Why do we eat?

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  1. Why do we eat?

    When we make decisions for our meals and snacks, what are our priorities? Is it taste, texture, or nutrition? Some people like soft tacos while others prefer hard shell. Pizzas come with a wide variety of toppings and types of crust. Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream, yet people line up at Baskin and Robbins because there are 31 flavors. Sour cream goes great with Mexican food, but not everyone orders an extra portion like me. A sweeping observation seems to indicate that the people of our nation eat more often for entertainment and pleasure than nutrition.

    [SIZE=+0]Pay closer attention; do food advertisements focus on nutrition or pleasure? Take a tour of a supermarket and compare the number and placement of products that are just recreational and not nutritional. The candy, ice cream, chips, cookies, frozen pizzas, and breakfast cereals comprise the largest and most prominent areas of our local market. I have also noticed that those companies are the most aggressive in advertising and offering specials and coupons. Are your eating priorities and habits falling prey to this pressure? [/SIZE]

    Should we put things in our mouth that give us short term satisfaction or should we eat for long term health and wellness? I am trying to retrain my mind to make better choices that will benefit my boys for the rest of my life and theirs too. Instead of using drugs to fight disease, let's use better nutritional food choices.

    Gerry Geraghty
    Endurance Fellowship
  2. Well , I guess it boils down to the old saying , you are what you eat.

    We were told at the gym to shop the parametre of the super market cause all the bad stuff is in the middle . All the fruits and veg , fish meat , milk are usually around the parameter. All the boxed and processed stuff is usually in the middle ... the stuff with the less food value.
  3. This is a wonderful way to treat our temples that the LORD has given us to take care of. So often it seems we do this out of entertainment as you said, I think u put it wisely, and rarely do we see "preventive" care to disease such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol. and so many other illnesses, through just a better judgemnet with what we are putting into our mouths. It would save us millions of dollars a year and thousands of lives if we could simply eat the way the LORD intended us to eat..

    I really like your post on this..... I have been thinking about this so much lately, because I as of now, need to follow this advice as well. I eat to much sugar, to many carbs and do not get near enough calcium, Vitamins D & C.... I want to put my health into a good place, because i am 26 now, and suffer from fatigue, Anxiety and poor sleep, and I am positive much of this is due to my own poor diet!

    I think it would be such a wonderful Idea for us to start a suport group here for people who are truly wanting to put their bodies into better health, and eat right, eat to satisfy hunger and not nerves or boredom. " idle hands leaves room for the devil" and I believe it, If we could find more time for GOD and less time for boredom, we would find less time for food addictions..

    Awesom post!!!!

    OHHH and by the way!.. I LOVE SOUR CREAM!!! HEHE:)
  4. Why do we eat? Because we are hungry.
  5. Eating is one of those outwardly simple yet truly complex areas of life. No, I don't believe we eat only because we are (physically) hungry ... if that were so, most of us would eat a great deal less than we do. In fact, I would say there are probably very few times for most of us in the western world when we are truly physically hungry. Very often what we mistake as a hunger for food is actually a hunger for the comfort that food brings. Mostly appetite is a function of the mind, not the stomach.

    Both are important. The way science is going, it probably won't be too long before we will be able to get all our daily nutrients in a pill ... but would we really want to? The pleasure of eating nourishes our emotions as much as the actual food consumed nourishes our bodies. There is also the social aspect of eating - from the beginning of history a meal has been a means of bringing family and friends together. Most of us have been conditioned from birth to see food as representing nurture, love and comfort.

    At the same time, our bodies are important because they either facilitate or limit all the activities of our life, so we need to eat in a way that will take care of them. If we learn to love fruit, veges, nuts, fish, all kinds of good whole food, then we can have the best of both worlds ... and even throw some chocolate coated chocolate with chocolate sauce into the mix when we absolutely have to be wicked!


  6. cuz its so yummy in my tummy lol

    yea the media is telling us what to buy, buy ,buy, buy, buy and buy

    their evil }=(

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