Why does God forgive me? after all I have done?

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  1. Why does God forgive me? after all I have done?

    How did God pull me back? how did God fix me? I spoke to Him and He spoke to me, through His word.
    and I had a instant break through "You was always there I cried" How could I have forsaken you?
    How can you forgive me? How is it possible after the mean things I have said, the cruel things I have done?
    How can you forgive me so freely?
    and these thoughts went on! and on! and on! to the point where I said to myself "The LORD does not forgive me, how could He?"
    At which point, God stood up through someone and sent a clear MSG
    "If only you could realize how much I have forgiven you, if only you could SEE!, look how far you have come!"

    The moral of the story, it takes a lot to be unforgiven, it takes a lot for God to wipe His hands of you compeltly and chances are, if you are TRULY sorry, He has already forgiven you :)
    It sure is hard to deal with the fact that God loves you, that much!
    It sure is hard to understand how He could possibly love us, some of the things we do, some of the places we go.
    BUT HE LOVES YOU, just like he loves me!
    Through out the bible, you will read of people that have disobeyed God and compeltly walked away from Him, but yet He accepts them back.
    You see these examples through the bible and they are there for a reason.

    This is for someone right now, God bless.

    Why does God forgive me? just because He loves me.

    The world is confusing, the world will easily lead you astray, I am sure God takes these things in to account, no... I know He does.
  2. You just never know who might stumble across a message published on the internet. You're correct in your assumption that someone will need this today and is even likely that they will never respond to any of us here but we must never cease to proclaim God's love.

    When I was in the military, my occupation was to kill people. I was good at my work and I enjoyed it. Then I spent the next twenty some years singing in bars where people beat and killed one another with great regularity and I was forever fornicating. And in spite of all the evil I perpetuated, God called me out of the world one day. On that day and in the years that have followed I have learned of something I never understood... Grace!

    For all the lies, thefts, fornication and Blasphemy of God, I deserved death, the scriptures call for just that reward for my activities. (Romans 6:23) But because of God's Grace, I have Eternal Life. I already knew that Jesus had died on the cross for my sins so all I had to do was to accept the gift that I had been refusing.

    Let's talk about that act of submission for a moment. On the external, everybody around me saw the difference. Remember, these were club people, people that regularly were found with a drink in their hand in places called Porky's, Little Moe's and other not very famous club and they would see me and after a couple of minutes of conversation, they would ask, "What happened to you?"

    What they could not see was the inner peace that filled my heart. All of this being true, of course, there is another change that takes place in the life of any saved man or woman, we become the Bond Servant of God. For those that might be wondering, that is a slave that, while purchased, refuses to leave when freedom is awarded. The absolutely remarkable thing about this slavery is the freedom accorded the Servants of the Master.

    I have the freedom to choose not to sin now and that was never the choice before. You see in Romans 3:10 & 23, we find that no matter how GOOD we believe we are, we have all, everyone of us fallen short of the mark. When I was killing Viet Cong Terrorists and North Vietnamese Soldiers, in the sixties, it wasn't a bad thing. On the other hand I should not have enjoyed my work either. What I did, I, expected promotion and gain from. Today, all that I do, I do with only one purpose... to see God magnified!

    When a person submits to the LORD, that life is completely changed ad that is the fruit spoken of in th Bible.
  3. Yeah, you never know.
    I just had this feeling to post it so I did lol.
    Thanks for adding to it!
    God bless.
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  5. Thank you for doing what I was to lazy to do, add scripture lol.

  6. The scripture is God talking to us and I love to hear and read it. :D He's so good and has such good things in store for us. Thank you Lord!

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