Why Is Believing In Evolution A Sin?

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  1. I don't really believe in evolution because I found out that it's just a theory and not a proven truth, and I don't even want to believe in evolution because I think the theories are bit scary. But then again, most scientists still research evolution a lot and I don't think all scientists are atheists or non-Christians only...

    Also, I found out that the white (Caucasian race) actually came from the Middle East, but the evolution theories say that humans came from Africa, but they first went to Middle East so they can come to Europe from the Middle East. Adam and Eve were white but Middle Eastern I think.

    What about Asians, native Americans, inuits, and Pacific Islanders? What time did God create blacks and these people? Or were blacks actually before whites still but the people in the Bible didn't know about them?
    I don't mean to be racist, I am against racism, but I am very interested in these things...

    Also, what about the dinosaurs and the other prehistoric animals? Their bones were found always though...

    I am so sorry if this is a bad topic... Just tell me if this is a bad topic, and don't ban me like in 1 second, thinking like "oh, another rule broken. Banned!"
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    Evolution is more than a theory (which is simply an explanation of observed data) it is a belief system.

    Personally, I do not have enough faith to believe in evolution, that all life 'evolved' from some simple molecules over billions of years using a mechanism which relies on mutations, 99.99% of which are harmful and actually represent a step backwards.

    All people alive today are actually descended from Noah and those of his family who were on the ark. There really are not separate races, the differences we see are from the variation present in human DNA and which came out as a result of natural selection.
  3. I agree then... That theory is indeed quite scary... But at least the evolution that we see is the thing that humans are growing taller. In the 1500s humans were quite short (160cm for males, and 150cm for females), but nowdays most males are 175-188cm and most females are 163-175cm. But I think the height growth is man made because of all the foods and other ingredients.
  4. I believe you are correct. Nutrition has improved.
  5. Evolution vs creationism, argument will never be satisfied to either side. You either accept science or you believe the earth is 6000 years old, i accept the science always. If you don't want to understand the Universe and its/our origins then fine, believe your scripture.
    What exactly is it that scares you about evolution? Its a beautiful theory, personally I find it scary that people still believe we were created by a god bit there you go.
  6. Evolution is scary, because you know, the mutations, and also the fear that what if we humans will look like aliens in the future, and that will be scary because if I would live in the future, I don't want to look like an alien...
  7. The changes take place over hundreds of thousands or millions of years so not perceptible in one lifetime. Not sure how humans will evolve now, nornally changes occur to suit the environment and ability to survive but we pretty much make our own environment now which negates the need for change somewhat.
    'Mutations' is perhaps misleading, its not like a mutation to suddenly have 3 eyes or something its very subtle change over very long periods. Nothing to be scared of.
  8. Can you please give me scripture?. The book,chapter and verse in the bible where it says "The earth is 6,000 years old." or God say's "Addith up these numbers then you will know how old the earth is".
  9. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
    (Gen 1:1)

    This scripture hangs believers on arguments. Since Adam, about 6,000 years. We know the moon was also created at this time as we can measure the amount of surface dust which is about 2 inches think. It was feared that billions of years of meteor impact and dust we would have lost a lunar craft, but startling there is only a few thousands of years of dust.

    How old (In the beginning) is though and when the Earth was formed before God terraformed it is up to debate.
  10. I'm not sure about scripture, the 6000 years is a figure I see quoted all the time. If its not in the bible then i'm as much at a loss as you about that i'm afraid sorry.
    As for moon dust, i've not heard this either. Are you saying NASA was worried about the first lunar landers?
  11. Nasa calculated about 2 inches per 5,000 years. The concern was landing the rover on the moon and it not getting stuck in billions of years of dust accumulation. A probe, I think surveyor 3 or something gave them peace about the landing humans. Nasa has never made an official comment about the lack of moon dust. There have been theories from evolutionist, but nobody really knows why billions of years only left a couple inches of dust.

    The simple explanation.

    And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
    (Gen 1:16)

    google it and read both sides.

  12. But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. (2 Peter 3:8)

    Is this how God "see's" time or this to be used in the same context as "The seven day's of creation" and the the "First day" was not a 24 hour day as we see a day, but how God "sees" a day as "a thousand years".

    If it is correct that the first day was not a 24 hour day but a day that was equivalent to a thousand years was this also apart of the "equation" theorist used.

