Who Prefers Short Haircuts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by farouk, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Okay so it's hot weather these days (in the northern Hemisphere, at least). So who prefers short haircuts? & how often do ppl get haircuts?

  2. PS: I tend to go more frequently for the chop, in the warmer weather; how about folks?
  3. I live in Florida, as much as I miss having long hair, it simply isn't practical. I'm much more comfortable without it.
  4. I get a haircut when my wife forces me to, which is about every 3 months. If I had my way I'd look like the guys on Duck Dynasty.
  5. So she keeps up the chop herself, too, I guess...
  6. I have to because I am thining.
  7. I know the feeling... :unsure:
  8. I do prefer short - med hair cuts mainly because of the texture of my hair. I've got curly hair and when it grows gets too hard to maintain. So I keep the sides and the back of my head short and the top I sorta spike with gel into a Mohawk sorta style. Think it suits me the best :)
  9. Jake: Short = earrings more visible, too, right? :)
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  10. my hair is cut every 4 years, like a disappointing Olympics

  11. Your right Farouk. The ear-rings tend to stand out a bit better with my short hair :D
  12. Okay so I guess I'll need a haircut soon...
  13. I think my avatar shows my preference, and NO I'm NOT bald!
  14. Stan: You're wearing a hat! :)

    Anyway, my wife and I were in Buffalo, NY this week and seems like this summer many black women there are preferring a fashionable shaved-almost-bald-but-not-quite look.
  15. That's why I made the comment about NOT being bald Farouk. It isn't a bun under there ya know!:cool:

    Yes I saw this trend start a few years ago on TV series, where black women were wearing buzz cuts. I must say the ones that sport it are very striking in appearance. My daughter had the half version of that. Buzzed on one side and mid length on the other. She got tired of it quickly and grew it out. I think that was started by Rihanna.
  16. Stan:

    Well, I think the ladies in Buffalo this week were actually more or less fully bald, with just a thin down starting to grow. Seems like with many black women this fashionable, virtually bald cut is extremely popular, anyway.

    Especially in this summer weather.

    Like you say, to sport it is very striking. (But then it's very widespread, too.)

    You mentioned you daughter liked the idea of getting a buzzcut. I guess you soon got used to it.

  17. I liked it at first, but it gets straggly looking if you don't maintain the look, which is why many women try these looks then stop. It gets expensive, unless you have the kind of income Rihanna does.
  18. Stan: There's always the alternative of keeping it virtually shaved, which ought to be reasonably straightforward and inexpensive, anyway. (Unless the weather gets rather cold...) I guess this was the daughter who acquired the tat too, at around the same time maybe.

    Works for some; not everyone, though.

  19. LOL...no men will do that, as my son and I will do from time to time, but you won't see most women using clippers on their own hair. They either go to a hair dresser or take on an easier/less expensive do to maintain.
    Yes I only have ONE daughter. But no the hair was early this year, the tat was years ago.
  20. Stan:

    There's a bit of a trend here, anyway. This is a quote from Barbara Dickerson:

    I have .. 51 years of being a black female: While aging white women may find rebellion in refusing to go short in middle age, black women often revolt by going bald, or nearly so. Sisters with what we called in the '60s a "Quo Vadis"..tend to be middle-aged. To be sure, there's a visible contingent of young, black, female hipsters sporting the Quo (OK, I just made that up), but my unscientific survey says that it's their mothers, and grandmothers, who are leading the charge. Every time another one of my friends or colleagues shows up to a function all but bald and rocking funky earrings, there's an immediate "meeting in the ladies' room" while we get downright giddy over our freedom from the tyranny of processing our hair. (Source: theroot dot com )

    Yes, well, re. your fashionable daughter, I guess it's a truism that going for the buzzcut you can re-do many times; going for the tat you do once.

    Ergo: it takes more boldness to do the deed that is done once...


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