Who Did It?????

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  1. Who Did It?????

    I will ask very short two-word questions and you guess

    "Who Did It?".

    Question: Who doubted?

    Question: Who betrayed?

    Question: Who wept?

    Question: Who slept?

    Question: Who cursed?

    Question: Who slayed?

    Question: Who prayed?

    Question: Who baptized?

    Question: Who tempted?

    Have fun and enjoy,

  2. Question: Who doubted? Thomas

    Question: Who betrayed? Judas

    Question: Who wept? Jesus

    Question: Who slept? Peter, James & John (In the garden?)

    Question: Who cursed? Peter

    Question: Who slayed? David

    Question: Who prayed? A hard one! I have to say more than I'd care to count hehe, I'm stumped on this one :eek:

    Question: Who baptized? Again a hard one & more than I'd care to count but generally in the name of Jesus; I'm going to go with John the Baptist

    Question: Who tempted? Satan
  3. Very Good Jaerod79!!!

    Anyone care to guess WHO DID IT?

    Question: Who prayed?

    Question: Who cursed?


  4. I demand a recount hehe :D!

    Mark 14:66-72
    71 Then he began to curse and swear, “I do not know this Man of whom you speak!”
  5. hahahahehehe
  6. What a fun way to "Bible study" hehe! Thanks again godbe4me!

    Someone give those 2 answers a stab, I'm itchn' to hear the answers!
  7. No, thank you for participating. And you are right!!!!

    This is a very fun way to Bible Study.

    I am still trying to figure out your second riddle..hehehe. that one has me stumped. I am trying to figure it out now.

  8. Cursed...First thought was Job

    Prayed ... You've gotta be kidding me...Let's say, Daniel.
  9. Cursed: Jesus? Cursing the tree?
  10. Correct!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS


    WHO PRAYED??????
  11. One more Hint:

    It was two people..:):smile_anim::smile_anim:

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