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Discussion in 'Events' started by THALLON, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Thallon my brother from another mother in Christ. Do we really need all this ...................( bummer) news? We ( all the people) are aware of the situations. Although CFS has no rules about this ( bummer) stuff i would like to think of CFS as a Haven of peace and encouragement and Love. IMHO when you focus on this stuff it turns to hate. And I hate hate. it takes too much energy LOL. I barely have enough to do my garden.
    I myself think Kim wont push the switch. He's been threatening for years. As for Trump, I pay no attention to him. I pay attention to Jesus. I wish you a Happy and bountiful day my brother :)
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  2. I can only comment on what I've seen and heard on the news or TV. I don't know either personally. LOL Trump seems witty and yet aggressive enough to make at least some of the changes needed to get America back on track. I witnessed his children on TV. From what I saw, Trump has done an astounding job in his own family. I go with Trump, I don't think we could get any worse and who knows he might just be who the American people are looking for. God Bless America and all of us Americans, this election year.
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