Why Did You Choose To Become A Christian? Share Your Story.

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  1. There are a lot of religions in the world.
    Why did you choose Christianity? What was it about other religions that turned you off that you picked Christianity?

    Why aren't you a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, or Hindu?

    I have been a Buddhist in the past, and when I moved to America there was not many Buddhist temples in my neighborhood so I eventually became a Christian.
  2. There is something amazing about the Bible: when you are confronted with it you are forced to make a choice in knowledge, which in turn forces you to make a choice in spirit. Either the Bible is truth-or you have to through it in the trash as a fairy tale. If you try to stay on the fence-you will never grow in the Word. If you reject the Word, well I will leave that up to you to decide what you 'think' will happen after death. If you BELIEVE the Bible, we have a clear choice and path to follow from the creator of the Universe.

    "Christian" is just a title-an honorable title though it is. Be should be living of to the our 'status' instead: Sons & Daughters / Princes and Princesses/ Ambassadors of the Most High God.

    Christian is about believing that Christ was God in the flesh; that He died in flesh to bring us eternal life even though we do not deserve it-because He loves His creation.

    Are there any one single human being that embodies all that Jesus Christ represents in human History? Is there another 1 person that influenced the planet as He did? Is there any one 1 person that disciples lay there life down for like the 12?

    Either He is truth-or the whole thing is a wash...

    My connection with the Holy Spirit unto God's Grace and Word tell me that it is truth. I am grateful that the Lord would accept a wretch like me as His child. I am glad I 'get' to be a Christian-even if it's not a very good one.
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    Before I got 'saved' I saw Christianity as merely another religion. Be good, respect God, obey the laws laid down. It is good to be God fearing. Only fools mock sincere Muslims, Hindu's and Buddhists. But it is better to be saved and able to call God your Father. When I saw Jesus in my friend and he read scripture and prayed with me...it prompted me to get on my knees that night and speak to God sincerely. I had an all night prayer session with God and felt like I was hearing Jesus speak to me all night. I went from being a very immoral person to a saint that night.

    If we see Christianity as just another religion, we are simply not a Christian. Christianity compared to religions is the difference between a garden worker and a husband. The husband has a wife. The gardener has a boss.

    It is not something you can fake either. God does talk and reveal Himself to His children John 10:27. But on His terms and in His way. He is not interested in appeasing prideful desires for signs and wonders Matt 16:4. Until you have a revelation that Jesus is Lord, you have not got the revelation that Jesus is Lord 1 Cor 12:3. No matter how much you sing it or say it, if you don't believe it inside your gut / heart, you don't believe it. If you do believe it, you will be saved and made a new creation 2 Cor 5:17. If you are made a new creation, you will know it! There has to be a change of hearts desire to want to do those things that please God.

    We are to pursue finding God / this revelation of Jesus / heaven like our lives depend on it Matt 19:16-22. The best advice to give a religious person is hence to keep up the good work, but press on for more James 1:27 and Phil 3:14. Press on until you have a real encounter with God. God is not Houdini. Consider Matt 7:7 and James 4:8.

    Then, this verse applies to everyone, irrespective of what religion you are or were Rev 3:20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

    Knowing that God is a just and good God (Psalms 136:1 & Rom 3:23-26), we can be certain that Jesus will / has knocked on everyone's door!
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  4. An old preacher named E.J. Daniels one day said to a meeting I was in as a young boy that I had the choice of living eternally in heaven with God or eternally in HELL with the devil.

    I believed him and came to Christ. As I have grown older, I realize that there is a lot more to it than that, BUT originally, that was the reason.......I did not want to burn forever.

