Why Did God Lie?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by workmx, May 1, 2014.

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  1. That is an "excuse" not an explanation.
  2. Yet this god of which you talk has never been proven to exist?
  3. What do you mean?
  4. I have all the proof I need.
  5. Yet nothing has been presented that would convince a reasonable third party.
  6. Pity really. I have even tried to help you all.
  7. It is now. I approve this message
  8. Hmmm Pitty really. WE have tried to help you. God Bless you sir.
  9. Cool. Can I expect a PM confirming it and a description of which rules I have broken from the list of rules that are publicly available?
  10. May the Spirit open your eyes to see the wonder of God's grace and mercy.
  11. Proof is in the evidence provided my friend.

    Now, are you aware that in the court of "rational" thinking, it is not up to the Christian to prove that God exists.

    You see, we as Christians believe the Bible. Now then, no where in the Bible does it try to prove that God exists.

    Consider the first verse of the first book in the Bible...
    Genesis 1:1.........
    "In the beginning GOD............."

    There HE is. No explanation, no reason, no proof, just rational, logical exclamation.

    Therefore, It is now up to YOU as a non-believer to prove that God does not exist!!!

    That is the rational, logical truth that you are looking for.

    How will you do that my friend?
  12. When you registered you checked a box indicating you agree with:
  13. And may the scales from your eyes and see reality and be free.
  14. Not so. There has been MORE than enough to convince a reasonable 3rd part........it just seems that YOU are not the reasonable one!
  15. The burden of proof is always on you.
  16. I am free in Christ.
  17. No. You are in chains in your delusion.
  18. There is no evidence of gods and no good arguments for them. My time here's proven that.
  19. And you, my friend, are history. As is this thread.
  20. NOPE. Once again you reject the demands of "rationalism" yet you hide behind its curtain.

    The burden of proof lies with you to disprove what others find acceptable. We here on this site agree with and have accepted the Statement of Faith in which HMS has openly posted for you to see. YOU have disagreed with them and therefore the burden of proof now lies with YOU as YOU and only YOU are in dis-belief of God.

    So.......let us see how you will dis-prove the existence of God.
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