why is mine gmail screwing me up?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by 福井舞, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. you know, I tried to log on mine email using an computer from an internet cafe

    even though i enter the right pass word

    it wont let me sign in, instead it ask me bunch of stupid security question?

    is it because there were suspicious activities on that particular computer before?

    even when I used a different location to sign in to mine other gmail, and got verification code, it still wont let me sign in?
  2. I suspect they're trying to gain access. I would report it to Google and get them to sort it out for you. Until then, I wouldn't use anymore cafe's. Sign up for SurfEasy.com... it's what I use to protect "free" wifi and they can't hack my account - easily. Then I use my own phone instead of public computers, which are like laying down in the sewer system. Just don't do it.
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  3. The problem with open Wi-Fi networks is that they can be hacked and virus's put onto your devices.
    Google should be able to help you in this instance.
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  4. @Deep Soul - summin' along the lines of your expertise:)
  5. Gmail has always been a bit on the unpredictable side - Google have a tenancy to look at your e-mail however this is another story.

    Have you set up an alternative email address and phone number for your Gmail account or not?

    You may need to secure your account by altering the password etc via the security questions - these are important.
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