Why Do You Believe In Jesus?

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  1. Why are you a Christian as opposed to any other religion or belief system? What is it that caused you to decide to accept Jesus? Were you raised in it? Felt pulled by the Holy Spirit? Or were you drawn to more logical aspects of our religion?

    I want to know why other Christians believe what they believe, and I want to discover whether or not it's all that different from other religious belief systems.

    The more thoughtful and complete your answers are, the better. God bless, brothers and sisters....
  2. My sister told me to look into the Bible. I believed it because it is The Truth, and I accepted Jesus Christ because I need him.
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  3. Cool! So what about it made you believe that it was The Truth, as opposed to just another religion? Was there anything in particular about the Bible that really impacted you when you were first looking into it?
  4. It's accuracy and honesty. Everything it has to say about the world makes sense. From the Garden of Eden to Revelation, I see how it all came together, and why the world is this way. I've always been anti-culture, so the Bible is perfect for me :)
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  5. Well there is no one like the person of Jesus, He is humble yet has all strength. He is without sin or blame yet He came to save us sinners. Even when I was not really a believer I was drawn to the message of this Person and what I knew about Him made me call upon His name in the hour of my need. Then when I was born-again there was no doubt about the power He had and the power in His Name... I do not believe that faith in Christ is a matter of the mind as in the logic of man, but it a matter of the heart and a desire that Only Christ can fill..
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  6. Meh, I feel if I told my testimony you all may write me off as a nut...but, here goes.
    When I first discovered the illuminati, I was so taken aback that all that was happening under our noses w/ o us happening..... and I thought, if they're worshipping the devil like He's real...I know God is real.

    Yup,thats it.
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  7. That's interesting Pancakes...not too nutty...lol:)
  8. Lol..not TOO nutty lol... yah,my aunt also helped by sowing a seed in us when she saw us...and when I saw that...not just that but nwo, them messing with the food...man its alot...and at that point..i was like...Im saved lol...

    This world is too evol without Jesus
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  9. Nobody 'accepts Jesus' or 'becomes' a Christian without first drawing near to Him James 4:8. ANY religion / religious type practice teaching selflessness would ideally suffice. After a session of searching our heart and mind Jer 17:10 , the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to us 1 Cor 12:3. Note we cannot accept Jesus or be a Christian until the Holy Spirit reveals that a man who walked the earth is our Messiah / Son of God.
  10. I believe in jesus because he is good.
  11. Hi BalooU! I was just wondering, why are you sure that Jesus is the real deal? Don't get me wrong, I believe in Jesus as well, but I'm curious what the pillar that your beliefs stand on is. Did you have a spiritual experience, a miracle perhaps? Or was it something different? What made you believe in Jesus instead of Muhammad or Bhudda or the absence of a God?
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  12. One example that there is difference : )

    Like many children of my age then, I like to read books on world history, military wars, of conquest…

    I was raised Catholic and there happen to be a book in the shelves : The Ark and the Dove Our Quest for Happiness… It tells story of the Crusades, Christians and Moslems conquest of the Holy Land….

    With my biased then:
    • the winner has to be the true religion.
    • If Jerusalem still under Muslim rule: there something missing: the war still not over…
    • If a Christian will convert to Islam: it is a minus, one is joining a losing camp
    • If a Moslem converting to Christianity, it is a plus, one is joining the winner…

    Of course, that was how I do the math then…. : )

  13. In 1984, I listened to a testimony from a man that had been in prison for arsine at a Christian testimonial meeting I had been invited to. At that time in my life, deep inside I knew I really needed help but had no idea what kind. I was living a life of drunken debauchery to the best of my ability. I had a good friend who was a Christian and took great pleasure in trying to convince him that he was a fool to believe in God. I would take him out and intentionally try to get him drunk and into any kind of trouble I could. Well, back to this testimonial night. When this man had finished speaking I knew he had touch the very core of my being and I wanted to know how he had changed his life around so drastically. They gave an alter call and my mind was screaming at me to stay in my seat but my legs picked me up and I slinked down to the front with a few others, I remember feeling embarrassed and so conspicuous that I wanted to just run away. This man put his hand on my shoulder and I prayed along with him and asked Jesus into my life and heart;not really knowing what I was saying and when it was done I thought what was that, is that it. I felt like a fool and hurried back to my seat. My Christian friend was with me and he was ecstatic with joy. I was almost angry and when I got home I remember my first ever prayer. I told God that I did not think he was real and that I hated Christians that thought they were so perfect. I layer my heart out bare for a few minutes telling god how angry I was inside about my life and all the things around me. In the end I remember having a desire to know that if there was truth in the world; I needed it. I asked God for the first time in my life to help me. I said simply " god if you are real and there is truth I want you to show me, I want you to teach me" and I said amen.
    The next day, my friend drove me to a book store and we went in because he said I needed a Bible. I was unemployed at the time and spent the best part of any money I had left on a KJB edition. With nothing better to do I went home and layer on my bed and started flipping through it. I still remember till this day clearly what happened next, I didn't understand it but some words in that bible seemed to speak to me in my mind and I had to stop and really absorb them. It was this, > Proverbs 23:15-19.
    15 My son, if thine heart be wise, my heart shall rejoice, even mine.

    16 Yea, my reins shall rejoice, when thy lips speak right things.

    17 Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the LORD all the day long.

    18 For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.

    19 Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way.
    These verses are still burnt into my mind to this day.
    I has been a long and winding trip, but God has proven Himself to me over and over and never deserted me or let me down. Jesus Christ is a Living Saviour, not a piece of stone, wood or even some philosophy that was dreamt up by a mere man. he is real and He will prove Himself to you if your Heart is truly looking for the truth. We are all sinners my friend and if you really want to know God it is the easiest thing in the world to do. Get on your knees and pour your hurts and desires out to Jesus of Nazareth. You can tell Him whatever you want and He will not turn His back on you; no matter were or what you have done or are doing in life. "He loved us while we where yet sinners". I strongly suggest that you read and really study Psalm 51. It was written by David, a man that God himself calls His friend just after David had committed adultery with his neighbours wife.
    I will be putting you on my prayer list and asking God to reveal Himself to you and to give you understanding. Doug
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    It is because in the bible, it said God is immaterial and we cannot see God. So the only way for us to see God is to die naturally. We can't see God right now because he is immaterial. For anyone who doesn't believe in God, they should wait until they die naturally to see for themselves and they will see that we always have been right along.

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