why did i have this dream in my dream i even used the crossed didint effect the thing??

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  1. 1/8/2011 the dream i had
    i was at a salesmen parking lot the place looked like junk yard all the cars where broken and had rust on them.

    then out of no where i was in the middle of my home i kept seeing this dark evil figure dressed up as a grim reaper or demeantor.
    i kept re spawning into areas i didint even know
    i was outside of my bathroom window the evil figure appear and disappeared.
    i went inside my home and picked up a cross it had no effect on it
    i was getting attacked by it and i tried to fight back but it was invisible.
    heres a pic of the figure i was talking about


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  2. Dude! That pic freakin scared me it was so unexpected lol. This is "my opinion" of what the dream means, but i want you to pray abt it and ask God for its meaning and over all guidance in your life. I think it means you need to be more grounded in your faith in christ. My aunt told me when we combat demons w scripture they flee! Bc its not their time to go yet. Another scripture says we have the power to trample over serpents. God is more powerful , way more powerful than then them thats why when you throw scripture( God's word) at them they flee. God's word isn' called our " sword" for nothing. Still pray and study his word.
  3. I was taught that if you are being tormented by demons, get some rock salt and Holy Water. Place the rock salt around the entries to you house. Demons will not cross a line of salt. The Holy Water is to throw at the demon if it gets in. Reading Scriptures aloud and with full conviction in the Lord will drive them away. Also, if you suspect someone is a demon or other evil spirit, look them in the eye and say "CHRISTO" (Christ in latin). If they flinch or recoil back, yep you got one in a human body. In these matters, it is our faith that is the weak link. Pray hard to God for guidance and protection.

    Spiritual warfare can be some nasty business. If this continues, get help from a knowledgeable minister.
  4. Dear brother,

    The bible says "Submit therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you" (James 4:7)

    If your life is not fully submitted to God then perhaps this is a good time to do so. When you are in Christ then you have the authority in the name of Jesus to command any demon to flee! This does not mean that you are perfect but that you have made that decision to allow the Holy Spirit to help you be more like Jesus.

    I speak from experience in this area of ministry...

    Yeshua Ha Mashiach bless you!
  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and offer a possibly controversial opinion here. Sometimes bad dreams just happen. I can't remember the last time I had a bad dream, but I know that not every dream is a prophecy.
  6. I agree dear brother, not every dream is a prophecy or a warning but if this is not just a bad dream, then he has something tangible to take a hold of in Christ.

    Harbeh ahavah, Shav
  7. Oh yes. But I hate to see everyone just assume a bad dream, especially like this, implies a poor relationship with Christ. Sometimes it really is just something you ate or watched. The description is eerily close to so many things, we could probably open up an entire paranormal/conspiracy thread on it that would make Art Bell leap with joy.
  8. Who is Art Bell???

    Bless you!
  9. Host of a paranormal/conspiracy radio show called Coast-to-Coast AM. They discuss all kinds of ghost and alien stories.
  10. Mental note: Better not share any of my "Deliverance Ministry" stories here then...Lol! [​IMG]

    Slicha, Shav
  11. Surprisingly, I would probably enjoy that. I like the subject quite a bit. I only stepped in because I wanted some other side represented in this conversation. You will find that I often will argue both sides of an issue.
  12. If I may make a suggestion without supposing one way or another,

    Start praying to God about His will for you. Ask Him to speak to you clearly, and help you to make you life more pleasing to Him.

    Oh heck....for some reason I feel like voicing my opinion on your dream, I hate doing that! But, I seem to have this uncontrolably desire, SO just keep in mind I am not making any claims about myself, just giving you my opinion.

    You are either consciously or subconsciously bothered by some aspect of your life that deep down you feel is not right spiritually. This is manifesting itself in your dreams. You need to change this part of your life. Then the issue will be resolved.

    AGAIN pray about it and ask God for the answerrs and help.

    BTW, a cross isn't going to protect you from evil spirits. Invoke the name of Jesus. That's what we are instructed to do in the Holy Scriptures.

    Finally, if you feel this has been helpful take my advice. If you feel it has not been helpful or I am way off course - ignore me! [​IMG] It's none of my business.
  13. What about vampires? Does the cross still work on Vampyres? j/k

    I probably shouldn't take it lightly because you are correct. Whether it is a demonic attack or just a bad dream, Jesus is the answer.
  14. tee,hee,hee Only in the movies [​IMG]

    A long time ago I started a thread on The Exorcism of Emily Rose - the movie, I didn't try to discuss real events.
    I just felt like someone needed to address these misconceptions.
  15. Well, there are definitely misconceptions to be had in these subjects. It really is walking a fine line between frighteningly real and serious, and wacho theories. To borrow a very rare line from Mel Gibson (may God have mercy on my soul), "Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't really out to get you".
  16. lol you are too funny!!!!
  17. The being on the picture very much looks like a female arab terrorist bomber.
  18. Okay, I am not trying to make light of this situation, but I have to ask, how we can have a picture of a figure in a dream?
  19. Hummm....my inner demon fighter jumped too fast on this. Me thinks we have been spoofed. Notice that old napnija4 hasn't been around since he set us off.
  20. LOL Well I thought about it when I read the post, but assumed he posted it as an example. I didn't read the comment about it being a pic of the demon until qtld quoted it.

    Anyway, I'm giving it a "like"

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