Who's coming over for dinner? :)

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  1. I'm making sweet and sour chicken tomorrow on my day off :)

    Who's coming?
  2. Haha, I'd love to but it's quite a trip from the UK. :)
  3. I'm swimming the Atlantic as I type this!
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  4. I hope ya got the dishes cleaned hehehe..........ooooooppps we can use paper plates :)
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  5. Hahahahaha, oh my goodness. I cleaned my WHOLE apartment last night and it was beautiful and the dishes are STILL not clean! I'm doing them this morning :)

    There are always kayaks. ;)
  6. I'll be there with a hungry spirit.
  7. I seriously want to cook for people. So, in all reality, if you guys were closer to me, I would totally throw a CFS party.

    But that just might be weird since I've never met any of you and it'll be the awkward question of when my roommate asks me, "So, how do you know these people?"
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  8. I've met a few people in the past from my then online folk music interests. I think the weirdest thing is that through the online text stuff you do develop mental pictures as to how a person looks and how they speak. When you do get to meet them (and I know I'm not alone on this one), you tend to find they are nothing like your mental image.
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  9. I think you're on to something there; a meet up. That would be something I would effort, yet I struggle with funds. Something to seriously consider though. just a thought.

    Edit: a gaggle of us: for fellowship of course.
  10. It's very true. Lol.

    It'll be fun. Just come on over to NY! :p
  11. Hey there...you know we Baptist's like food...don't tempt me!

    We have a monthly fellowship every last Wednesday of the month @ 6:00PM (and other special occasions). My Pastor has 6 children now-I am sure he would love a good meal!

    So did I miss dinner?
  12. Greetings;

    Are we allowed to bring wine...???

  13. Greetings:
    NY...uck,uck....I'm canceling.
    I live in NYC,it's like a sardine can.Killing for a parking-spot is not even a sin.When are you movng to Florida.If I had lots of
    dough,I would move to Key West.Frisco is where Satan lives,but goes to NYC for vacation,so he can wear monochrome.

  14. I love to cook for people too. Last Friday my son had 3 friends stay over, 4 teenage boys can eat a lot. So Friday morning, I made beef stew in the crock pot and cornbread, so dinner was ready when I got home. Then I made chocolate chip cookies for desert, then baked a pizza and more chocolate chip cookies. In the morning I made them scrambled eggs, sausage and toast on homemade bread. When kids come to my house, they never go home hungry.
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  15. I lived in Brooklyn for a short time. Living there didn't feel much different from living here in DC. Either way, it's suffocating.

    If I could, I'd live in Lancaster, PA or Chincoteague Island, VA.
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    On that drift and not that I've visited the US at all, I think if I had to live in New York, I'd be looking at upstate New York - I might even enjoy that...

    I don't really do cities these days, particularly these days as I really struggle with crowds of people. That said, over here, I think outside those problems, I can consider the nearest (and small one) City to me a nice one even in the day time (I do sometimes get there in the quieter evenings for music) and I did live in the larger city of Sheffield for a few months without problems and have actually enjoyed day trips to Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

    I don't think I'd want to visit London again though. When in my later teens we lived in Tunbridge Wells which was about an hour away by train. I've visited the museums, been to football grounds (Wembley, Upton Park and The Den), even went with my mother on a WI trip to see the mousetrap. Perhaps the most telling thing for me is that having left the south for my second time round in Wales in 1978, I only once got persuaded to go there for something (and I didn't have the crowd problems until more recent times) . For me, and it probably just is me, in spite of the attractions, it's the coldest place going.
  17. Sweet and sour chicken. :)

    I lived in NYC for a short time for an internship. Absolutely loved it. :) But wouldn't want to live there fulltime.
  18. So for me not being entirely clear how NY would generally be taken (as opposed to NYC in this post) are you in the state or the city these days?

    Either way, the Atlantic would probably be my own biggest obstacle in coming to dinner. But maybe I could do a St Brendan and set sail.

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