why are men so sick

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  1. why are men so sick

    looking at humans on earth,the sickest in mind body and soul is man,why is this?is there any info,why men are sick more in all respects?
  2. I don't know if that's true, Mike
  3. Well, it has been proven that they do think lustful thoughts a whole lot more than women. I'm really not sure why that is...
  4. I'm not sure I believe that to be true either, IHLTC.
    I believe you read it.....
    I don't think men are worse than women about lustful thoughts though~

  5. I think everyone will stumble from time to time. Whether one is more than the other doesn't matter. I don't believe God is keeping a tally sheet. What matters is who repents from sin.
  6. I beg to differ on that. I do believe, that in general, we really are.

  7. I agree. I believe that it is just more socially acceptable for men to talk about and admit to such things.

    As far as men being more sick-- sick in mind, body, and soul-- I am not sure what evidence there is that would cover all of those areas. You can point out a number of physical diseases and ailments where men are more likely to get, and ones that women are more likely to get. We do know that men do not live as long as women. This is from a number of factors. We know that men and women respond to things in physiologically and psychologically different ways. We know that some mental disorders are more likely to affect men, while others are more likely to affect women. We do know that serial killers are more likely to be male. Male and female criminals often have distinctly different patterns.

    I dunno.... overall, I would tend to say that with regards to gender differences, the only thing that we can really conclude is that there is a difference between males and females. I do not think that we could state whether one is more sick than the other. If we want to talk about specific factors, then we could examine how the two differ on that particular factor.
  8. i see it as men are head of there human house,so to get to men women and everything possible is used.also if the women is stronger this goes aggainst God.so women are usually left alone or used to do his will to tempt men.unless your a christian then you attacked.just michael logic you do not have to agree.:D
  9. I think women deal with temptation everyday just as men do.
  10. spirits attack men and women,i don,t believe in mental illness as a natural event .i believe our minds are twisted by evil and have not asked for help from God.i think evil does evil to humans.i also think if you ask for help you will be helped.
  11. I may be misunderstanding but I believe many illnesses are natural events. Maybe not intended at creation but since we have fallen away we have to accept the punishment for sin.
  12. i stand by what i have said as being a truth.
  13. Then you've never spent any time in a girls mind....I've heard it said that the most cruel thing on earth is a 13 year old girl.
  14. Physically I think any time you group a large number of living things togeather they spread sickness at a rapid rate.
    Mentally men tend to be more aggressive in following their desires as thet are wired that way, but that is not always the case. Man or woman - in our flesh dwells no good thing.
    Spiritually we are all dead in sin without Christ until we become born again.
  15. A combination of testosterone and the old nature.
  16. What a mix! No wonder we get in so much trouble!:p
  17. lol one thing I'll never get is why you guys enjoy inflicting pain on other guys. that's how you play. girls talk and watch movies. lol.
  18. It's so we don't have to talk and watch movies. LOL
    Ever notice how 2 guys can sit and watch a football game (or anything for that matter) not say a word and have a great time. You get 2 women together and it's chat chat chat. I hope my wife doesn't read this. LOL:D:D:D
  19. :eek: ha! This is funny....I work with men...I'm the only female in my office. They talk so much more than any woman I know. They're on the phone all day! Most of it isn't even job related...they're talking about little league, hunting, boating, fishing, their new truck/jeep, the movie they watched last weekend...and it's not only them. Look at my family cell phone bill...my DH uses 3x's the minutes that I do, and he carries 2 cell phones! One for work, and his persona cell phone, and at the movies, he's the one asking "what just happened?"...I'm the one shushing him.

    I guess what I'm saying is that the stereotypes just don't ring true...I could go on, but it would run long...:D
  20. I read a research study once that basically said that men do talk as much as women. The difference, it went on to say, had to do with roles and power issues. For example, in the home where the man normally has the "power" and the woman is in a subordinate role, then the woman talks much more. If a man finds himself in such a role, then he will talk much more. It was saying that if you look at men in office situations, if they are not the one with the "power" then you find that they talk just as much as women and gossip just as much. Women in office situations who are in "power" tend to talk much less. So, the study found that the amount of talking (and type of talking) was not a gender difference, but rather had to do with the distribution of power and who was in subordinate or even neutral roles. Something to think about there.

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