Why Are You Not?

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by Mark_18, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Why Are You Not?

    Why are you not?
    In my heart.
    Why are you not?
    My strength.
    Why are you not?
    Why are you not?

    You're all I want, why do I feel like I don't have You?!

  2. Oh, that's exactly what I wanted to ask God. Thank you for lending me these nice words... Thank you very much, my brother.
  3. I was in a bit of a struggle last night. I'm okay now though.

    I just felt like my praise was empty and I was unheard. Just looking and looking for Him to comfort me again and show me that He's here.
  4. Sometimes He is quiet and yet He gives us every beat of our heart, every breath we take. We eat today's substinance and He already is planning and growing provision for tomorrow. He knows our steps and His gentle Holy Spirit is ever drawing us , ever leading us. A wise man once said this to me- God could give us everything at once but then ther would be no need for faith. We are called to a faith walk and He provides each step of the way. Sometimes He is quiet but this causes us to long all the more Him- trust His Word as He said He would work all for our good.
    Sometimes He seems distant and yet He is ever watching, ever planning and guiding our steps- we step and we stumble yet He is there to dust us off and put us back on our feet. We step and walk steady as we lean completely on Him, He smiles and says to His angels- look at My boy- I see Jesus in Him.
    Yes He is continually working in our lives- there are as many lessons in the valley as there are on the mountain top- selah.

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