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  1. give a damn abt my life...
    It is short but still...

    I had a bad situation not too long ago, I'm not going to delve too deep, but I ended up giving a spiritual leader 400$ ,I really needed..BC they had a vision of my family in a better place, my relationship with God better...and now its been probably 2 or 3 weeks ..and nothings happened.

    I'm disappointed BC I wasn't' working, I told them that...
  2. And my relationship with God practically stopped BC I felt back stabbed.... like why would HE allow someone to take money I didn't have..but it wasn't so much abt the money..I wanted my RELATIONSHIP with God to improve but it didn't ..it got worse..BC I was so angry at what

    And my anxiety is terrible... its getting to the point its hard to function at times... I feel duped,stupid and miserable :/

    I just feel if I tried to take myself out, God would just watch. Idk
    I'm just over it.
  3. I know before you're saved whatever happens to you is free reign....
    But I'm saved and sorta feel worse off..
  4. Contrary to popular belief God doesn't need money. Don't get duped again. Sorry this happened to you.
  5. Asuk, I wasn't trying to bribe God or buy His gifts..if so I would have given more..just to take my anxiety away

    It was more of a faith thing...
    Not many would clean their bank out trusting God.
  6. God doesn't want to clean you bank account out. Understand that. Greedy people that want to take advantage of you want to clean out your bank account.

    I never thought you wanted to bribe God. You just got taken advantage of. It really upsets me when things like this happen. It makes me want to turn tables over and chase corrupt people around with a whip.
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  7. I don't want to bribe God ....
    And it was a faith thing..at least for me.. if God asked you to empty you're account ... would you?

    Just like Abraham and his son... sometimes money can be a stronghold
  8. Oh wait lol... I just got what you were saying.. I misunderstood..sorry
  9. Pancakes, in the past, what has God done for you?
  10. Edward.. pls leave me alone.
    400 was a lot of money I didn't have .
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  11. I'm sorry about what has happened to you but tbh i'm not really sure you know who God is if you are complaining about him not being a part of your life and not caring about you. Personally, that is stuff I said BEFORE I was saved. Btw, you aren't alone in anxiety and depression, I've had extreme anxiety and depression most of my life from living in an abusive home environment, but once you realize that God is love and everything he does is perfect and just and good and that Jesus died on the cross for EVERYONE, then you should start realizing how petty your complaining is. Where is the joy in what he has done for you? Where is your thanks in all the blessings in your life? Every breath of air you take he gives to you, every drop of everything you have. HE MADE YOU. What right do you have to complain to your maker? You need to start straightening your thinking and being thankful and living how God wants you to live, even if it's hard. This all might sound harsh, but you really need to change that thinking of yours. This is all being said because I know what you are going through and I know you need to change your thinking or else you will be miserable forever, always wondering why God isn't making your life perfect. Just like i've already said to Polly in another thread, you need to stop treating God like a wishing machine. If you know him then you will accept his will for you, knowing that everything he does is out of love and is good.
  12. Pancakes, I have never shared this with anyone before, neither have I even hinted that it ever happened because it has been too painful for me. Many years ago my family moved to a small town in calif along the Nevada border. We started a small Church in the community and God was blessing it mightily.
    I was the pastor, and my sons and I played the all the worship music. The Church was growing and people from all over the area were coming. Later I found out my wife was having an affair with one of the local store owners, and she wanted a divorce. My wife was by polar and manic depressive and she had convinced the local authorities that I was beating her, so there was put on me a restraining order that I could not come within 300 feet of my kids or wife. I have never beaten my wife at any time. After finding out my wifes affair I had to stand in front of the Church and tell them what had happened, and that the scripture says, "that if a man can not care for his own family how can he take care of the Church of God". So I resigned. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.
    Not only did I have my family taken away from me, my car broke down. I had nowhere to go. All I could think of was I needed to get out of here, because the pain in my heart was to much for me to handle. I just wanted to run away from it all. I grabbed a couple pieces of clothing and walked out to the highway to hitch hike out to anywhere other then where I was. As I was standing on the side of the highway a scripture came to me that says, " give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." So , I began to praise, and thank God for what little I had which was only the clothes I had on my back as tears were streaming down my face. When I did that something came over me (the Holy Spirit) and I decided I was not going to let the Devil take my family away from me or God's call on my life. The local pastor at another Church let me stay in his Church building until I got things back together. I refused to let my wife and family to be taken from me by the Devil, and I prayed for their restoration to me. I forgave my wife, and my kids were restored back to me. The authorities were made aware my wife was by-polar and what they thought I had done was only a lie. I love my wife and kids so much. The Lord restored my family back to me. I have now been married for over 33 years. In my darkest times the Lord has always been there for me. If you find yourself in similar times, I encourage you to just praise and thank God for what you do have, even if it is nothing, for this is the will of God for you. He will make a way when there seems to be no way.
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  13. Sorry but that story sounds fishy. You sure you aren't leaving anything out? Was your wife beating herself? I don't know how they can arrest you without proof. Why couldn't they just ask your kids btw what was up? Not to mention I think it would be pretty easy to spot out a manic bi-polar lady running around making up lies about being abused. You would have to go to court and everything, it just doesn't seem right. I also wouldn't understand why you would get back together with someone who cheats on you, accuses you of being a rotten husband, AND tries to take your kids away.
  14. I did not say I was arrested, but they did send a detective to ask me questions about the allegations. If you have never known anyone who was bi-polar then you would not have a clue to how they act. They can lie to your face and they actually believe what they are saying is true, even when it is a lie. They are very convincing. Why I would stay with my wife would be the same reason God stays with us even when we do not deserve it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to forgive someone you love who wants another person? Do you know how hard it is to pray for someones salvation who is having affair with your wife? Obviously you must not understand the Love of God as he saved us even when we were still yet sinners and not even looking for Him.
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    Pancakes, Just because you had a bad experience does not give you the right to take it out on others. You have no idea where I was going with that. And just so you know I have had a similar experience that I was going to share. Wearing your feelings on your sleeve will not help you.
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  16. Thanks for the insult, thumbs up on that, you must be proud. Because I don't have the love of God I must not know him? Good logic. So that means everyone who isn't perfect doesn't know God, I guess we're all goners.
  17. I'm an ex cop. All women have to do is accuse their husband of something and they can get arrested. Women have way too much power in that respect.

    You can't talk to kids without the Guardian.

    No. It's actually hard to spot psychotic people if they are high functioning.
  18. that stinks.. :/ Thanks for the info though. I'm not an ex-cop so I thought it was sketchy, but yeah, after what you said I can believe that.

  19. Yes it does. I can't tell you how many women have punched themselves in the face to get their husband arrested. It's easy, as a cop, to make a mistake. Lots of men are arrested falsely and its really too bad.
  20. That is so messed up, that's all I gotta say.

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