    I know how simplistic that sounds, but Jesus also said that to be saved we need to be like children.
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    I was raised in a mind-science cult, my mother was a Christian Scientist and my father was a mason, however from my earliest recollection I knew there was a God, fast forward to to my late teen years, I was overdosed on STP, a very potent form of LSD, as I was dying I knew I was going to Hell, how did I know that (?), Christian Science doesn't believe/teach in a literal Hell, ...finally with my last breath I cried out the only religious word I knew, "Father, " ...I was instantly straight, no effects of the drug in my body, I knew in my spirit I had had an encounter with God, however I continued on in my sin and debauchery until finally I broke, most LSD users come away from the experience, whether they will admit it or not, believing they are Jesus Christ, I knew Jesus died at 33 and I lived in mortal fear of my 33rd birthday, so when it came and passed I went mad/insane/crazy whatever you want to call it, by His grace I wasn't hospitalized, a friend took me to church, there I prayed the sinner's prayer and was given a Bible, but I was still mad/insane/crazy, I found in the Bible words written in red and by reading those words my mind would stop spinning a million mph and I would fall asleep for a few minutes, sleeping longer as time passed until finally I could sleep through the night, that went on for 18 months until finally the Mental Health professionals declared me sane. I had a strong urge inside of me to go to church, so I joined one and became very active, I taught a adult bible study, helped in Sunday School, was in charge of the youth, organized Saturday Men's Breakfast/Work day and played in the Worship band, then a life changing event occurred in my life on a Wednesday night in July of '86 during a Bible Study, the pastor was teaching Isa 40 and when I read verses 5-8, it was like all of my sin was placed on my shoulders, it physically bowed me down in my chair to where my head was below my knees, it was quite a scene, I tried to sit up, but couldn't, when the study was over the pastor came over and asked me what was the matter, I told him it was like all of my sin was on my shoulders, he asked me if I had ever asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and I truthfully didn't know what he was talking about, he gave me the Gospel and all the while in the back of my mind (remembering from my overdose experience) I knew I was going to Hell, after/while I was praying asking Jesus to forgive me because I was a sinner, the burden was lifted and I sat upright in the chair, I was filled with unspeakable peace and joy, I loved Jesus, I loved His children, I talked nonstop about Jesus, ...He cleansed me from my mule skinners filthy mouth, He took away my desire to drink alcohol, He healed my two disingenerated discs in my back (verified by a Christian doctor), He healed me from a torturous twisted ankle injury and, most important, I found I didn't need to read someone else's book to try and understand the Bible, the Holy Spirit open it up to me using Scripture to explain Scripture, Old Testament stories to explain new Testament doctrine. PTL

    So to answer the OP question, I didn't chose Jesus, He chose me, it was hard for me all those years kicking against the goads Gal 1:15 , but because of all of my life experiences I knew He was Holy and I was a sinner going to Hell, when the choice was presented to me in His timing John 1:13 (on that Wednesday night in '86), I made the right choice to follow Jesus because I didn't want to go to Hell.

    Friends, Peter tells us we are born again of incorruptible seed and the Word of God, 1 Pet 1:23, what the Holy Spirit is teaching is He is our Spiritual Father (seed=sperm) and the Word is the ovum, for me the ovum was Isa 40:5-8 and just like I know the name of my earthly father and mother and I know what day I was born then, so too it is with every Child of God, you will know what verse the Father used as the ovum in your life and what day you were born again, Peter is verifying this in the verses Pet 1:24, 25, where he records what verse Father used to cause Him to be born again, ...it was a few years after I was born again that I was taught this, so if you don't know then ask the Holy Spirit to show you and He will, ...if you don't doubt James 1:5-8.

    Blessings 2 Pet 1:10, 1 Cor 15:2,

  6. I was saved at an old fashioned camp meeting in the mountains of Tennessee. A Baptist preacher preached about all those who would be lost when Jesus returns. That message just scared me stiff. I felt that I was not ready if Jesus were to return. I did not want to go to hell. I went to an altar, knelt down in the sawdust and asked Jesus to wash me in his blood.
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  7. First and foremost.....I did not CHOOSE to become a Christian!

    Quite the contrary, it was the Lord who chose me! "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day." (John 6:44) AND "And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father." AND "...and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed." (Acts 13:48b).

    One needs to get this VERY IMPORTANT FACT firmly settled in one's heart, mind and soul first!!
  8. I don't know if the debate over who chose who is very productive. I have never seen it do anything but split up friendships and divide churches. Several facts stand out. We are sinners, incapable of saving ourselves. God did everything that is necessary for our salvation. Whosoever believeth upon him shall be saved. Some will believe some will not. God has predestined that those he foreknew will be conformed to the image of his Son. We all have an obligation to go out and preach the gospel to every Christian. I think sometimes that believers are better off to leave it at that.
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  9. Sorry, should be every creature, not every Christian.......posting when you're tired isn't always a good idea....
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  10. You're spot on Mr. Darby!! Too often we Christians easily lose focus on why God allows certain things to come to pass, etc., over-analyzing and parsing every little minor aspect and/or statement(s) made by others, rather than centering our lives on what we DO KNOW what His Spirit & His Word clearly COMMANDS us to do, viz., to preach the Gospel to everyone, and leave "the saving" up to God!!

    What I posted in my previous post in no way ought to be taken as an effort to discredit the need to be salt & light to this dying world of men & women......And how is that to be done?? Well, Jesus Himself pretty much summed it up in Matthew 4:17 -- "From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

    I don't spend endless hours wondering whether so-and-so is "chosen" or "elected." That's all God's business, not mine. Rather, I choose (& I'm sure you do too) to concern myself with praying for and witnessing to those that God has put in my way.

