Why Did God Lie?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by workmx, May 1, 2014.

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  1. So, this started with your claim that I am not the issue of whether gods exist. Where's the evidence for that claim?
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  3. Is this an official warning from a moderator?
  4. workmx... (facepalm)
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  5. Now that is what I have been thinking as well.

    IF you are so sure that the future is nothing but star dust, WHY in the world are you wasting time talking with a bunch of people who think the opposite?????

    What is that old saying, lets see......"Birds of a feather flo..............."
  6. You might want to read the Bible in Romans where the doctrine of "Predestination" is spoken of.
  7. Sure it is. It is called "Righteous Indignation".

    When Jesus did the same thing He turned over tables, used a whip of the un-righteous and re-claimed His temple and cleansed it.

    Maybe this world needs a lot more whipping ????
  8. As I said before, this attitude is not helping you.

    It is time to calm down. Take an objective look at your situation and adapt or perish.
  9. Yea.......what he said is what I agree with as well. Excellent point.!!!!

    Communication is a process of trying to LEARN from others what YOU do not know or understand. YOU however are obviously trying to divide and start fires instead of trying to grasp what it is that binds us as believers of Christ together.

    There are thousands of Skeptic sites available. I can not help but wonder WHY you are here and not on one of them?????
  10. No one I know of here is upset so as to as you say, calm down.

    Deflection from YOU toward one of us is a excellent example of WHY you need to answer WHY you are here. YOU came here to CFS.....no one came after you. Now when the heat is turned on YOU all of a sudden it is us that needs to "calm down".

    I don't know about my brothers here, but I for one am as cool and calm as a polar bear on a slab of ice floating in a sea of penguins.

    As for you my friend may I give you some advice............."Pull down your pants and slide on the ice"!
  11. That depends entirely upon how Christianity is determined Biblically.
  12. It is now.
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  13. I am trying to find evidence that gods exist. I thought that a forum full of believers would be the best place.

    Was I wrong?
  14. You would not accept the evidence we provide.
  15. Again......deflection from YOU to another person.

    As "ixoye-8" said clearly and correctly.............your intention is to argue instead of understanding.
  16. You have not provided any evidence.
  17. Our evidence is how God has worked in our lives.
  18. You would be right if that is the reason and not a lie. YOUR words and comments simply do not fit what you have just know said.

    I for one would be honored to help you and explain our faith and Biblical understandings that affect our lives IF you were sincere in your comments. BUT I do not feel as if you are sincere in wanting to know.
  19. I can only understand that which is rational
  20. Excellent, HMS.

    A Christian testimony is one where "A changed life says it all"!
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