Why Are There Mega Churches?

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  1. I often wonder why there are so many mega churches out there. It is all about bigger and better. It seems more like a auditorium for entertaining then teaching the Bible. Why does this bother me so much. Is it because it seems to be worldly with concession stands and coffee houses.

    Is it because of the money? Possible! Is it because the messages are twisted and they need something over and beyond to get people to come in and give their money to support the pastor and help the church grow?

    Does anyone else think this way?
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  2. I go to two mega churches. They are incredibly common out here. There are hundreds of people saved a day at these churches and the pastors are pretty amazing. I used to think the same thing until my unbelieving friends came one time and now want to go every Sunday. Clearly God is working in those churches. Or at least the one in particular I'm talking about. To dig deeper into the word, we have bible study. BTW Dirty, I am doing bible study/community group on Tuesday eve's.
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  3. Now, tell me Tink.........how would you explain "hundreds" being daved every day.
  4. I think if that were real, there would be revival in this nation. The fact that there isn't would lead me to doubt the reality of these hundreds per day conversions.
  5. @ Major & Mr. Darby

    I think if Tink keeps learning the way she is; her eyes will be opened soon enough. She has a true hunger for the Word-that's a good sign of seeking spiritual nutrition don't you think?

    As much as I want to believe it as well, you think we would be seeing some national fruit blossoming somewhere. I don't count 'pro second amendment' rallies as showing righteous fruit. When a city rejoices over the death of someone (even an alleged terrorist); it is not a good signal from the country.
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  6. One of my favorite topics.

    Mega-Churches (or at least the ones I’m thinking of) are God’s judgment on this Nation. God is saying to this Nation, you don’t want to hear the unadulterated word of God, fine than here you go the; “The Word of the Flesh”.

    The Mega-Church I’m thinking of has over 45,000 people every weekend. I’ve listened to hours and hours of this pastors sermons (if you can call them that) and none of it Biblical; (e.g. “You can have your best life now”, “God can help you with your checkbook”, “God can help you with that next big job promotion”, “God wants you to be rich beyond your wildest dreams”). This pastor actually teaches out of his books and not the Bible. It works for ME (pastor) and MY family and it can work for you too. I (pastor) live in a $10 million dollar mansion, you can have what I have.

    This pastor uses a lot of reference to the self; (e.g. I, Me, We, You, Them, Us, They, etc.) because it’s all about “ME” and not God. Well yes God, but only in respect of what He can do for ME. Just for fun once I counted during a half-hour sermon all the references to the self; (e.g. I, Me, We, You, etc. ), and counted 340 times. The most shocking thing I found was the name of my Lord Jesus was only mentioned one time?

    Comparison contrast to the greatest preacher that ever lived, Lord Jesus. When Lord Jesus taught the 5,000 men; (including women and children more like 15,000), He rebuked them, He preached His hard sayings, and they all went away grumbling, only the 12 remained.

    Out of 15,000 people only the 12 remained…

    Maybe if Jesus wore a fancy suit, or maybe had coffee houses, or maybe books to sell, or maybe rock music, or maybe focused more on what the people want and not the things of God, or maybe if Jesus lived in the equivalent of a $10 million dollar mansion for that time, Jesus may have been more successful as a preacher.

    When I see all these Gimmicks at so called Churches or Mega-Churches my first inclination is to run, because God isn’t there and the things of God aren’t being taught there, it’s a judgment on this Nation and that is not where I want to be.
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  7. I can't say 'amen' enough to this posting.
  8. Greetings:

    Looks to me as if the Lord wants to emphasize Phil 3;19.So that it jumps off the page like a big,fat,Mercedes.

  9. I have been toying with the idea of starting a thread on mega churches for a little while, now. I was interested more in the mega church model, though, and not necessarily the teaching of any particular mega-church. Heresy, twisted teaching, and such occur in all sizes of churches, so I don't see that as a unique or defining feature of mega-churches.

    First, perhaps we ought to define what constitutes a mega-church. When does a medium size or large church become a mega-church? Is there a certain number of members that pushes it over the line into mega status? Is there a certain size of budget that elevates it to mega level?
  10. I meant each weekend. Sorry for the typo. I'm also not saying each of those people are actually saved, but a majority of them keep coming back. As I mentioned previously, my mother didn't go to church for 12 years and after taking her here one time, she now comes every weekend with me. I also have friends that were very reluctant to come, but now seek the church out on their own.

    Finally, myself...my testimony. When I first began going to church it was overwhelming at the other mega (but smaller) church. It was much too deep and biblical for me. The larger mega church I attend currently fed me milk, but It got me started on the road I am today. Now I am going back to the other mega (but smaller) church that on Wednesdays digs deep and has a much smaller crowd (maybe 100?). From me to go from very surface level teaching to truly and genuinely hungering, desiring, and craving for the Lord shows that the larger church I attend is doing something right. That was the church that recommended to do the 40 day fast. I know another person who's life changed by doing that fast as well. I can only imagine how many others it positively impacted.