    God bless.
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    I don't believe in Christianity. It is just another false religion among thousands. Any religion teaching hellfire is PURE EVIL and false. No wonder God don't dwell in churches made with man's hands. all they do is turn men against the kingdom of heaven which the bible warns them against doing.
  12. OK, here's my story.
    I'd say that the pieces started coming together during the summer of 1964. I'd just graduated from HS, had a summer job, and was waiting until September--whereupon I would join the USAF. My home was in the state of PA, and I'd become very interested in the 1964 presidential campaign (even though I couldn't vote in it--you had to be 21 YO back then). I was a firm supporter of AZ senator Barry Goldwater's candidacy. HOWEVER, the PA GOP refused to support his candidacy. Thus, I was forced to find a CITIZENS for Goldwater campaign office in a nearby town.
    Religiously, I grew up in a very liberal church. Needless to say, my conservative positions didn't set too well with "the powers that be" in that church. But I didn't care. I was "burned off" with all organized religion at that time and could care less about any church, figuring they were pretty much all the same.
    So I meet up with the man who was running the C F G office. We spent a lot of time discussing all sorts of things, one of them was this paperback book by John A. Stormer entitled None Dare Call It Treason. It covered several subjects, all of which I had some interest in. Stormer wrote published the book (via Liberty Bell Press) earlier in 1964, and at that time he wasn't saved either.
    Fast forward to 1965. Stormer received Christ as his Savior and then uses his popularity to reach concerned Americans with the Gospel of Christ. Of course I didn't know anything about what happened to him spiritually. I was too busy with USAF basic and tech school training to devote a lot of time to much else.
    So, 1966 rolls around. I get stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB right outside Tucson AZ. I had no car, and had little contact with the world outside the base. I was busy with my Air Force OJT. I did try to keep up with the news because the Vietnam War was big, and being in the military meant that I could easily be sent there.
    Then one day in April, 1966, I read in the Tucson newspaper this little ad stating that John Stormer was going to be speaking at an off-base church for a whole week. The only night I could get to go was on Saturday. and only by catching a couple buses to get me to this church. (Not that I cared much about church--'cause I didn't--but I did want to hear what Mr. Stormer had to say.)
    Sure enough, Mr. Stormer did a great job in presenting facts about how much worse the US was in 1966 compared to 1964. But then he concluded his presentation with the answer to ALL our problems---the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I'd NEVER heard of this aspect of Jesus Christ. All I was ever taught was that He was a good moral person and a martyr for humanity, not that He was our ONLY hope.
    I'd NEVER experienced an invitation to receive Jesus Christ as one's Personal Savior. I didn't even know why I had this sense within me telling me that I had to go forward to talk with somebody.....but I'm sure glad I responded!
    It was then when a kindly, grandfather-type gentleman took me aside and showed me from the Bible what I needed to do to receive Jesus Christ into my heart and life.
    Jesus has been with me ever since that Saturday evening in April, 1966!
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    No Mr darby you wasn't. You were promised salvation the day Jesus died on the cross for you. The whole world was. No preacher, no camp, no nothing is going to save anyone and you cannot save yourself. And you can't go to him , he comes to you.

    My story is....Jesus' death on the cross which occurred long before I was ever born.
  14. Amen brother!

    For me it was at a tent revival held by. E. J. Daniels. He made the fire of hell so real that I could smell smoke. I thank God for old fashioned preachers who scare lost sinners to come to Christ and be saved from the horrors of Hell!!!!
  15. Then my dear you need to re-consider your comment in #11 where you stated...............................

    "I don't believe in Christianity."

    Isn't CHRIST the center of CHRISTianity????
  16. I don't believe in their teachings becaues they are false, totally unbiblical.
  17. Why did you leave MC?
  18. I totally agree with you texascowgirl, ...any and all religions totally denying a literal Hell and Hellfire are PURE EVIL and FALSE, ...however, my Jesus preached it, Mat 5:22 and Mat 18:19, that is why I don't follow religious systems, but rather I'm a member of His Body, called the Bride of Christ, commonly known as the Church, and I follow His teachings and commandments, particularly Heb 10:25, so your statements in this thread cause me to wonder which jesus (there are many in the world today) you are following.

    Care to explain?

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    Mr darby why im not at mc is between me and admin. However I am on practically in every christian site on the web teaching no hellfire. And when im done with them im moving on to another religion.Why am I doing it? Apparently its what God wants and is leading me to do. Some have even banned me but it matters none because my postings are still there to be read and thats all that matters to me. I can't seem to stop so apparantely God wants his word out and im being used as one of his tools. If that's what going on then I will be a success for many because God gets what God wants. I have helped and been thanked by many so far.
  20. Therefore its has not been a total loss at all and Im glad to have helped the ones I have and I hope to help even more and I hope the ones I helped also help others.

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