    This subject is fairly new to me. I will close with saying that I have read that it is less likely for the world to be too much older than 6,000 years based off of observing the growth of human population. Not so sure how reliable that is but seems like a hypothesis to consider.

    Really, I don't think the age of our earth has much significance in our relationship with God, but was curious as to what TubbyTubby meant by "You either accept science or you believe the earth is 6000 years old, i accept the science always.".
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  13. that scripture in Peter is actually a key to another scripture that adds to 6,000 years as Peter was talking about the end. So though I bet to the Lord a week for us is like no time at all. We have to compare scriptures.

    God defined day and night by the sun and moon.

    And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
    (Gen 1:5)

    So one day here in the Genesis account according to God would be measured by the morning and evening or one day. That would be 7 days according to How God set the time measure.

    Danial for example we are given a different formula to determine time or Danials 7oth week. In this case most add 1 week is 7 years as the Key. Other places in the bible where not mentioned we just use normal Jewish days from sun up to sun down.

  14. This is interesting and led me to roughly calculate the depth of dust over 'my' age of the moon - 4.6 Billion years using the figures you quote. My rough working results in a dust layer 46 kilometres thick. Now that, even for those with rudimentary knowledge of planetary formation, is simply not feasible. It appears that the 2 inch/5000 years figure was misused in the 1960s based on upper estimations that have long since been disproven in favour of more accurate observational based estimates by many factors.
    Basically from what I read, the original estimation seems to have been championed by a young earth creationist and not by NASA anyway?
  15. As I stated, N.A.S.A never gave an official statement. The amount of dust thought to have accumulated was speculation at best seeing how we never went and measured anything. It did seem to calculate into excessive amounts as one would thing after so much dust any impact would just scatter more dust, not create more.

    However, the dust layer that was found was surprising if the moon be a billion years old. All there seems to be is theories on both sides and as I said, no official statement from Nasa.

    However, we have scripture that says when the moon was created, so that would be more than evidence enough.
  16. You are mistaken. It is not a Science vs Creation argument. Rather a Creation belief vs Evolution belief.

    Show me where evolution is not a belief. Please don't waste my time with neutral / regressive mutation, morphology, evolution algorithms or the tiktaalik.
  17. I'm no expert as I said before and can't talk in scientific detail about mutation, morphology etc and I've no idea what the tiltaalik is.
    Aetheism is more a non-belief in your biblical stories rather than a blind belief in something that is simply put forward to oppose those stories. At least thats how I see it, and evolution falls into the same concept.
    Evolution is a theory to describe how we came to be here not a direct attack on the bible.
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    You are mistaken on your timeline. Sure evolution places the universe at roughly 13.6 billion years I think.

    But now please use some common sense. When you play the lotto and pick 6 numbers between 1-49 your odds of picking the correct 6 numbers needed to win the lotto are 1/13,983,816.

    Now do the math of a big bang of trillions of particles miraculously coming together to form ''winning numbers''. Firstly only simple common sense is needed to grasp that the odds of a mess miracualously coming together to form anything on the scale we have today is 1/infinity.

    Hence evolution is only possible if it is guided by God or if we have a say in our evolution (which we don't)...and if thats the case...it will take place over trillions x trillions x trillions x trillions x trillions of years NOT 13 billion! unless you are a bad mathmetician and don't know your real odds at the winning numbers.
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    It is a direct attack on the bible, prove to me how you see it as compatible?

    The bible is not an encyclopedia of all there is to know. But on creation it does mention what took place. Replacing the creation account with another is an attack. See my thread in this section ''arguments against theistic evolution''.
  20. You are mistaken on your assumptions, evolution has absolutely no bearing on the age of the Universe.
    The odds of a habitable planet forming around a main sequence star are probably quite low but there are billions of stars in billions of galaxies which reduces the odds somewhat.
    The development of Hydrogen clouds into the first stars and then onto heavier elements and more stars and planetary forming discs is quite well understood as far as I know and there is little scientific debate at least in the general theory as it is met with observational data.
    So yes, the odds are small (for a life supporting planet) but the chances are high (10^20 to 10^23 stars in the Universe).
    I'm an engineer not a mathematician, but I have a fair level of competence I would say.

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