Why is glory so important to God?

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  1. Would he have done anything that he did do if there was no glory involved?
  2. Please don't take this in the wrong way but: Are you asking if God is an egomaniac?
  3. I think I have type this a number of times in this forum : )

    That is JUSTICE.

    It is in the context of Justice: to give to whom it is due.

    We give praise or glory to a work of art, to a lady for her beauty, not to flatter: but to give whom it is due, that is giving Justice…

    Man sinned, we are to perish: that is Justice….
    And then there is John 3:16, LOVE seems to override, overlaps, extra-Justice… Love: Grace, Forgiveness....
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  4. Because he's God. The creator of everything, I think He kind of deserves it
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  5. I'm taking it in the wrong way ^~^ all questions are welcomed..

    Um idk , maybe..it seems all he does is tied T glory. And it he won't share it with no other ( I understand and get that) .but it seems lil the issue of glory stops Him for doing certain things..

    I remember when he rained down food from heaven for the Israelites...
    and he did those things BC they were his people..

    When today,there are many people dying of starvation in 3rd world countries...and He could alleviate their pain/hunger if He did the same thing.
    He is capable,as anything is possible for Him... but he most likely won't. BC
    1) in this age in time,it would probably terrify people BC its such a rarity... And 2) they'd. Attribute it to their god...

    But if he loved them enough T die for them, why not feed them..regardless of what they believe?..

    Not trying to start anything,just have honest questions..is all.
  6. Never said he doesn't deserve it..but I asked, why is it soo important.
  7. This still doesn't answer my question... Would he have done the same thing if their was no glory in it for Him?
  8. John 3:16 KJV
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    It says that God so loved the world, not that God so loved glory. Of course there was glory involved, but Jesus died because He loved us. He judges the wicked because He is just, although, of course, there still is glory involved.
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  9. True, true.
  10. While Jesus died to demonstrate the love of God, the biggest part of it was to bring glory to God.

    God would not have done anything if it did not bring glory to himself.
  11. Why didn't the Bible say that, as it did in that place in the prophecy section (I forgot exactly where) when God said that He brought the Israelites back from exile only to bring glory to His name?
  12. Glory is the manifestation(displaying) as well as the acknowledgement of someone or something. Why then is glory so important to God? It is because He wants to manifest Himself, He wants the truth to be revealed/seen. God is not seeking glory in order to make Himself greater or even to appear greater(as humans would) since He can be no greater(He is God). Is it not important for us and all of creation to see who He really is? Wouldn't you want to reveal who you really are to those you loved most? Would you want them to see you accurately and not in some imagined way? Why will He not give His glory to another? Let's first examine to what that verse is referring to in context. It is talking about idols and Israel apart from God. God will not give His glory to anyone or anything else, but He has given it to us(His born again saints and bride) because we have been made one with Him. He keeps His glory yet shares His glory with this unity.
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  13. Ok your thinking is wrong here. God shares Glory with us. We give all the glory to Him and He will allow others to thank you and praise God for you and so forth. See if we tried to get the glory for the things we do that in truth it was God who did it for us or through us then we would be relying on our self abilities and not God.

    God wants us to rely totally on Him for everything. If we get praise for something we did let it be from others and not of our selves.
    God Bless
  14. Because no one but God could have done it Juk. So why should man get credit for something he could not have ever done ?
  15. This is a great answer.
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  16. I'll post more later, I have T study now.
  17. I'm not questioning God's motives. I agree that man should not get the credit or glory for something that God did. I'm actually surprised that God didn't kill everyone who made up a false religion or that teaches works salvation. He frequently killed those who took His glory away from Him.
  18. You know I was thinking almost this exact same thing Juk...same verse and the same idea came into my head!
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  19. Good questions...I have pondered these type of questions myself. You could even ask why did God Himself kill so many people in the Old Testament? These are honest questions. They are ones that I am not afraid to ask or hide from others. I have asked God why this is so and I don't have a complete answer yet. One thing I have come to realize though is that God places a higher value on a person's soul and eternal destiny than He does on his mortal life.
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  20. Right, when I have honest questions... Some think "I might not be Christian " just BC I choose to think critically... Not throw in the towel..just think..you know. But to answer you question,back in those times sin was dealt with almost immediately BC there was such a temporary atonement for sins(through animals blood ECT..) and they were under law rather than mercy. Today we have grace,mercy and the blood of jesus Christ. Which I why its not a total blood bath today.

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