Why Marriages fail

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  1. I love TV, I do, i'm a man, okay eyegate it.
    I can watch everything, anything, except romance movies, anything but romance movies.
    I want a superwidescreen tv , 60 inch minimum with 4k ,
    My wife says I should be married to the tv,
    hey i'm not hurting anyone...am I?
    She has me listening to an interesting radio broadcast on that women are lonely,
    most women, even Christian women,
    because men are like blocks of wood when it comes to discussing their day or speaking about feelings... NOOOOO, NOT FEELINGS.
    A guy sees things as facts and I suppose a girl sees things as a story behind the facts.
    Yes I don't talk about all the stuff I did during the day cause I don't think any of it was of any importance,
    but to her, it seems, even the trivial is important, she needs to know it.
    Guys: it seems the job, the cars, a lifetime of service is just not what she wants.
    I blame the minister, they put a clause on the marriage certificate.
    okay brain, make an effort, talk ...to...wife....must....do....
  2. You remind me this video:
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  3. That was soooo funny!!! Thanks for sharing! (y)
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  4. so if men don't want to talk about their day so what should we talk about with our husbands ??? To talk or not to talk the is the question?
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  5. I heard this funny comedian a long time ago explaining how a guy would tell a story if he had been in a fight verses a girl. I'm paraphrasing here, but it went something like this..
    Guy telling story of being in a fight: A guy bumped into me. I pushed him. He punched me. I punched him back. Fight over.
    Girl telling her version of a similar story: Well, before I tell you about the fight, first you have to understand how I was feeling that day. I woke up late for work, because I had gotten into an argument with my mom (tells whole story about mom first) So then I couldn't find an outfit to wear, because I ran out of my favorite makeup. Then my boss was being a meanie today, probably because she didn't like my outfit (tells whole story about boss)…. Ends up not having enough time to tell story about fight. :p
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Why do marriages fail? Perhaps purporting stereotypes like these is one of the reasons.

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  8. Q: Why Marriages fail

    A: Pride
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  9. Well, why would you watch someone elses romance and not concentrate on your own.
    Women are talkers. God gave us vocal chords. You cant tell us to shut up.
  10. Tv is boring. I dont know why some people prefer to watch other ppls lives all the time ratber than live their own. Cos you just sitting on your butt being lazy when you could spend that time gazing lovingly at you wife, you know the one God gave you. He didnt create tv for you. Tv isnt real. Its just pretend, a box of glass, a window giving visions that are mostly leading ppl away from God. If you wanna be hypnotised, watch tv. It will make you do all sorts of things you would never ordinarily do if you spent that time listening to God and reading his Word.
  11. Not all women like when their significant other gazes at them, even when it's done lovingly. I know my wife doesn't. She asks why I am staring at her, and I tell her because I love her and she tells me to stop staring at her and not to do it again.
  12. maybe she just teasing you?
    well..maybe just say cos you're so beautiful. I can't help it.
    I don't know. Course everyone is different. Maybe she's one of those women that prefer watching tv?
  13. Prefer? No. Not my wife. Will she? Yes, yes she will. I like to sit down and watch TV/Netflix at night during prime time. Shows like Chicago Fire/PD and Supernatural are shows that I enjoy. My wife likes watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

    I am more of a video game player anyway.
  14. Simple answer! It pleases the flesh :) It goes with any sinful act.. Why someone watches porn? Why someone looks at another girl apart from his wife? Why someone smokes? Why someone gossips? Why someone would lie? Of course, they know it's wrong.. Still they do it.. To please the flesh..
  15. So watching TV is sinful?

    Sure if it consumed all your time, it can be considered sin, sure. However, if you watch a couple hours a day, nope, not going to convince me that it is sin.
  16. Marriages are hard and some people aren't interested in doing the difficult work to make marriages thrive. Marriage is about sacrifice, selflessness, compromise, patience, communication and NEVER NEVER leaving the toilet seat up. :LOL:
  17. Hey, I talk to my wife all time. I "text" her when she is on her computer in the other room! :)
  18. Marriage is easy when both partners are submitted to God.
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  19. Yes, makes sense. When we put God first with marriage and with everything, it works out for our best.
  20. Generally, Every woman wants to know their husband daily route plan sheet. I think, It is the quite natural behaviour in women. Because of mutual understand, the marriage relationship bond will be depends.

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