Why Would God Show Me This?

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  1. Why would God show me this? I’m a nobody, I was In prayer, and in the far distant in the darkness I seen a sun in the position of a sunrise, I seen it 3 separate times, and as I am starring upon it I felt glorious joy and happiness, and there with God I did not need anything to eat or drink, the only thing that matters is the relationship I have with him nothing else, and this world and everything it has to offer is absolutely nothing compare to what he has in store for us, and I realized I love Jesus more than anybody on earth.
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  2. My only comments are that God seems to choose special ways to convey his love,
    in God's eyes, nobody is a nobody.
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  3. Be careful discerning where things like that come from. More often than not, they aren't from God. "Supernatural" experiences can many times be accounted with the brain doing what it wants to. While the overall message is good, be cautious of visions or dreams and saying they come from God, many times they are of naught
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  4. My question to you is: Why wouldn't God show you that?

    God is crazy in love with you!
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  5. What complete nonsense Klub!
    To write off someone else's vision as being nothing is indicative of a barren spiritual sensitivity.
    Jesus warned people that hardness of heart made them deaf and blind to things of the Holy Spirit, therefore we should be encouraging rather than crushing these things. For far too long the church has been dry and devoid of the dream and vision life that the early church lived on.
    I have had many profound dreams, visions and words from the Lord over the last 50 years or more and would always encourage christians to expect that as a scripturally normal spiritual life. The dreams and visions that are of a natural source are generally easy to discern and reject, but those who doubt and are negative will rarely receive anything from the Lord!
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  6. God loves you and desires that you know it. In His eyes you are His child and not a nobody. When we seek God, and draw near to Him....He draws near to us. Be blessed by His love for you
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    I do not wish to write off anybody's experiences as nothing, but I am saying approach it with a side of caution. All too quickly do we emphasize something associated with God when it may not be. I am not denying anybody their experience, but a common trend that comes from the evil works of the charismatic church movement is the idea that every odd dream/vision is a work of God. Even people in cults say they have experienced God in a dream. We must back every experience we have with scripture, otherwise we leave ourselves susceptible to the snares of the devil and our own mind
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  8. In all truth what Klub said was not false for there are too many people claiming God said this or that from dreams and so called vissions and it was nothing close. I did not take from Klubs post that he was putting down the dream but offering up caution. Another words just make sure it was from God.

    I have seen in threads where a person claims God had been speaking to her in these beautiful dreams and so forth.......Bottom line she left her family for another man. Yep it sounded loving and sweet to her but to tag Gods name to it is foolish.

    Caution and decernment is always needed. God is not the only factor in ones dreaming.
    God Bless
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  9. Not every experience with God is scripturally supported. What is scripturally supported is the fact that he speaks to His sheep and His sheep know His voice and follow Him. When we hear from God, we should know it. Sometimes God will literally speak something to someone...should we find those exact words in scripture? No. We should be in such a relation ship with Him that we know His voice---and His ways. After all, He knows us intimately and He knows what kind of a dream to send, or what to speak to us so that we know it is Him.

    That said, that doesn't mean we throw spiritual discernment out the window.
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  10. Christians do this all the time.....it sounds so good or feel so right so it must be God. That thinking will get you into some serious trouble.
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    If we are mature, we will seek Him and He will confirm what He has said through several means---confirmation within our spirit, from His word, from our circumstances and from trusted Christians. God can be trusted to back up what He reveals to us personally.

    If we are immature, we need to seek confirmation from all the above. But I firmly believe that God can be trusted to know that He can speak in any way to one of His children and make Himself unmistakeably recognized.
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  12. I agree with this however seeking confirmation can also end in a bad result. I have seen, heard, read and talk with many believers who feel if it is good thenit is always Godand if it is bad then itis always the devil. This works out very wellfor the devil !!

    People tend to go with what seems or feels right within them and again it must be God and thisis NOT always going to be the case. Not all things that glitter are gold nor are all things which seem better going to be God. Many people have missed God in situations because they chose what seemed better in the natural senses and was not at all the correct direction to go.

    People tend to take if God shuts a door no man can open it and visa versa. So when they find a door that seems closed it can not be Gods will for me to go through this door or hey look even the brass band is welcoming me in this door it must be God. Both of these can lead to one missing God big time.

    I have no doubt that God is ABLE it is in the people that I question. We all agree God is able to get something through to us.....However......it is people who have to know how to listen even if it is NOT what they thought. Being mature is always a good thing however many a mature person have zigged when God wanted to zag them. Our walk is not a straight line or even a straight path to what He may have shown us.

    In this day and age people are putting all this emotion and belief in things to happen in the last days. Now any one who thinks satan is not going to be pushing the same things as God would be fooling them selves very much. God will give dreams.......does it happen as much as people claim ? There is a deception loosed in this earth and it is leading and preparing for the great deception and it is many of the body of Christ who are getting caught up in it.

    Now we have strayed from the OP long enough here. I am not saying the OP was not of God but I am stateing that too much of it is NOT.
    God Bless
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  13. I think this is one revelation we don't need to say anything like this for. But otherwise I agree with you!
  14. It certainly reads very clearly like you were writing it off as nothing, throwing cold water all over it!

    But firstly, who mentioned the charismatic church movement, let alone its evil works? The original post was one man's personal experience, comparable to many I have also had.
    Secondly, just because others make silly claims about their experiences, why smear the original post the same way with no evidence.
    Thirdly, why not take the same line with the evil works of the bible teaching churches?

    Everything you say can be equally applied to the majority of the bible teaching that is given every sunday in churches throughout the world. I venture to say that far more people have been taken prisoner by false teaching than from discerning dreams and visions.
    You said, "Even people in cults say they have experienced God in a dream."
    I respond with, "Even people in cults teach from the bible".
    Should we therefore condemn the bible?

    Nobody should ever adopt the role of bible teacher until he knows he is receiving in the Holy Spirit, otherwise he is doing exactly what the Pharisees lawyers and teachers did, using their intellect/tree of knowledge to produce whatever their own agenda was, and none of it was God's.
    The same is true since that time, bible teachers leading millions astray falsely claiming inspiration from scripture.
    By association, you have condemned the complete charismatic movement, but if anyone is not flowing in the charis of God, then he is nothing more than flesh, and as such opposed to God.
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  15. I brought up the charismatic church because the influence is becoming predominate in modern day Christianity, and it is wrong. But that's a whole different topic.

    If I put cold water on anything, that was not my original intent. However, I firmly believe it is unwise to assume anything, a side of caution was my intent.

    I completely agree with false teachers and their influence inside the church. But like visions and dreams, every teacher must be put into question. Every sermon must be biblically sound, and be put up to the test. I'm not condemning visions or dreams, and I'm not saying every church has sound teaching. I'm saying that we need to be cautious with the things we hear, be it a sermon or a vision.
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  16. In my Christian life the Lord has through visions or revelations warn me about upcoming events in my life. The Lord could be telling you to make sure you stay within His light where there is safety. Three times could be referring to three separate events that are about to come upon you. The Lord is sometimes referred to as a "sun" from which we get our light and life from in this physical world.

    Psa_84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
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  17. God shows us things in visions sometimes.
    It will have special symbolic meaning to you. If you keep reading the Bible He will give you clues.
    What I got from that vision you shared is God is showing you the sun, but also reminding you he sent his only SON to you. The sun rising...is like Jesus the SON rising...three times is like the witness of the blood, water and spirit...where two or three are gathered..He is there.
  18. Jesus said he is the light of the world.

    What a wonderful vision!
  19. Actually, it is good. God is doing His work through yielded, empowered people.

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