Why I End Friendships: How To Avoid That

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  1. Hey, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to explain about this post before you reply. I make friends, and then after a while I end the friendship just because I don't like what is going on in the friendship. Hope this makes sense.

    So, how could I avoid this? I may remake friends with someone I used to chat with online. Any other advice as to how I can avoid this?
  2. Just stop thinking about it.

    Gotta admit - when it comes to friendships I am finicky to in a different way. I think about it lot, wonder about it a lot. Should I end it because of x? Why are they behaving in this way? Am I putting enough in?

    And the best answer I have found is to....stop thinking about it. :) Relax and let the friendship take its course. If it of the Lord it will last - if not, it will not last. :)

    And of course act on any prompting He may give you about it....

    And breaking off friendships is not always a bad thing..." Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined." Proverbs 13:20. Is that friend truly bad for you? Break it off.
  3. As believers our relationships should always be what can I give, rather than what can I get. I would pray and confess and believe that I walk in God's love and see all my relationships from his love. Sometimes God does want you to move away from a friendship for certain reasons, but more often we should be asking to see the person from how God sees them, how he created them to be. When we realize the beautiful purpose that God wants the person to be, we can look past their faults and hopefully listen to God's guidance on how we can be a blessing to them.
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  4. I have one particular friend I like to "boss" around. Michael is his name and I basically try to tell him things I want him to change about himself to make me happy. I USED to have a 10 item list about things I wanted him NOT to do, but I ripped it up and threw it away. And next time when I talk to him I am going to tell him I am NOT going to boss him around. I am doing a bible study on my bible app that talks about how to be a good friend. Will let you all know how it went at the end of the seven day study.
  5. I have noticed, that most people (and friends of mine), do not want to hear the word of God, or even have anything be mentioned about God. So, I usually wind up ending the friendship. Not only that, they can usually get pretty mean, just with my Christian, conservative beliefs, and after awhile, being verbally abused by people who are supposed to be your "friends" just gets old. So, I generally tend to keep to myself after awhile. I don't know if you've had similar experiences, but I hope this helps.
  6. I know we are supposed to witness to people, and to love everyone, but as a human being, I can only take so much. Good luck to you. And God Bless.

  7. I haven't had any experience with that, but I just feel like I don't have too many friends.

    I had this friend who used to act like a baby, and joke around wayyyyyyyyyy too much, and I had to cut it off. So, I am down to 4 blind friends that care about me. I have other friends too, but those ppl care more about me more than anyone in the world.
  8. Let's be thankful that Jesus has never said that about us and would never give up on us. Living in his Spirit is living in love. It is only from his Spirit that other people's needs are seen and understood from love. Rather than approaching people from our own perspective, we need to trust God and ask him to see others with the love that comes from his perspective. We need to give our friendships to God and ask him to work out difficulties. If you truly shouldn't be around someone God will let you know, but if you give the whole situation to him he may do something beyond your ideas and thinking that changes the situation for good.
  9. You're right @God calls me Olivia. I am going to talk to my friend Michael Tuesday night about the state of our friendship, and tell him I'm not going to demand he do anything I want him to do. I will accept him the way he is, and that's it.
  10. Okay, update:

    I talked to Michael, my friend and told him to in a polite way, "not ramble on about books you've read." He liked to give a sermon on a book he's read, and I asked if I sounded bored when listening to him "ramble" on about them, and he said he noticed it. And I told him I wouldn't try to boss him around again. And I asked to rate our friendship on a scale of 1-10, and a 9 is what he gave.

    So, this friendship is going to continue without me bossing , and trying to change him. He is "perfect" in my eyes as of now.
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