who we are working aggainst

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  1. who we are working aggainst

    we have people who say o my god,jesus christ etc etc etc,ask them if they believe they say no etc.this is a spiritual war with lots of people used as puppets .because we don,t live by bread and water,but God,s words.so these people are being used to say God,s words while not believing.also people preach God,s words just for profit.also people call God so we think it,s correct.very sad game with very sad people.the truth will condemn them but they do not understand.:eek:
  2. I will pray about this.
  3. And there are a lot of people who are in Church Sunday morning and in the bar Sunday night when their spouse and kids are at home.

    Who are “they” working against?
    And some of them don’t even know it.
  4. That Ephesians-6 :12 -sure is true-experiencing it -of late~!
  5. Thoise hateful evil creatures have been trying to destroy our family and friends!!~!
  6. I mean-we actually see them-paranormal stuff!!~!
  7. We had a friend at our BBQ-last night-it ran late-he saw something -out by the old dam-drove back here-scared to death!!~!-I think the thing was trying to get Jordon-or son's friend-to wreak his car!!~!
  8. So-he stayed -at our house-for two hours-my son conselling him-People don't believe it-but I have heard of more and more Christians-experiencing it!!~!
  9. Really?! I've never tasted beer and I'm 20! I've never smoked either. Or gambled. You mean there are Christians who do this?! :eek:
  10. Demons Get No Saved People, Even If They Ramble

    You mean demons? Yes, I've seen spirits too. I even heard one of them say he wanted to take my life and put me in hell. :eek:

    Won't happen though because I'm saved. :dance:Can't go to hell.

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