Why don't kids listen?

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  1. Here is a story:
    Some time ago, I decided to watch a video of Muslims shooting people in the head. The video was littered with the phrase, "allah akbar". My classmates keep saying allah akbar and one day, I decided to show them what that means. I sent them an email of muslims beheading people, and, thankfully, the videos were littered with that phrase, which, by the way, means "allah is greater".

    They talked to me about it, and I am certain that they know what it means. But they KEEP ON SAYING IT. After I watched those videos of muslims beheading people, I hated that phrase, and sin in general, so I guess it was a good thing. One time, they were yelling it, and then they looked at me. I didn't look back, but I know that they were looking.

    So my question is, why don't kids listen??? Why??? WHY??? YHW??? I exaggerated that much because it's really annoying.

    But here is my personal experience:
    I like memes. Especially internet tough guy memes. Here is one meme phrase (this might be a bit NSFW):
    U are 1 cheeky **** m8 I swear I am going 2 rek u I swear on me mum.
    Another variation:
    I'll bash ye fookin ead in sware on me mum.

    The problem with these phrases is that the speaker swore. But, occasionally, I would replay this meme in my mind and then stop it and repent (I repent a lot nowadays). But I even made a song out of it. So I can say that this might have something to do with a lack of self control, as opposed to just not listening. But what are your thoughts?
  2. Juk,
    My opinion,
    You really need to replace a lot of what has been going on in your head with positive thoughts. Find other things on the net besides beheadings and violence. Find uplifting things you are interested in. At your age, your classmates (and you) are coming to grips with being young men. You want to be seen as strong and capable, being more knowledgeable than you may in fact be, and afraid to be seen not knowing something or not liking something that others think is cool.

    The Lord does not take us out of the world. We have to learn to be in the world without becoming of the world.

    As far as "Why won't kids listen?", besides that being something most parents have struggled with, the fact is that you cannot force anyone to listen. The best thing is to gain their respect and only then can you expect them to think about what you have to say.

    I would not recommend passing on such memes as you have mentioned, even as examples.
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  3. Yeah, not the best idea. At least I didn't add the link to what I saw, though. But those words are unfit for a Christian forum and a Christian in general... I'm just gonna have to fight harder then.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly. Lots of stuff that need to go in this head. I asked God to take them away from me, because no matter how hard I try, I cannot do it.
  5. It's not just wrong in a Christian forum. It's wrong for a Christian anywhere.

    Even when I thought I was with 'the boys' or the men I worked with, I tried to use language that I did not have to look around and see who may be in earshot. If I thought it would offend a 15 year old young lady, it did not become part of my conversation.
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  6. You have to cut off your contact with these things.

    There is an old saying in Computer Science that has been adopted by popular psychology:

    Garbage in; Garbage out.

    If you feed a computer garbage information, the output will be garbage.

    If you feed your brain on garbage, you will have garbage in your head, and garbage in your speach.

    If you surround yourself with the things that enlighten the soul (the things of God, but also other wholesome subjects), your brain will have those things to occupy your thoughts. Find wholesome things that you think are fun.
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  7. Kids are not free from sin, no human being is. Get used to it, because you will have to deal with people all of your life.
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  8. When it comes to our minds, God is not in control over them. So it is something that He will not take away, but that we have to train our minds to not think, about bad things or wrong things.
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  9. I have heard many testimonies of God simply taking away wicked/carnal desire(s) from people...instantly, and they don't have them again.
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  10. Desires is different than thoughts in my opinon.

    We are instructed in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take every thought captive to the obdience of Christ
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  11. I can testify to that, actually. I loved this game, I loved it more than God. But I instantly stopped liking it and actually hated it after watching some Christian videos, seemingly unrelated to the game.
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  12. Now getting back to why kids do not listen.
    I ask myself this daily. It is a struggle for some parents, my daughter is 9, my son seven.
    Almost every day they come home with something they learn from kids at school.
    Things mom and dad do not want in our house, then the preaching and explaining and all that goes with it starts.
    I always tell them, "Do not find yourself in a place or situation where you do not belong, for there you will find only trouble that will follow you long after".
    Yet, this must be explained over and over.
    If my kids come home with such terminology though Juk, my belt will do a dance on their posteriors.
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  13. Cos their ears are full of wax.

    Clean out the junk.
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  14. Hahaha - O you funny child.

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