Why are the trees still green?

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by violet, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Why are the trees still green?

    It's October 24th!!!!!

    I have never seen this in Chicago~
    Looking out my window, it still looks like summer!
  2. It's always like that here. Tress never, ever change color.
  3. BAN!!!
    I don't think that counts! :D

  4. Every leaf counts. Every stubborn tree in Florida that refuses to acknowledge that seasons actually change from time to time counts. Why does everyone else have Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall while we are stuck with Hurricane Season, Tourist Season, Shark Season, and Thunderstorm season? It just doesn't seem fair.
  5. Yeah, but you have SUNSHINE!!!!!
    Hey, that made me want to sing a Temptations song!

  6. Some leaves fall here but not many change. The colors can be quite stunning for our northern brethren.
  7. I find it odd here........
  8. Endless sunshine brings endless heat. Sure it's gets hotter in other places, but those same places actually get cold once in a while.

    Though, I really like the humidity. I have a hard time going more than a few days in dry weather.
  9. Humidity!
    Take a look at my Av and tell me what you think the humidity does to me!!! :eek:

    That pic wasn't on a humid day
  10. it is strange over here they are just changing colour.
  11. No Frost=Green leaves. Thats usually what tell the leaves to get going.

    Our frost came really late. It was 30C (86 F) on thankgiving weekend (canadian thanksgiving), and it was 24C (72F) this weekend. I'm loving this warm weather. Its strange to walk around in your shorts and t-shirts with the leaves turning colour. It was even more strange going to the beach in October.
  12. Weird weather! :confused:
  13. We had 3 inches of snow last Sunday. Today it was 78 degrees. Seriously. We're not really sure what season it is. At least the ski resorts are beginning to open up. Ah, Colorado.

    Anyway, I'll miss all of ski season due to a little business trip to the Middle East for the next 6 months! Gotta love the Air Force!
  14. California is not so lucky Violet- their trees are mostly black.
  15. That's very true, Bro. Larry.
    A very sad situation!

  16. Violet: I checked with your state DNR website and while it is just a bit late this year due to all the rains over the past 7 weeks, it is not out of the time frame that has been observed for the past 40 years or so.

    Perhaps this information may be of interest:

  17. OK, that makes sense~ :)
  18. What are !!!YOU!!! complaining about:confused:

    What about us here in Vegas where it can reach 120 degrees in the shade:eek:

    I have to cocoon myself at home every summer...

    My nieghbors come around asking if Im ok...

    If the un-saved what to know what hell will be like, come on down...:D
  19. I thought I posted this before...oh well...

    Ya know, leaves aren't really green?

    They're all colors in the spectrum EXCEPT that shade of green.

    The leaves actually absorb all the other colors in the spectrum, and reject green. It throws the color back out at us. That's why we see them as green.

    I got in trouble for putting this one on a test in grade school. The teacher called my folks in and said that I was being difficult.:eek:
  20. Try 100 degress with 98% humidity and you will be glad to get back to Vegas.

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