why does satan make the world boring

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. why does satan make the world boring

    easy because it can channel you into the area,s you ought not go.boring boring satan.
  2. Im never bored:D Michael...
  3. There is another major factor in boredom.
    We are created to have our lives filled with God. Without that men run from one thing to the next trying to get the satisfaction that is temporary at best. In the end there is onty one cure and that is Jesus Christ.
  4. Smelly, I go through phases.

    Sometimes I'll read just about any book I have sitting nearby...and then I start reading everything I haven't read in the house. It doesn't stop, every day after work it's the same thing.

    That phase will end. Then I'll go through a health-kick. I'll learn all I can about diet and exercise, and I'll work out every day. That one dies down too.

    Right now, I'm building. Anything I can out of wood. I got a circular saw for Christmas, so I've been building cabinets and shelves. I feel very excited when I'm building.

    Sewing, knitting, hiking, work, metal detecting, they've all been phases for me. I find a new one about every 6 months or so, and it consumes me.

    One thing that I don't consider to be a phase is learning about Jesus and reading the word. Eating isn't a phase (or shouldn't be, heh). And the Word is more important than eating. So I make time for it every day.

    But these phases...I have a huge fear of becoming bored so I try to defeat it by learning new things and experimenting with different skills. I can feel another phase waiting in the works...oragami.:eek:
  5. the world is boring because it is anti-God.
  6. Yup.:)

    Our psychology professor told us: If someone is telling you "I'm bored", it really just means..."my entertainment is your responsibility!":p

    Plant God's seed in your life, nourish it, let it grow, and you'll never be bored again!:D

  7. Well my dear Michael..... My life is not boring nor do it focus on as you said anti-god things. Nor do i focus or give any attention to what satan is doing cause he is ever present but not my main concern. He is under my feet. He does not have any control in my life . My life is never boring because I serve a God takes me to new levels every day.

    I approach every day trusting His presence to help me apply the right and good I know in Him.

    If you put your hope and trust in the living God and Father .... He will never be boring in your life.
  8. if you think the entertainment in this world is good,you are sadly mistaken,and when you see the proper gulf you will realise why.:)
  9. Michael.... I don't need the entertainment of this world ....I am in the world but not of the world . I am just a pilgrim going through.
  10. Speaking of Movies and of Christian TV... :israel:

    It is only a TOOL... :eek:

    You know like a scewdriver, a hammer... Both can be used in murdering or inflecting damage...:(

    So is the entertainment industry....:cool:

    The entertainment industry can and has been the vehicle that brings millions to Christ...

    If you believe tools or entertainment is evil then dispose of your Computer:p

    I wanna give 5 cents worth:D this time:p

    Bored people I have found, are boring... They sing lifes most boring song....me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me :fish:
  11. This world is not entirely "boring".

    I have found many things to do on Earth that is outside of the realm of Satan.

    I don't have to worry about what Satan is doing - he's been doing the same exact thing he's always done for what? Thousands of years.

    Just because Satan exists and there are people who do not love God doesn't stop me from finding things to do.

    I still read my books, ride my horses, get on my computer, check my emails, etc. People can do what they like - it only effects me if I allow it to effect me. And I don't. People are still going to do what they do - they aren't going to change.

    Sure, the world is not exactly perfect or exciting anymore. Everything on the news is horrible, violent, crude, pointless, ignorant, etc. But, I have to continue to do what I do - I have lots of better things to do, I'm sure everyone else does to.
  12. Boring? I think not.
    A few weeks ago we had a chili competition at Church. Good food, good company…

    This past summer one of the ministries I’m involved with had a picnic at the leaders house. All of a sudden, a squirt gun fight broke out. A bunch of adults having a squirt gun fight. That’s not boring. We go to different Churches together. We have seen a prophet named Bruce from Hollywood twice. He’s the one who called me up and told me that God was going to be giving me dreams and visions.

    Thurman Scrivner is coming to Minnesota next month.

    I’m going to see Mark Virkler in a couple of weeks.

    I’ve seen Doug Stanton lots of times.

    It’s never boring. I was standing right next to a woman Doug prayed for last year. He laid hands on her and she hit the floor. When she got up she started screaming… “I CAN SEE… I CAN SEE”
    It’s never boring. If anyone is bored, they are missing something.

    Blessings to all
  13. thanks beloved,in my experience,people push there own selfishness onto others to deflect from there own,just in my experience:).

  14. Dear Michael..... You know man will always fail us but that is why we must seek after the mind of Christ and not look to people. Turn your eyes upon Jesus . Look full in His wonderful face . And the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace.
  15. I just had a thought:

    Some of the most entertaining things in this world are horribly, terribly, insanely entertaining because the devil needs to make it entertaining for us to want to pay attention and do those things.


    Some people think sitting in a window-seat reading the bible is boring. I sometimes find it very entertaining.:D
  16. very true ,seeing this backward place first hand,i don,t think i will make a return trip until they change the manager.:D
  17. When I was not saved, I loved the world always busy do things that was not important. But when I became born again, the Holy Spirit changes you, God molds us into the vessel's that best work for Glorifying him. And when he does that, we no longer find pleasure in the things of the world, and the people that knew you, will wonder what is wrong with you, they may even talk about you. But I have found that if we stay stead fast in HIS name,Yahweh (Jehovah) he will always defend us. He keeps us doing things that have value, that have importance. Like really loving your neighbor as yourself, but he also makes you lie down in green pastures. Because many of us, don't know how to stop and meditate on HIS word and ON HIM.

  18. Psa 23:2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.

    Ever think about this one?
    Why does God have to “make” me lie down in green pastures? Why don’t I want to and do it willingly?
    I don’t know the answers to that one, but yes… sometimes God has to make me do things that are pleasant and refreshing.

    Just a thought
  19. A very interesting thread.

    Its strange how all of peoples desires can boil down to greed really, materialistic and, emotional, like someone said in this thread " If someone is telling you "I'm bored", it really just means..."my entertainment is your responsibility" thats what im talking about when i say emotional greed, and in my experience it seems to be true.

    Also its funny, people always seem to say the 'bad things' are more exciting, im talking about things like getting drunk all the time, drugs, going from girl to girl (or boy to boy...not my thing btw lol) and i dunno other stuff like spending lots of money on stupid stuff and caring about pointless things like celebrities, fashion, popularity etc. etc.

    The thing that gets me though is all these things can only bring a temporal 'Buzz', people soon get bored and want more or newer things. which just says to me they are trying to block a big empty hole they have and it isnt working.

    Now you know what im gonna say here i should think but i dont want it to sound cheesy or anything, im being 100% sincere

    They Joy Jesus can bring, its just something that is not going to wear off, if you want to think of it as a buzz, which i do when im learning about his word, then its one that is permanent. Its not gonna wear off !!!

    Some people like to make themselves feel good telling others how great they are, if only they knew how great they would feel telling others about how great Jesus is !!

    Sorry if i strayed a little of topic but the thread got me thinking.


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