Why Would God show Me This?

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  1. Why would God show me this? I’m a nobody, I was In prayer, and in the far distant in the darkness I seen a sun in the position of a sunrise I seen it 3 separate times, and as I am starring at it for the first time I felt glorious joy and happiness, and there with God I did not need anything to eat or drink, the only thing that matters is the relationship I have with him nothing else, and this world and everything it has to offer is absolutely nothing compare to what he has in store for us, and I realized I love Jesus more than anybody on earth.
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  2. You've had a wee glimpse of glory, and even just a glimpse, like a partial view of the rising sun, is more than enough!

    Malachi 4:2
    “But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.

    God takes great delight in giving such glimpses to "nobodies"!! You are blessed, friend!
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  3. Why would God show you this? Because you are His child and He loves you dearly. That is how He sees you. He does not see you as a nobody!
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  4. Hello christs-love.
    I had a similar experience just after accepting I was about to die by drowning. Some call it a near death experience (NDE). I knew that the twilight sun on the horizon was home - to God.
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  5. Man, I wish I could feel something like this!
  6. Welcome Christ-Love,
    Why would God show you this ? There is not enough space here to tell you all the reasons so you will have to settle for this one. You are so loved by Him and He cares for you so much and all you need to do is to Love and Believe Him and He has everything you will ever need.
    Kind of like saying, I love you child and I Got This For YOU !!
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    You have in a way......God showed you why He did not want for you to play a game that you were playing. Keep seeking the Lord and drawing near to Him, and He will draw near to you and manifest Himself to you.
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  8. She is right! God manifests Himself to different believers in different ways. In time you will have your own wonderful experiences to treasure.
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