Why do we use God as a last resort?

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  1. I can't help but think we often use God as a last resort when we are in a bind. We often try to figure out every way to fix or solve the problem ourselves as opposed to putting it in God's hands. When this doesn't work out for us we decide to turn it over to God, because we have no other option.

    Why do we as Christians often do this? Why don't we go to God first and place it in His hands right from the beginning? Do many of us really lack that much trust in God? Or is it because we lack experience that He will come through for us?
  2. In my opinion...some are just not in the habit. And a lot of people have gotten so used to doing it on their own that, even though they are doing things...they somehow think it is God guiding them.
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  3. I put a lot of faith in God. I often pray his will be done in situations I fear may be ruined by my own ways. Everyday I pray it (the day) goes according to his will.

    Not that I always do this, but a lot recently.
  4. That is a really good attitude of the heart!
  5. I believe it a lack of understanding. Many Christians don't have a real personal relationship with Jesus otherwise they'd run to Him first for everything. Look at it like this: if you live with someone and commune with them every day all day, they're going to know everything about you and you're going to know almost everything about them. It's no difference with Jesus. “Seek ye first the kingdom…”
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  6. For thirty-four years I had done everything in my own. For forty years I have been let down time and time again, so full complete trust is something that is very hard for me to give.

    I will probably always try to do things on my own first until the day that I die, but when it doesn't work out I do go to Him.
  7. In addition to what I wrote above, it is a trust issue for me. Too many times my trust has been broken that I am no longer a trusting person.

    Especially when it comes to who I am supposed to call my father.
  8. Human nature makes us need to control those things that are most important to us.
    Such control is always illusory.
    Our goals are often material rather than spiritual.
    Our understanding is limited.

    The problem with handing all that over to God is that our human nature is not really sure that the Goals the Lord will have for us is the same as the selfish goals we would set for ourselves. And we really want to be the one to set those goals.

    That is why seeking His kingdom is the first step in setting and achieving the ultimate goals. As His kingdom becomes the guiding principle, our personal concerns become less significant.

    That is hard for a human to do. Our Lord, truly human as well as truly God, confronted this universal truth in the garden. Our best course, as His was, is to be true to the kingdom. This meant He had to be willing to follow through to the cross.

    We have to be willing to persevere.

    Are we?
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  9. We are made to to be virtuous even though our sinful nature is a hurtle.

    The virtuous thing to do is to first look to God for wisdom, peace, help, mercy, and love. Becoming virtuous can be a process. The point of having virtue is to do something that pleases God without even having to think about it. It becomes second nature to do what is right. But because it can mean breaking bad habits and reestablishing something new, those habits might be re-prioritizing. Sometimes we are so drawn to our own control that we think we can handle something on our own. Of course there are lots of things we can do (whether it be fixing something or whathaveyou) but in everything, we should do it in prayer.

    Of course I know you didn't mean to imply that we use God as a means, but rather that we want Him to use us. And the best way we can submit to Him is by clinging to Him constantly.
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  10. What a truth you are bringing out! I think this applies to everyone.. What is the reason? May be pride in many cases.. Lack of humbleness.. Or just not having that close relationship as Abdicate mentioned.. But our God is an awesome God! He still teaches us on how to lean on Him rather than our own.

    I have mentioned quite a few times on how my relationship with my daughter is changing my spiritual life. When she was a tiny baby, she would get catch cold or flu sometimes. And she would be down with high fever. You know what was needed to put her to sleep? Not advil or tylenol or some medicine. She just needs to lay in my arms. That is all she needed. Sometimes she would sleep on my chest all night, hugging me and not letting me go. That was an eye opener for me. Comfort for our souls can come only from resting in His arms. We don't seek that always. But Lord is always teaching us these things. We will slowly get there I guess :)
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  11. We plan, we scheme: for what reason: we think it is wise? and then we cry!

    It reminds me of Viola, Shakespeare Twelfth Night where she is saying:

    O time! thou must untangle this, not I; It is too hard a knot for me to untie!

    Viola, for some reason: decided to put on man’s clothes… and Countess Olivia falls in love with her…
  12. And just where have you been?????

    Is it possible that it is a lack of faith???
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  13. Dying to self does not happen at the snap of a finger. It takes time.
    Question is, are we allowing ourselves to be sensitive enough to Holy Spirit so He can show us the way in everyday situations?
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  14. I think its like cturtle said habit, but it may also be unbelievers pressuring us to do something to fix whatever problem they seem to think we have. For example. Many people tell unemployed ppl that they should be looking and applying for jobs everyday. That theyll never get ahead or anything if they dont agressively market themselves etc. well whats the point in applying and competing for jobs when theres hardly any around, running round like a headless chook fretting bout money...and busy doing all that instead of the work God really wants you to do?

    And why would you want to be a slave anyway?

    People do jobs when someone actually offers them concrete work to do, not make a comeptetion out of it. We are not meant to worry bout food or clothes anyway. I find others just worry for other ppl which dont do anything and give terrible unbiblical advice.
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  15. another good point. People don't trust God or have the faith tht God will answer or pay attention to them. They may even think that, God is just out to get them or make them do something that will cause them pain (that is if their perception of God is off, which in my opinion eauates to lack of Biblical knowledge and faith in God's goodness).

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  16. As i was reading through all of the responses.... I can hear the story of the devil trying to be better or exalt himself above God. And then i think about all of the times that i felt as if i needed to be in control of my own life, so that i was comfortable. And it all was because i didn't trust God with all of my life, like i thought that i had.

    I remember one time in particular, that i felt as if God was calling me to do something specific. It scared me, and because i did not trust God and His unfailing love for me i made the wrong choice....and suffered greatly for it. With all that said......if we are not connected to God, and knowing and trusting that He loves us and has the best in store for us....then the god of this world who thought he was better than God, tries to convince our worldly nature to stand up and control our own lives. And then our flesh stands up and agrees with the devil that we know better than God. So we then act accordingly. And why does this all take place? Our relationship with God is lacking and we don't trust His love for us. And then we blame Him, for things not turning out because we made the choice to do it on our own first without seeking first the kingdom, or inquiring of God.
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  17. Major Hello,
    Sometimes I think it is a lack of trusting faith in that situation and this comes from not knowing the love of God our Heavenly Father deeply enough. Notice I said some times and not always. Some times people just have to be incontrol and think their ways are better and yet again many think if it sounds good to them or gives them a warm fuzzy feeling then it is God. lol

    Blessings my friend
  18. BINGO! I say pride is the number 1 reason
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  19. I agree with that.
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    Hi, Major.
    It's been a busy past couple of months. My wife and I just moved into our new home and have been setting up. Work has also kept me pretty busy along with new schedules, so I'm sorry I haven't been around as much.

    There has been some new adjustments to our lives. There's still a grieving process we've been going through since the miscarriage, and we tend to respond to it differently, so most of my days have been a continual habit of work and deep prayer.

    Is what a lack of faith?

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