Who have you seen Live ?

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  1. Who have you seen Live ?

    Hi all.
    I was just interested in what Christian Bands / Artists have you seen Live ?

    I've seen:

    The Tribe
    Tim Hughes
    Matt Redman
    Hillsongs (London)
    Andy Hunter (DJ)

    I think thats all i've seen. :)
  2. Jason Morant
    Third Day
    Paul Meany
    Darlene Zschech
    David Ruis
    and a few more that are escaping me right now !
  3. Altar Boys
    Michael W. Smith
    Chris Rice
    O.C. Supertones
    Cindy Morgan
    Scarecrow and Tinman
    The Wyanns
    4 Him
    DC Talk
    Sandy Patti
    Amy Grant
    One Bad Pig
    Relient K
    Dave Crowder

    ...that's all that stands out in my mind at the moment, but I'm fairly sure there are more...
  4. Amy Grant

    Russ Taff (after the Imperials, before the Gaithers)

    Newsboys (before they became famous)

    Mylon and Broken Heart (always a treat) - A buddy of mine knew Mylon and had his cell. Every time Mylon was within 100 miles, he would call my buddy and ask him to get some fresh oysters out of the ocean. We would pack them in a cooler and take them down to him and go watch the concert and get to go backstage afterwards.

    Mitch McVicker - He was in the same Jeep accident that took the life of Rich Mullins and his stories about it was very humbling to say the least. Great musician.

    Broomtree - ok

    Chevelle (before they went secular). I saw them at a church (I volunteered to be a youth 'bouncer/chaperone' because of my size) as the opening act for a bunch of groups including Five Iron Frenzy, (I believe Stavescare was there also), and others. They blew everyone else out of the water and were musically and lyrically light-years ahead of the other bands. I knew they were destined for greatness and too talented of musicians to be with the other bands. The other bands should have opened up for them.



    you mentioned 'Scarecrow and Tinman' I walked into the local Christian hotspot where these guys were playing one night (to take some stuff to the owner who was a friend of mine)> I remember looking at the drummer on stage and my discernment was telling me that something was not right with him. Little did i know until about four months later that he had slept with NIKKI LEONTI and she became pregnant and the rest is history.
  5. Hillsong (London and Surrey)
    Matt Redman
    Jake Isaac (unknown at the moment, soon to go big)
    and I'm seeing Four Kornerz on Friday.
  6. Really? Wow, I know they were all former preachers and they suddenly disappeared in the middle of what seemed like a pretty good career, but never really heard the specifics. I saw them at Rock the universe several years ago.

    Add Building 242 and Casting Crowns to the list.

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