Who likes fruitcake?

Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by Trishcuit, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Who likes fruitcake?

    It is a love it or hate it food item, no "meh's " here. Homemade? Light or dark? Soaked in booze? The very idea makes you wake up in a cold sweat? Let's hear everyone's thoughts on fruitcake.
  2. Yah know, because I live in the great metropolis of To . We have a lot of West Indians here and man if you want to taste their fruitcake it will knock your socks off .

    First they grind the fruits and soakthem in rum for almost a year and then they bake it at Christmas and it is almost black in colour and very rich . You cannot eat too much of it but once you taste it you will never go back to the Ho Hum fruitcake that we eat .
  3. Really good fruitcake is delicious. The cheaper stuff makes great boat anchors and jack stands.
  4. My auntie gave every family a home made fruitcake every year on Christmas Eve. She proudly handed it to us, wrapped in foil with a bow on top. My husband and I accepted it then had to beat a hasty reply to the kitchen to laugh it off as visions of door stops and curling stones danced through our heads.
    A month later, we need groceries. Bad. We're all hungry. My husband said "I'm almost hungry enough to eat THAT", pointing to the fruitcake. Fruitcake sat there on the shelf. looking at us as we guiltily avoided eye contact with it. Finally we caved and unwrapped it. Candied pecans on top....hmmmm. We sliced it. Put on butter. I put on a slice of cheese (oddly enough we still had cheese in the house). Took a bite.
    I don't know if it was hunger driven but to this day we no longer fear fruitcake. My auntie's anyway. The next year we accepted it with a heartfelt thank you.
  5. Cute story , Trish
  6. I am a weirdo...:p I LOVE fruitcase; it is naturally sweet (dried fruit).
    I think that many do not like it because it is delicately sweet rather than overly sweet like many artifically sweetened commecial products.

    I have made it with the yellow cake batter (moist) with lots of nuts and fruits. Love it with tea or coffee...snack...delicious.

    My husband does not like it because he says it has a "bitter" taste; maybe he is sensitive to some fruits or the preservatives used in the dried fruits.

  7. The last 'fruitcake' that we received was in 1998. It is still being used as a door stop here in the Rectory office. :)
  8. makes a nice tire block too when parked on a slope.
  9. In defense of the poor defenseless fruitcake everywhere.

    I can see that we have "fruitcake phobics" amongst us! ;):eek:
    ARE THERE ANY advocates for the
    humble fruitcake?

    or just more FRUITCAKE BASHERS?:eek:

    If the shoe fits,
    use IT as a door stop!!!:p

    :groupray:TO LOVE THE UNLOVABLE???:groupray: :confused:;):D
  10. my grandma astually makes very good fruit cake i miss it alot havent had any for 2yrs now lol
  11. Never had any!
  12. does loving the unloveable apply to inanimate objects? because right now I am not too happy with my van.
  13. A'h a door stop and a tire block. Thanks, I have finally read two useful uses for a fruitcake.
  14. Oooooo Dusty, now that gets a big ol YUMMOOOOOO from puppy, mmmmmmmmm.:D

  15. building a catapult yet? I can see them making some mean ammo.
  16. And if they were properly made and soaked in booze then you can light 'em before you fling 'em.
  17. If you have a reallllly good granny to fix it for ya, I say fruitcake could be great............Unfortunatly, I have not met this granny:p

    Very cute topic:)
  18. Fruit.........Cake.......two delish items, but when they are combined, what do you get? Something that nobody likes, tee hee.:D
  19. They make a great paperweight - if you can keep the flies away...:rolleyes:
  20. Not too dark, not too rich. Moist and nutty - no icing, I like nuts put on the top before it is baked and they go all nice and crunchy. Usually my mum's is best!!!

    Now this may be really weird, but I always like a glass of lemonade with a slice of chrissy cake - Australian lemonade being what you guys refer to as sprite - clear stuff, not the yellowy cloudy stuff - which we call lemon squash. Confusing hey???

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