Who ruled Israel

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  1. Can anyone list the nations from the bible that has ruled over the Jewish people at some point or another?
    Up to including Rome, I found six.
    I'm not talking about times corrupt kings tried to make shady deals with some of the nations, we are talking utter rule, with and without war involved.
  2. From a current thread:

    The seven kingdoms were the countries below and the ten kings (Daniel 7:20) were those listed below:
    • Egypt 1 King – 1 Kingdom
    • Assyria 1 King – 1 Kingdom
    • Babylon 1 King – 1 Kingdom
    • Media-Persia 1 King – 1 Kingdom
    • Greece 4 Kings (Alexander’s four generals) – 4 Kingdoms
    One is (at the time of John’s writing):
    • Rome 1 King – 1 Kingdom
    One is not yet come (at the time of John’s writing):
    • Islamic Caliphate - Ottoman Empire 1 King – 1 Religious System of varying Kingdoms
  3. That is absolutely correct, now remember, the ottoman empire ended roughly at the time of ww1. The beast is the eighth, but is off the seven. Now what did John day about the kings - they must still receive their kingdoms?

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