Why She Wears 7-inch Stilettos

Discussion in 'Humor' started by farouk, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. This is a true story:

    My wife was talking with a friend of ours, who with her husband goes to the same local church as us. My wife said to her: I see you manage to wear your 6-inch heels to church.

    Our friend replied: These aren't 6-inches, they are 7-inches. I have to be able to keep looking at my growing teen son eye-to-eye.
  2. Bless her heart! :D
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  3. Your friend will be in BIG trouble if she's, say, 5'2" and her son grows to be 6'2"! Ha!
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  4. Sparrow:

    Well, as opposed to in the future, I guess at the moment she thinks if she call pull it off, she does it.

    (Not all moms would see the need, but anyway.)

  5. Next step might be platform shoes.....do they still make those or am I showing my age.......again:(
  6. calvin:

    Many stilettos that are several inches high do also have platforms on the sole: it's hard for women to walk without a little lift to help them; but hey I'm no expert; better talk to the experts.

  7. Oops! :) (never mind)
  8. Sparrow: Sorry; 'Oops', what?

  9. I meant to start a new thread and, because I didn't know all the ins and outs of posting on this forum, I started the "Any Cat Lovers Out There?" one here. That's why I said, "Oops!"

  10. Sparrow:

    Oh, I see! :)

    (I had thought maybe you were starting to give us some further insight into 7-inch heels, but then you hesitated...)

    I'll check out your new thread.

  11. Cute :)
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  12. You like it, too :).
  13. BTW: Our friend with the chic stilts is actually a sweet, spiritually minded lady, who exercises a strong, Godly influence on her family.
  14. Of course. :)
  15. But is that because with her stilts she towers over them? :whistle:
  16. We're privileged to know her and her family.

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