Why Are You Christian?

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  1. We all know the how. And the when.

    By really, why are you a Christian?
  2. Because He saved me.
  3. Because I believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the one true God. I believe he died for my sins and I am a follower of his.
  4. He put a desire in my heart, then called me, I answered Him, and He took my punishment for sin and I took His innocence, and He moved into my heart. That's why I'm a follower of Yeshua the Anointed One, the Son of God, not a christian.

    FYI: Christian is just a label to show one isn't Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, etc. and why I don't believe anyone who says they're a christian because it doesn't mean what it used to. I would rather be called by the Greek definition of christian: a kinsman (relative by blood) of the Anointed-One
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  5. So you follow The King out of debt for what he did for you?
  6. You do not believe he is God?
  7. So you follow because of a command and a debt. Ok I can see that.
  8. Where ever did you get that from?

    Dave Lucas, I notice you have not answered the question, only questioned other people's answers.
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  9. I am a Christian because I am a blood-bought child of the living God.
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  10. Huh
  11. You stated: "the Son of the one true God"

    Your sentence structure denotes separation.

    And I am not questioning any ones answer I am merely stating their reason in summarisation.

    So far the reasons are:

    Obligation of Debt (He saved me through his sacrifice)
    Obedience of Command (Called me to his side)

    Most are saying a combination of the two, though one has said just the obligation.

    Now these are ALL fine reasons why. We should heed the call and we should be grateful for the sacrifice and return favour with favour.

    I was looking to see the array of reasons why.

    It is not very often that we are asked WHY things are in ourselves.

    WHY do we wash the same way every time we bathe?
    WHY do we dry the same way after?
    WHY do we drive the same route to and from work?

    Why do we do what we do habitually? Why is it habit? What purpose does it serve?

    We do not ask that enough.
  12. You said he saved me as the reason why you follow. So you feel obliged to re-compensate the debt owed by his sacrifice.

    Returning favour with favour shows adherence to the First and Second command. Nothing wrong there.

    Just wanted to summarise the method of thought.
  13. Well, we are all Christians because we can call Jesus Lord 1 Cor 12:3.

    Your question should be 'how did we become Christians'.
  14. Because I don't have enough faith to be anything else.

    I don't say that to be cute and witty. The honest truth is that my obedience to Christ has a foundation of reason. To be anything else -- Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, etc, would mean disregarding reason altogether. The only logical approach to faith is the Christian faith.
  15. I wanted to know WHY people chose.

    They how and when is always stated. They why, seldom.

    And WHY is very important.
  16. OK obligation and compliance. Both perfectly good reasons.
  17. Try including loving God as our Father as another reason.
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    You don't choose to be a Christian. You can't ask ''why are we a Christian''.... like we had something to do with it. We suddenly believe a man who walked the earth 2000 years ago is God...by ourselves.... :ROFLMAO:.

    You can only ask...what drew you to Christianity. What drew you to Jesus.
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  19. OK You've been nice enough to tell your why.

    I'll tell mine.

    I stand with the King because he stands for what I want.

    The sacrifice was good yes.
    Him saying it is his will is good too.
    The eternal life is a good perk too.
    And, although no one has said it, the death thing sounds not great.

    All of those are compelling reasons. But I do it because he embodies what I want for my life.
    His traits are MY ideal.

    If my mind is wanting the same goals as his, how could I not stand with him? It would not make any sense.

    I stand by My King because it is right for me. I want it and I will have it.
  20. Many do not stand with their fathers, or their fathers' fathers.

    WHY would you stand for this father then?

    What makes HIM different that you would take to his side rather than any other?

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