Why US will lose

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  1. In the cities and towns across the desert plains of northeast Syria, the ultra-hard-line Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS has insinuated itself into nearly every aspect of daily life.
    The group famous for its beheadings, crucifixions and mass executions provides electricity and water, pays salaries, controls traffic, and runs nearly everything from bakeries and banks to schools, courts and mosques.

    But ISIS has embedded itself so thoroughly into the fabric of life in places like Raqqa that it will be all but impossible for U.S. aircraft – let alone Iraqi, Syrian and Kurdish troops – to uproot them through force alone.
    Last year, Raqqa became the first city to fall to the rebels and jihadists fighting to overthrow President Bashar Assad. They called it the “Bride of the Revolution.”
  2. The kingdom of the Beast has come, make a nest for him to ascend his throne,
    then afterwards wars, Europe to kneel down and the US to conform to his wishes,
    many betrayed, given up to death,
    count your fingers and your toes for the years we all have left.
    Could be wrong. I might just make it to the old peoples home.
    Perhaps history is just playing another side story and not the main event?
  3. What's up with your font? I can barely read what you wrote. Anyways, I don't think we are there yet thallon, I mean God promised Israel a lot more land than modern day Israel is currently, so that prophecy imo hasn't been fulfilled yet. Also Matthew 24:14 hasn't been fulfilled yet because their are still a lot of groups that haven't heard the Gospel yet. Those are just 2 things I notice that are unfulfilled.
  4. sorry about the fonts.
    anyway, I think we have till 2030 to preach the gospel in the whole world,
    and even then the great persecution of the church will result in a lot of preaching and
    the two witnesses will begin their ministry as well in Israel in the tribulation.
    If you look at where the gospel is currently available its a fair chunk of the earth: north America, south America, Australia, pacific ocean islands,
    south korea, china, phillipines, Catholics took the gospel to japan in 1500 there are about half a million catholics,
    in Burma the Karen are Christians, Thomas took the faith to india and there is a lot of outreach in india. 8% of Vietnam, 150,000 in laos,
    1.2% of Thailand up to 10% in the north,
    2.5 million in Pakistan, about 7% of Indonesia, etc etc
    Europe of course, Russia,
    south Africa, Kenya, Namibia, zimbawe, south sudan, Nigeria and most of west and southern Africa,
    so Christianity is now fairly wide spread across the world in all countries including Islamic countries.
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  5. I thought that had been fulfilled. The part about the Gospel brought to Every nation.

    At least the way I read it, Every nation, not every group.
  6. When I think of the end I don't see it as specific as you do because how can you ever possibly know when it's the end until it actually is? History has had a lot of great twists and I wouldn't be surprised if their were still more in store. Anyways, I can see see Jesus coming back by 2030 but I can also see Jesus coming back in another 500 years. Only time will tell.
  7. You would have to say how is our time distinctly different from all other times in history,
    1. the Gospel is preached in every nation
    2. Israel has returned since 1948
    3. the introduction of nuclear weapons since 1945

    When the beast arises the United States will not be able to defeat him except through threat of all out nuclear war,
    that is probably how the 7 year treaty will come about.

    We have from now, 2014 till about 2025 I think as the most free time left.
    to me, not being in the USA, the USA is the harlot and at some point the USA will enter a state of martial law, not this president
    but maybe the one after the next one,
    Christianity will undergo severe testing and the traditional churches will betray one another,
    but I really hope you are right that its another 500 years away,
    but I think the clock is ticking and the sound is getting louder...
  8. Yep i hear ya. I'm starting to believe you may be right, even tho i really don't want to. I live in the USA and I can agree with everything you said. Tbh I hate to admit it but i'm scared of the end times. I still am confused on Israel though, I thought they got more land than they currently possess. If you look at a map of what God promised Israel it is definitely not fulfilled yet.
  9. I think if you see the dome on the rock destroyed by an earthquake and Israel then take possession of the temple mount
    and rebuild the temple, that's it, couple of years and ...
  10. The U.S. has been loosing for some time. The U.S. hasn't won since W.W.II. Every conflict since then hasn't been won. What I mean by won is that every conflict the U.S. has been involved in, the opponent hasn't surrendered. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    Some believe there was a timed blessing on the people of Israel, or certain tribes of Israel, and descendants of this blessing became the U.S. and what was once called Great Britain. Further, that this timed blessing ended towards the end of the industrial revolution. I have a hard time believing it as truth. I learned of it from reading Herbert W. Armstrong.

    I learned a great many things from reading H.W.Armstrong, he did much study in the Word, but 1 thing I did learn from him is that Man likes to put his own twist on the scriptures.
  11. Why do you think the musiems are so dead set against Israel taking Lebanon and Syria? Israel's expansion north would just about restore the lands of ancient Israel wouldn't it? Maybe those muslims can see the writing on the wall.

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