Why Should I Go to Church?

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by Denadii Cho, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Why Should I Go to Church?

    I have not been to church for almost twenty five years. Why? We were kicked out. The people did not like what I believe. I wasn't even talking about it.
    Were we hurt? Yes. Did we forgive them? Yes? Are we bitter toward them? Not so I can tell.
    So what's the problem? I no longer trust Christians. I find non believers are generally more trustworthy? Why? Because at least you know what you are dealing with. You know that they will cheat you if they can and will justify it someway or another, so you make allowances. Christians on the other hand are not that way. They act very righteous but then do it to you and make it seem like it's Gods will. Thats religion and not of God.
    So this leaves the question....

    Why should I go to church?
    God has been faithful and is teaching us all along. I have no interest in going to a church and being outsiders again. We have gone to churches that have greeted us week after week after week at both morning and evening services asking each time. "Is this your first time here?" I'm not interested in dead religiosity, Mike. If I go to a church it should be one that is alive.
    On one trip I took to Ft Worth a while back I had to wait overnight for a load, it was Wednesday and in looking at my maps I found I was only about five miles from Eagle Mountain church. So I unhooked my trailer and we went to church. We were ignored by all but the man in the parking lot who drove people to the church so they wouldn't have to walk so far. Even the best churches are lacking.

    What do you think?:)
  2. i agree with you,but the real answer is this others are changing you or stopping you doing what you want to do.if you want to go ,go.if you like the relationship you have don,t.i quite enjoy talking on here,normally you don,t have a relationship at church.
  3. I enjoy talking to folks on here too. I was stating these views because it was suggested that I should go. I just do not see any reason to go to church. I know that others need to go, and I will not and cannot judge them wrong. grin. They are right to go. I still believe that God took us out of the organized churches. Maybe I was not right to air my views of Christians in general? Maybe?:)
  4. Chruch.

    Your still offended.............

    I would be careful what you call lacking.............

    While may may post scriptures like (Heb 10:25) and others think that time by a tree in the backyard is time enough with God.

    You sir, are trying to find justification in something you know your wrong about. What others do, or not do does not let anyone off the Hook from Obedience to the plan of God. You were suppose be going to church to get revelation in the Word of God, not to be seen of men. You know that already.

    I know God is revealing somethings to you. Get ready.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  5. I can certainly understand your discouragement. I too, was getting discouraged. But, not at true Christians. I was looking for where I belonged in the body of Christ and would get to a Church and look for fruit. Most Church's had so many unbelievers or should I say unsaved that were playing Christian. Ugh! Then you had to take the time to weed through, looking for the fruit of true Christians. And of course we're all on different maturity levels. Babes in Christ, teens in Christ and then the mature Christian. Now I'm not talking physical age here. So, the frustration was trying to find where I fit. Mathew 7:7 Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find knock,, and it shall be opened unto you.

    You see, I was asking the Lord, but I had stopped seeking and knocking. Because I got tired of looking. But, I was so dissatisfied of going to Church out of obedience and not feeling fulfilled. But, the Lord always met me there. He never leaves us and even when we are not where we are supposed to be. The Lord is still there. But, to be used in the body of Christ we must get hooked to the body of Christ. And not only that, we are sheep. If the sheep is out of the flock it is much easier for the enemy to come in and take you out. This is from my experience only. But, for the last few months we have been going to a wonderful congregation and the Bible is taught as the final authority and the people are like me, just saved by grace and needing more everyday. They have a desire to reach the lost and minister to those that are hurting. Have I found where I belong? I don't know yet, but I am looking for fruit and seeing if the fruit smells good. I hope this has helped you in some way. Don't give up on the body of Christ we all need one another. Read more about being a part of the body of Christ in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12. Don't give up on Christians, the Lord hasn't given up on you!

  6. Deni .... All I can say is different strokes for different folks and if that is your decision ... far be it for me to tell you different . Neither will condeme you .

    That's ok and your ok in my books . No need to make a big deal about it . You don't even have to justify your actions ... cause actions speak louder than words and if you are happy then I am happy not matter what the rest of the world says . Who cares ... You don't have to answer to them . You only have to answer to God and Him alone .... So there I said it and I'm sticking to it ...... He he :D:D:D

    God bless you Deni and I am not trying to be sarcastic every one in case you take this the wrong way .... We Canadians have to stick together ....


    So Deni you just keep on dancing .... Praising and loving the Lord .
  7. I know that it's not a sin to not go to church, but it is a sin to never go.

    I don't know what never means but this is what a person from church told me. I guess just make sure that you don't forget about the church.

    I don't think that it is completely trustful either since the church is part of the world. It is better to trust someone from a monastery. Maybe that is something you should consider for you.
  8. Interesting observation, Mellow. I used to go to Mt. Angel Abby when I lived in Oregon. It was so peaceful and you knew there was something higher than you. That was before I became Christian, but it was a place of refuge for me when things were just chaos at home.