    Now you can very well say that God is calling me, in particular, to be close to him, or that it was "my will" to draw nearer to him, but I truly believe our pastor has an amazing gift to bring people from all different backgrounds and nationalities to the lord. It is far too scary to delve into the bible as smaller churches often do...unfortunately some need to be fed milk at first. Now, I understand this is debatable with many, but I have seen how smaller churches or churches that really dig deep into the bible scare unbelievers/newer believers away; including myself when I first began. The mega churches that are more surface level in teaching bring people in until they are ready or feel a calling to find a smaller church that digs deeper. That or community group/bible study.

    Lastly, I think we should tread lightly when judging or making assumptions of any house of God that teaches the truth. It just doesn't jive well with me and I think the same with our Lord. IMO he's perfectly satisfied with His word being proclaimed whenever and wherever.
  11. My apologies; I meant each service. Please see above^.
  12. Great point, Rumely. You're right: false teaching can occur in any sized church. I think people frown upon mega churches because the pastors often don't dig deep enough, but in their defense, that often scares newer believers away. It's easy to sit here, with how devoted we are to God now, and make judgments on such an establishment, but think to when we were newbies...it would have scared us off a bit to get the Word heavily thrown at us when we really couldn't grasp it to begin with.
  13. I can understand that.

    But it would also be helpful to know that Pentacostal.Holiness churches that beleieve you can lose your salvation make up the majority of mega-churches. That means the people (hundreds) seen weekly at the alter are not really being saved.

    They have been saved but believe that they lost their salvation and they are doing in all over again. We have to question whether that is a legitmate claim to salvation or is it simply ......"re-afirming" what has already been done once.
  14. I used to think that way. I was shocked when I first heard that there would be restaurants at my nearby mega church. But, when I actually went there, I was truly impressed. It sure was nice to go to a restaurant and hear Christian music and those seated nearby talking about God and such. I definitely felt an anointing and peace in the air. When I think of mega churches I just remind myself...constantly ;) of Mark 9:40. It is also nice to visit them once in a while and hear the 'big preachers' or see plays and such. Christmas and Easter events are great fun for the family at these churches.
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  15. I have to be very careful here as I do not want to leave the impression I am against big churches or mega as it would be. But I would like to say that we all need to grasp what Paul was trying to tell Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:1-4.................................

    "I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."

    It seems to me that the warning here is that there will come a day when men will attend church to be "entertained".

    If we have a play, we get a big crowd at church.
    If we have a singing group we get a big crowd.
    If we put on a children's event we get a big crowd.
    If we have a dinner after the worship service we get a big crowd.
    If we teach the down and dirty book of Romans..........the crowd shrinks.

    WHY is that?

    We are IMO living in 2 Tim. 4:1-4. The Christian crowd wants "entertainment" more than they do the pure, un-adulterated Word of God preached in all of its power and glory.

    My experience has been that a whole lot of people will run all the way across town to hear a man tell how many hairs are on the Red Horse of Revelation 6, but will not go to hear Romans 10:9 explained.

    Just my observation for whatever it is worth.
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  16. It is relative Major. There are two mega churches near me. The one has a pastor who is 65 years old and submits to other elders. His message is good and hardly watered down. Then there is another where the pastor is 45 and he submits to no elders. His church makes more money and has fancier everything, but the message there is like eating Mcdonalds.

    I attend a small conservative church of around 40 members. I love them all, but I find fault with many in how they rather naively pass blanket accusations at any church that is bigger. Yes, the risk is greater that tripe and liberal Christianity be preached at a larger church. But as was said above, there are Christians there, we can go to the restaurants / bookstores and functions. We just need to chew more or run from the teaching on Sundays :). The 45 year old once said ''we are going to have a few exorcisms after the meeting, please make sure you pay your tithe or you will not be protected from the demons'' :LOL:
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  17. Of course that is true and I do agree with you. But again, I would stress, what is the level of preaching the Word as compared to what is entertainment.
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  18. The 45 year old once said ''we are going to have a few exorcisms after the meeting, please make sure you pay your tithe or you will not be protected from the demons

    I'll be blunt here, the man is an idiot. First, he is asking money for protection that only God can give, second he claims to do exorcisms at the drop of a hat. I've studied demonology and exorcism for more than 30 years now, exorcism is not a practice that is done willy nilly, a real demon is a formidable enemy and does not go without a fight.
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  19. If he is an idiot for saying such a thing..............what do we call the people who did as he said???????????
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