Why does Paul call himself "Wretched " ?

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  1. Why does Paul call himself "Wretched " ?

    Romans 7:24

    24 ....What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?

    I was just pondering on this verse and wondered what you all think.

    My thoughts are although Paul was chosen by God to spread the gospel through the Roman Empire and he wrote most of the New Testament , He still struggled with his own issues just like you and I do.

    He wants to do good but practices evil but does not wish to do evil. He was struggling with the law of good and evil.

    Don't you think he recounts these experiences to us to tell us of his humanism and that , these are the things we struggle with in our lives today. ?
  2. Like the prophets of all he had like passions to any man and struggles with his flesh like any man. In our flesh dwells NO good think. Any given moment you are not walking in the Spirit you are motivated by and moving in the flesh.
  3. Amen bro Larry.

    Paul's solution to the problem was his total dependence on the Lord.Jesus Christ.

    I think we as Christians make too much of the Grace and Mercy of God and do not focus enough on sin and recognize like Paul did what a problem it really is.( and I am talking to myself here as well as every one else )

    There is not enough " sorrow " for sin among us. We should experience more " godly sorrow" (2 Cor. 7: 10).....The kind of sorrow God wants makes people change their hearts And lives. This leads to salvation and you cannot be sorry for that. But the kind of sorrow the world has brings death. ( NCV)

    We must too must weep over evil in the world as did the godly people of Biblical Times. It is not only the sins of others, however which should cause us tears,for we have our own sins to weep over as well.

    I think we should all say like Paul "Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord for................................ "
  4. We are all wretched compared to what God plans for us to be.
    Paul knew this.
  5. you must read the next couple of chapters to understand. Paul was not literally say "I am a wretched man" but acknowledged that without the Spirit he was. :)

  6. Thanks and yes , I realize that but in Chapter seven he is dealing with his struggles, just the same as you and I do every day. We want to do things to please the Lord and some how we don't.

    When we were saved we have the Spirit in us but do not always yeild ourselves to the Spirit and let the Holy Spirit work through us. But we also know that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit provide the power to over come sin.

    What I am saying is that Paul wished to do good but he practised the very evil that he did not want to do.

    And yes as you said in the next chapter he answers the dilema as it is through Jesus Christ that we are set free and rescued from our sin which controls us.
  7. Question.... Most of us who are known as Christians are living an outwardly respectable life.

    WHy is it so difficult for us to admit inner sin, either to ourselves or others ?
  8. Oh, man! I can't think of a more perfect question! Wow!! This is so very close to me heart because I despise (and that's putting it mildly!) what I call, for lack of a better word, "two-faced living"! You see, I've always wondered that too! As far as I am concerned, I actually shock people sometimes with how honest I am about my sins! But I think I am kind of an extreme case because of my God given personality and, like I said earlier, my aversion to hiding the real self! I have learned to tone it down a little and to choose those I talk too about myself more carefully, but I still tell people stuff! I think most people are afraid to show their "sinful" side because they want to keep a certain image and I think the "older" we get in the Lord, the more we tend to hide! After all, we are now mature Christians and we need to set an example, right? Well, if you ask me, wrong!! The best way to attract someone into the kingdom is by showing them that you are human too and make mistakes, even though you've "walking" with the Lord for 20 years! I think this is why Paul called himself wretched, to go back to the first question. It was because he only compared himself to the Lord, not with fallible people, and who isn't wretched compared to Jesus, but also because he wanted to encourage young believers to press on regardless of their mistakes! My take on this anyway!


  9. Laura.... Thankyou for your honesty. Yes as the years pass we do become wiser in our selection who who we tell and who we don't. We must always be in contant prayer asking the Lord as I can think of people in my life that I have confided in and later it came back to bite me so to speak. That is life and the Lord teaches us along the way.

    In my instance now when I look back.... I have swung to the other end where I don't want to tell any one close to me for fear of hurt again. I know it is not right but am praying that the Lord will help me in this area. It is not the fact that I suppress my feelings because I tell them to the Lord but realize that I do need some one that I can trust to talk to.

    It is not the fact that I don't want to tell people my sinful side .... I guess it is a matter of trust with me. with my Christian friends , I suppose it is acceptance as to why I do not want to tell or it may also be that I am ashamed.... I am not sure.

    But I can on the other side tell my story to unsaved about what God has done in my life and where I am coming from and where I am today.
  10. Actually like each of us he was saying he was capable of both at any given moment.
  11. Indeed Paul is recognizing those things in himself that are inherant in every human since the fall. He is also pressing forward to find the new man, the new creature He has become in Christ Jesus. To be found in Christ was Pauls hearts desire and ultimate goal and he would spend the rest of his life exploring and proclaiming this journey.
  12. Amen Bro Larry as each of us journey through life.... growing in the Lord. and making Him Lord of our lives. But we still make mistakes but the Lord forgives us if we are willing to confess them and draw closer to Him.
  13. you know how jesus said to satan you are a dangeroustrap to him......imagine how difficult this life is for us.we need help.
  14. Amen , Michael.... Every day when we wake up we ask the Lord for help for our day and He does .... He helps us. Praise God.

    ( A little personal note and don't laugh you guys. Sometimes with these old bones I need more that help in the morning .... I need a push. But He is there for me Praise His name )

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