Why are christians so intolerant?

Discussion in 'Answers' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Why are christians so intolerant?

    This is not about all christians in anyway,i do not mean any offense in this thread i am just telling my thoughts on this.

    So over the past few years i have been moving away from my familys religion, my mom and dad are both christians and i have no problem with that, but I find the intolerant way of thinking many christians I talk to horrifying. Most are very Anti-gay and just want to see the world in there own way, there is no middle ground with these people. So i ask why the intolerant way of acting? I personally have no idea, if you believe something that is fine but please don't force it on other people and onto goverments!
  2. Christians intolerant? Well there are some who call themselves Christian and do not really know Christ and then there are those who are immature in their walk. I personally have a great love for all lost people and homosexuals are no exception. It is my love for them that compels me to tell them that they can indeed be free from the lifestyle bondage that they are entangled in. But as a follower of Christ I am not only commanded to share the good news of freedom in Christ but I am instructed to speak the truth in love. If I leave the love out then it is no longer His truth at all.

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