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  1. In my US History class we watched a LONG video about WW2.

    Afterwards I started to mourn because of all the death and suffering. All the bombs, murder, and rape.

    And then I start to think about all the other wars, going far back into past. All the killing in the bible. All the death we experience. All the pain, and sin.

    Why does everything have to be this way? Why is everything so horrible? Couldn't things be better?

    I have faith in God everything will be better in the end, but why all the suffering now? Why all the suffering in the past? The death in my future?

    I know, I know... Sin... But why?

    I am just a human being, and I can't take all the evil in this world, even if we deserve it.

    I wish everything was Good, but things can't be that way, can they? We have to conform ourselves to a God who is infinitely greater than us, it almost isn't fair. Is there something I'm not getting?
  2. I blame Eve. Women always up to no good. LoL just joking. Called Sin and Free Will
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  3. Lol
  4. I know that God's creation was Good. I just hate free will in a way, to be honest. I wish I could have God's will, and no will of my own, because my will is corrupt and scared.
  5. So then why not give in to Christ and follow what He wants you to do?????
  6. I don't know how, my stupid will gets in the way...
  7. In other words.....WHY God? Correct? Why does or did God do or allow wars and death and sin and on and on????

    You are forgetting someone my friend.....SATAN!

    Satan is the price of the power of the air. IT was Lucifer who challenged God and demanded worship. It was Satan who deceived Eve and Adam. Satan as an angel in heaven had the same freewill of choice that we have and he choose to disobey God.
    From that moment in time SIN entered our world and we as humans are now caught in this great conflict between God and Satan.
    Satan is the reason for pain, suffering, disease, divorce, death, War, you name he is behind it.

    YOU can choose to follow God and come to Christ for the forgivness of your sins or you can choose to follow Satan and pay the penalty for your own sins.

    If you choose Christ you will spend eternity in heaven with God and if you choose Satan you will spend eternity in hell with Satan.

    Actually it is pretty simple isn't it.
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  8. Because you are a human being!
  9. I know you're joking but did you realise satan had his eye on Adam for a long time. He knew how much Adam was influenced by Eve and how much he relied on her. So satan targeted Eve knowing that if he could get to her he could get to Adam. Satan was watching Eve very closely, he noticed her desire to learn more, know more and be more. As a woman Eve also had a touch of emotion in her. Satan came up with a master plan of using a serpent to entice her and knew how easy it would be that God couldn't interfere with free will. All the serpent had to do was become Eve's friend, Eve was naturally naive. Led by emotion Eve thought what the serpent said: "Yes, i don't think God really meant what He said..may be it be good to know more about good and evil..God will understand". She then gave to Adam to share. Men easily influenced by women without realising it. When he came to his senses he had already eaten the fruit.

    It is right, everybody suffered because of Eve being deceived by satan. But maybe we shouldn't be too hard on her? How many of us after Eve may have made the same mistake also?
  10. And that's my problem. I wish I wasn't... I have conquered alot of sin by the power of the Holy Spirit, but I am not as good as I should be, and I have the capacity to fall back into it. :(
  11. I've chosen Christ. But I fear somehow I will mess up and go to hell
  12. And is there someone you know who is not prone to do that exact same thing? What is their name?
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  13. Jesus. But how can I call on him if I still have selfish tendencies?
  14. Then you have not chosen Christ my child. YOU can not go to hell after you accept Christ and Christ will never lose anyone He saves!!!

    YOU will mess up. I think that is a clean generic word when the real thing is SIN.
    "We all sin and come short of the approval of God" (Rom. 3:23).

    When we accept Christ as our Saviour we are saved from the sin we committed yesterday and the sin we will commit tomorrow.
    That in no way means we have a license to commit sin but instead, we are forgiven of our sin when we do commit it.
  15. No my friend.......Jesus never sinned! You however know of plenty of friends who sin all the time That was my point.

    Selfishness is no worse of a sin than lieing or stealing or cussing. Sin is sin! It is rebellion to God and disobeying His commands.
  16. Oh sorry.. I thought you were asking if I knew someone who literally was NOT prone to sin. Jesus never sinned, that's why I answered him.

    I didn't pick up that it was a rhetorical question.
  17. Yes......I understood and can see how that could have happened.
  18. My problem is that I don't want to sin... AT ALL. But I do, and have tendencies where my old nature wants to. I resist of course, but I am so weak, and have fallen many times.

    It depresses me because I feel like a lier when I say I believe in Jesus Christ, yet sin! I say I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, yet I'm so far behind! I'm a modern pharisee!

    There are so many Christians who do amazing things by the Holy Spirit, and are so bold about their faith! But I am not one of them. People who genuinely want to read scripture, and who genuinely always pray for everyone. I want those things, too, but I don't see myself doing them with joy. :/
  19. There are people who are so good at being a Christian, people who say it's easy! But it's not! It's the only thing in life I struggle with!
  20. I'm amazed that you are just 16. Your knowledge of the Word is admirable but even more than that the Holy Spirit within you is a testimony to you and others. I would have thought from your posts you were in your 30's-40's. It is only natural to think we are not good enough compared to Jesus, but that's hiw the devil wants us to think, that we are nothing and to bring us down. You are so so precious to God , never forget it, He loves and cares for you and will finish the great work He has started in you. Keep going and keep pressing on.

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