Why did God created the moon

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  1. Why did God created the moon

    I was thinking about this on my way home last night.

    So i was driving home in my dad's trans am from the homeschool prom and i remembered something that me and my date had talked about while i was driving her home. She said that when she was little, her mom would show her how that you can turn your headlights off on nights with a full moon and use the moonlight to stay in your lane.

    So i was thinking, why did God ceate the moon? Is it because he wants us to know that there is always something providing us with light and watching over us whether we can see it or not? Or is it to show us that no matter how dark things get, there will always be a source of light to guide our path? Why did God create the "lesser light"?
  2. It's a little night light.

    A fancy night light that controls the tides too.

  3. And it would be waayyyy too dark at night, especially where there are no street lights or anything.
  4. To me it's a picture of grace as well. The sun gives light to the moon and we call it moonlight.
  5. Why does everything in creation have to be about us? Rev. 4:11 "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created." (KJV)


  6. God told us that He created 2 great lights ... the greater to govern the day and the lesser to govern the night .... So what we know as the Sun and the Moon and like Mark says , if we did not have the moon , we would not be able to see at all . I remember when we were taken into a cave in Barbados on a little train and they had lights all along the way to guide us and then we were told that to show how dark it really was all the lights would be turned off and that stuck with me as I remember the darkness . It was really eery.
  7. We are to be like the moon and reflect the glory of the Son bring light into dark places!:)

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