometimes people who are bi-polar or mentally ill or retarted just do not have the ability mentally to focus on reading Scripture because of their condition. Can God heal them, I think that we all know that He can, has and will.

    Has that always happened in every case...NO!

    It seems to me that you are taking the question to another level which I am happy to discus with you. Maybe I am reading between the lines so let me ask you this........
    are you trying to say that Christians should not go to doctors because it shows a lack of faith in God and everything we need in found in the Word of God?

    I think that we both know that God does not want anyone to be sick. The fact that God can and does perform miracles of healing does not mean we should always expect a miracle instead of seeking the help of individuals who possess the knowledge and skill to assist us.

    The only verse that I know of which could be taken out of context to teach that one should not go to physicians would be 2 Chronicles 16:12.......
    “In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the LORD, but only from the physicians.”

    The issue was not that Asa consulted physicians, but that “he did not seek help from the LORD.” Even when visiting a doctor, our ultimate faith is to be in God, not the doctor.

    Also, Paul does not miraculously heal his co-worker, Epaphroditus, who almost died. He obviously got well the long, slow way.

    My 1st thought would be Philippians 2:25-27...........
    "Yet I supposed it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, and companion in labor, and fellow soldier, but your messenger, and he that ministered to my wants. For he longed after you all, and was full of heaviness, because that ye had heard that he had been sick. For indeed he was sick nigh unto death: but God had mercy on him; and not on him only, but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow."

    God created us as intelligent beings and gave us the ability to create medicines and learn how to repair our bodies. There is nothing wrong with applying this knowledge and ability towards physical healing. Doctors can be viewed as God’s gift to us, a means through which God brings healing and recovery. At the same time, our ultimate faith and trust is to be in God, not in doctors or medicine. As with all difficult decisions, we should seek God who promises to give us wisdom when we ask for it.

    James 1:5......
    " If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him."
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  18. You didn't answer my question. But turned it around to something I never said or implied

    Have a great day
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  19. You misunderstood totally what I said.

    I am not saying that any situation is beyond the capability of God. "Clinical" is just a word. It identifies someone who is medically sick and is used exentsively in the medical field of mental illnesses. A constant sense of hopelessness and despair is a sign you may have major depression, also known as clinical depression.

    There can come a point in time when a person afflicted with this problem needs to seek out a medical doctor for proper medication. Medication of a person who is bi-polar or clinically depressed can and has allowed them to live a better life.

    Did I say that God should not be prayed to for His healing? NO !
    Did I say that God's Word should not be consulted for this person? NO!

    All I said was that in some cases these people in this kind of situation simply do not have the capacity or ability to do those things. It is not that they should but it is that they can not.
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  20. Cturtle. You knew when you asked me the question what the answer was. You knew that the Word of God speaks to all situations.

    But the point is and was........"some people just do not have the mental ability anymore to read the Word of God".

    Now, you accuse me of not answering your question. But you did not answer mine. Are you saying that Christians should not seek out medical advise when we are sick, mentally ill and so on?
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