    I don't know, Cho, about it being wrong not to go to a church. I was just lucky I guess to find the one I go to. It's small, and you can see fruit there like someone said they look for. I was invited to a mega church once, like what you described, where there was a vehicle to take you from the parking lot. I guess some people feel comfortable there, but I felt like I could just blend into the crowd and be entertained. But that was before I knew much about God and how He wanted a relationship. I guess that's what God cares about. Our relationship with Him, cause then we don't even see those around us and what they are all about.

    I think we can just about get out of a church what we put into it. That is, what He has taught us, is the fruit we bring with us I guess. We just need to share it with whom ever He assigned to us. I have not experienced it much, but I understand He leads us where He wants us to be. We just have to be pliable. It's easy to give advice . . . taking it is a little different, isn't it.

    Yeah, I think I really need the oneness I feel when I sing with the congregation and when we all go up to the alter and pray together. It doesn't matter what others have on their minds. I just know where I am with Him. Sometimes I just sit in the back, so I will not be noticed and can commune with God in my own way. And if I want to raise my hands in submission, I know I'm doing it as unto God and not caring what others think.

    Do you feel like you need to start going at this time, or what brought this about? Just that someone mentioned you should go? If you are satisfied with where you are right now and commune with God and have a good relationship, then you don't have to worry I think. But, I doubt God had in mind mega churches when He talked about gathering together. hehe Just my opinion.

  9. Yes I agree, going to church is just one of the many things one can do for Jesus. Nothing to fret about. Praising is best done in a church I think because you do the whole works. Like the whole packet kind of thing. Hehe
  10. You sir, are trying to find justification in something you know your wrong about.

    LOL And you know this how? Mike?
  11. I know that it's not a sin to not go to church, but it is a sin to never go.

    but it is a sin to never go Please enlarge upon this?
  12. Oops I am sorry. I did not intend to name the church in Texas Please excuse this faux pas.
  13. Mike told me that we do not go to church for socializing and he is right. At the same time when you go to a church twice sometimes three times a week and they greet you at the door each time you go, asking if its your first time there. Well after six months I decided it was time to leave.

    Sweets I've been to Mount Angel. Its a lovely area. Makes me wonder why you moved away.

  14. This is what a person who works at a church told me. I already explained. I think what he meant was that we should never forget about the church. It should be in your agenda somehow. Unless you live in a convent and are a monk then this does not apply to you. You know they are considered holier.

    Don't get me wrong I understand where you coming from. About not trusting some Christians, but that is why you choose your friends carefully. I choose friends based on my own values. Like for instance I value purity, so I will try to find friends who are not sexually inpure.
  15. But, Cho, if it was such a large church that people thought it was your first time there, that means it bothered you that they thought that. You were going because you wanted what, then? Not to worship, but to find friends, or someone who knew you? I'm confused.
  16. About why we moved from Oregon . . . we didn't live in the peaceful town of Mt. Angel. We lived in the capitol, Salem. We both had high profile jobs and our children were at risk at the time. So we moved far away, to where I was born. It was a very chaotic time in our lives. I'm blessed that I found God.
  17. Thanks Dusty. I've stopped living by other peoples feelings or opinions years ago. No offense taken by me from any opinions. I am enjoying the interaction.

    I've become a sit down person lately though. My health has cratered as the enemy has attacked me big time. Please agree with me for total healing of all the crud the enemy has hit me with.

    Please agree that By Jesus stripes I was/am healed. Isaiah 53:5 1 Peter 2:24
    The enemy cannot take my health because I serve the God that heals ALL of my diseases. Psalm 103:3
  18. But, Cho, if it was such a large church that people thought it was your first time there, that means it bothered you that they thought that. You were going because you wanted what, then? Not to worship, but to find friends, or someone who knew you? I'm confused.

    LOL Ok The church that always thought it was our first time was not the one in Texas. It was in Washington State. It was a church of about three hundred people. Not a large one at all.
    I'm sorry. I've been all around North America several times and my talk of experiences I've had cover a lot of territory.

    If it was Salem where you lived I understand your leaving. Salem is a good place to be FROM.


  19. Yes , Deni .... I am praying . And what I said is not to be critical of others who do go to church . Cause i go as well but also not to be critical of those who don't .

    Ultimately it is our decision and I am not about to beat you down and say it is a mortal sin , cause I don't believe it has anything to do with sinning .

    We serve Jesus because we love Him and if the Holy Spirit directs us to serve Him from our home .... then that is ok too . We need to weigh all of our situations and present them to the Lord . He will direct our paths .

    For me I belong to home cell groups which are even better than church cause there is a personal relationship with each other that we have developed over the years of getting to know each other . We can pray with each other , we can cry with our brothers and sisters , we can rejoice with them in the happy times . The connection for me is uplifting .

    But again as I said ..... Different strokes for different folks.
  20. In short Deni, you shouldn't keep from going to church because of whatever bad experiences you had with people! Pray about this and do what you feel God is telling you to do! There are a lot of advantages to being a part of a church!

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